Brotherhood Update: Bulking Out the Army's Ranks

So it's very, very tempting to cast an eye toward the Necrons, but with a rather largish sum of money allotted for a dream army I'm purchasing from Evil Homer, my Nemesis, I need to be realistic.

Besides, wargaming has reached a scale these days that makes it impossible to collect everything - at least, not at my level of purchasing power!  I have more than enough stuff already to keep me content modeling and painting for years to come, so I shan't be purchasing every army that flashes a leg at me.

So to speak.

Also, and importantly, I'm not done with my Brotherhood yet!  I can't tell you the amount of satisfaction I get from putting together and painting these models... so there you go!

Here's the update:


Roleplaying Miniatures; Blast from the Past

About 6 years ago I participated in a roleplaying game set in a certain 'Underdark' city.

Naturally I built miniatures for all the characters.  It was great fun at the time, but since Drow tend to implode - what with all the infighting - it was only a matter of time before hurt feelings put paid to the whole thing.

Which is a shame, since I was 'winning.'  Ah, well!


Public Service Messages in the Grim, Dark Future

Ouch! Use what the Emperor uses when he's strained too much on his Golden Throne! 

 Try _________________________ for instant relief!


Comic Asylum Tournament, Games 2 and 3

Here's the wrap up on the tournament the Card Pimp in question and I played in last Saturday. Seems like a lot longer than a week ago - these last five works days have been brutal.

Here's a current favorite unit; Scouts with plasma and knives and plasma and chains and plasma and combi. Plasma. What's not to love? In my opinion, plasma is the new melta; the game it is a'changing.


Terrain, Terrain, Terrain

There's a Cityfight tournament coming up! I'm helping build some new terrain, then I'm planning on updating my collection. Also pictured are some pieces I did for one of my recent Bell of Lost Souls articles.


Tournament, Comic Asylum! Game One

The Card Pimp in Question and I went to last weekend's 1500 point Tournament at the Comic Asylum - by far my favorite out of town venue - and had an absolute blast! It was the weekend after I ran my own 1500 point event at Galaxy (which I have a lot to say about, once I get a copy of the breakdown) so I was itching to play.

Hogan, the Brotherhood's much cooler answer to Logan, hangs out with his Rune Priest buddy in a Long Fangs squad.  Also joining the party-of-stupid is a Terminator with Storm Shield.  The general idea is to blast two targets a turn from this squad, so it hunkers in the back.  My route to victory is holding the Eldar up long enough for this unit to rack up KP's.


Brotherhood Update: The Guard... Again

This is normally where Brent talks... and talks... and talks... and I'm like who cares?  Look at the pictures and comment.

Or not, your option.


Brotherhood Update: The Guard

Okay, I'm getting some new Terminators prepared.  I've compressed my initial base painting for the gold down to three different spray paints.  It achieves the same effect much faster - and thinner - than the initial layering of paints over black primer.



Brent's 1500pt Tournament, Missions!

Yea, yea... for 99% of you reading, these last three posts are pretty useless.  I can hear you now:

"But Brent, what do we care if you're running some podunk-North-Texas-tournament?  What about some hugs and gropings?  Where are the hugs and gropings, Brent?"

"But Brent, you support Unicorns, why not support my big toe fetish?"

"But Brent, I want to Stalk Jawaballs, too!"

(I'll do you serious bodily harm on that last - don't test me.  He's mine.)


Brent's 1500pt Tournament: Roll Call!

Here's a little update on the tournament that's in the works for October 8th, this Saturday.

There are 16 spots, and here's the entrants I have listed so far.

Tim F
Jonathan D
Ritchie B
Eric H
Brendan P
Jim M
Mike V
Jeff G
Carlos A
Mike B

Lewis C has turned in a list 1) in case he's available and 2) in case there's a spot left.  There may not be.  I know there's a number of locals who plan on being there who haven't reserved a spot yet.

Send those lists in!

Note: this doesn't mean I'm not supporting Unicorns!  I just thought this was a funny set of pics in my last Bell article.


Brent's 1500pt Tournament, October 8th!

Actually, I'm not sure how much claim I have to the whole thing, but if it's a train wreck you can pretty much bet I'll catch the responsibility for it.

It's going to be this Saturday at Galaxy Books and Comics in Wichita Falls, Texas.  If you're from out of town - and you probably are - email your 1500 point army list in advance to secure your spot.  Assuming you've done this, your rate is ten bucks at the door, all of which will go right into the prize pool.

(If you're a local, you have to both turn in your list and pay in advance, otherwise you're going to pay the door fee.)


Brotherhood Update: Painting Scouts

Ah, a day off to myself!  Plus I feel good enough (translate that to, "Not wiped out," and, "My leg ain't hurting much,") to sit down a paint.

Here's the progress so far.


Testing the Alternate 40K Primary Scenario

I've always been a bit dissatisfied with the scenario generation for 40K.  We all know there are certain missions and deployments that help or hinder armies... why can't we play to that and create another level of strategy?

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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