Big Whit's Chaos Space Marines

Big Whit here:

Got my new camera so now I can start adding posts with pictures of figurines and not just old 80s wrestlers. Here is my daemon prince and my greater daemon. My greater daemon is almost done, all I have to do is paint the base. I didn't do so hot on this last tournament I finished 6th and I've done a lot of changes to my list. So far I'm not all that impressed with the new list. I had to take out the greater daemon, and I can definitely tell that he is missing. I have to play3 games with this list and if my games don't get better then I'll change my list up some more. I want an in your face army and the problem is that if my land raider gets blown up in the first turn then the Berzerkers are useless, and my rhinos don't have much chance of survival. I may take out the Berzerkers and I may try to find a way to put back the greater daemon.

I tried to copy this from a PDF file and it came out screwed up. I hate being computer illiterate. The berzerkers are in the land raider.

1750 Pts - Chaos Marines Roster

HQ: Daemon Prince
1 Daemon Prince @ 155 Pts
Wings; Mark of Slaanesh; Close Combat Weapon; Fearless; Lash of Submission (x1)

HQ: Daemon Prince
1 Daemon Prince @ 155 Pts
Wings; Mark of Slaanesh; Close Combat Weapon; Fearless; Lash of Submission (x1)

Troops: Plague Marines
6 Plague Marines @ 281 Pts
1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts
1 Rhino @ [55] Pts

Troops: Plague Marines
6 Plague Marines @ 276 Pts
1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts

Troops: Khorne Berzerkers
6 Khorne Berzerkers @ 192 Pts
1 Skull Champion @ [61] Pts

Heavy Support: 3 Obliterators @ 225 Pts

Heavy Support: 3 Obliterators @ 225 Pts

Heavy Support Land Raider @240 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1749


BoLSCon 2010, Double Down!

Well, I just paid for my spot in this year's BoLSCon event, and I couldn't be more excited!  I'm not only signed up for the 40K Tournament but the Doubles Event as well - and I'm lucky enough that the man...

...the uncontested King of Eldar...

...has agreed to allow me to run as his ally and aim a Brightlance at the barbarian Monkeigh.

My list from last year.  It wasn't my best then; certainly it will need an update this year, given the changes in the meta-game.  Assuming you believe in such things.  Which I do...
Last year, Game 1 - the Eldar routed the Daemons.

I doubt I'll take my Eldar into the weekend tournament though - I've been working too hard on my Daemons not to put my trust in them.

I'm not affiliated with BoLS in any way, other than as a fan with a blog-link.  I say that to say this: I couldn't have had a better time last year - in my almost 20 years of gaming, it was by far the best event I've attended.  Make plans to go, man!  (Oh, and you girl-gamers, too, I guess - that's the in thing now...)


Orks: Count Me In

So, unless you're just waking up, you've learned the new Ork FAQ is out, and the world just got a bit more dangerous.


It seems like currently the consensus is, at least on Stelek's site, my go-to for stuff like this, that nothing much has changed.  Well, when they're wrong, they're really wrong.  The Def Rolla now affects vehicles.  The Orks have a reliable way to destroy vehicles, up to and including AV14, that fits with the character of their army... sorry folks, you can't get away from the fact the Orks now have access to tough tournament options.

That said, I do not think the Def Rolla is Gork and Mork's gift for their boyz against AV14... d6 is usually 3 or 4 hits at Str. 10, and that's still only a 50/50 shot for a chance for damage, but outside of Melta weapons and Ordinance, there is nothing in the game that much more reliable.  It's more of a leveling move, I think - but that's good enough.

I grabbed this picture from Big Shoot dot Com, 'cause I needed an Ork pic and I'm blogging from class...

I'm going to attend Hard Boyz again this year, and I've been trying to decide if my Daemons are tough enough.  While I'll still probably put my trust in that which I'm practicing with, I've always loved Orks and have a huge amount of painting minis...  I might just go green again.

Damn, it's tempting...


Evil Homer vs. Mikey's Meatgrinder

Evil Homer (IG) vs. The Mikey Meatgrinder

So leave it to our buddy Mikey to bring the cheese. My list gets labeled as bad but I think his is worse. Long of the short is 12 missile launchers, 4 razorbacks, the ability to target 10 vehicles on turn 1, oh and he understands targeting priority too. Great.

So we played for 4 objectives spaced evenly like a + sign around the center of the table, no objective in the center. Dawn of War deployment, cityfight style table w/ multiple 2 story and a large 3 story building amongst numerous others. The secondary objective involved searching ruins for the secondary, each time a unit entered a ruin roll, on a 6 the objective is there. I hate this secondary but what are you gonna do? You got to play what's handed to you.

I should point out I elected to pick table sides and deploy, I needed to hide the Mantys and there was a perfect corner to do so. Unfortunately it also meant I had to go first and in DoW I would rather go second. So first turn to me.

I start 1 chimi w/ vets on the table in some ruins. He started all off table. I roll on hard, pop-smoke which in hindsight I should have waited a turn to do. The Vendetta’s screamed on to grab the 4+ and hugged some of the taller cover to limit LoS. He moved on and set up the Long Fangs in cover, made a parking lot with good shooting lanes and started shooting. First shot of the game from a razorback nailed a vendetta. See how these things work?

So the rest of his shooting involved some stuns. Nothing spectacular.

The rest of the game revolved around a lot of jockeying for shots and position on the objectives. I advanced the chimis to grab 3 objectives and moved the CCS down the left side to babysit one of the chimis and threaten a long fang squad. He moved to counter my moves on objectives.

The game was a lot of maneuvering. Neither of us cold really get the shooting game going and I was avoiding letting him get into CC with me. I shot a lot of squads but could not kill marines in cover. Mikey seems to make a 4+ cover save on demand. Me, I fail em all the time.

Anyhow in the end he controlled 2, I controlled 1 and we split the 4th. I owned the secondary (he downed another bird and squad inside hoofed it to the nearest cover, finding the secondary waiting for them). I think Mikey made a mistake, he had a razorback in some cover and he could have moved on the secondary for 2 turns to deny me the secondary. It was a naked guard squad, they weren’t going to be able to stop him.

I screwed up in my last turn. At the end of my turn I controlled 3 objectives and knew I was going to lose 1 of them. I knew another would be contested. I left him an easy out though, I neglected to move a bird into position to back up a naked guard squad I had left holding an objective. He assaulted with his 10 man GH squad as expected. If I had moved the bird there’s a good chance we draw the game as I would have had 1, he had 1, and 2 would have been contested. Then again he could have assaulted both and killed them but it would have given me another out.

Other than the dice no really cooperating for either of us in a decisive manner, I think our targeting was spot on and I was overall really happy with the game played out. It was tense, we knew the winner was in good shape to take the whole.

In terms of points it went 5-4 to Mikey, his army gives up 16 and mine gives up 17, as you can see the dice gods were not giving us decisive results.

I expect Mikey to make some improvements to his list going to 1750 (more damn missiles…) and I am making improvements to mine as well. More on that Wednesday or Thursday when I have to turn my monthly list in.

-Brent feel free to insert pics to break up the Wall o' Text



To Bloodthirster Or Not To Bloodthirster...

...yea, you were no help.

Well, the 1500pt. level tournament was yesterday.  I don't know the final results; I'm either 3rd or 4th place, with 3 major wins and 1 major loss on the day.  Evil Homer and his mech guard is either 2nd or 3rd place, with the same score but posting two more victory points.  Unless the last game turned out much different than expected, Little Barrera knocked it out of the park with his mech Space Wolves.  His army was the one that handed both myself and Evil Homer our only loss.

He kicked my ass sooooo bad.  I got a bit complacent this month, I think, coming off a good tournament win last month.  I took a list dominated by my new Bloodthirster and Great Unclean One.  Problem is, I gave up too much to do it.  I'll do a more in depth analysis later today or tomorrow, but I'll say that the Bloodthirster never came close to earning his points in any of the 4 games: he was just too tempting a target, and my opponents did everything necessary to kill him the moment he hit the board.

The Great Unclean One was a good workhorse, soaking up fire like nobody's business before finally falling, riddled with missile launcher holes.  The difference is, he was 160pts compared to the 'thirster's 290....

Yea, I foolishly invested in the extra strength and Death Strike, so let that be a lesson: don't over  invest in wargear.

Anyway, a good tournament, a good lesson.  The best match of the day may have been Evil Homer Vs Little Barrera, Mech Guard Vs Mech Wolves.  It was razor close: a good 5E match.  Hopefully Evil Homer will tell us a bit about it.


Beastmen: Bye Bye Pestigors...

I hardly knew ye.  For those of you who haven't seen the new book, The Beastmen Army Book has done away with Marks of Chaos.

My Pestigor unit, the workhorse of my old army.  Now they're just Bestigors, dammit.

Now, I love the new book: it has legs, and I imagine I'll enjoy using it for years to come.  But c'mon!  I had to learn with the release of Warriors of Chaos that my Shaggoth couldn't roll with my army.

My Shaggoth gets the finger from a purist, weeny-elf General.

Now, don't get me wrong, overall I'm happy... 'cause you know, maybe I'll start winning some games...

No, I'm not going to spend the money to update my Minotaurs - I have 14, that should be enough.  Right?  Right?
This is the game I found out Ogre Maneaters ate Minotaurs too.  Glad that unit got a boost.  Also, that War Alter?  Yea, it ran right through me.  Note also my Shaggoth lost its last wound in close combat with a GUN CREW.  Shit.

Wish me luck in my 40K tournament tomorrow.


So those 4 of you reading may have picked up on the fact that we have a tournament this weekend. I haven't posted in either Brent's or Whit's list threads because in Brent's case I honestly don't have any great advice and Whit seems dead set on his list (so I won't be a dick and bash it).

In my case I have my list ready to go. As normal I'm not completely happy with it. There is something about the List or maybe the codex in general, that just doesn't do it for me. Not sure what it is. I think it's because I keep trying to make changes to my list but can't really justify it. Like I won't give other units an honest shake or something. I put a PBS in my monthly list only to be paired against 2 fearless, and 1 mostly fearless army, so much for playing leadership games. It makes me inclined to not put it in my tournament list because I just haven't seen how its going to work so it got axed. My monthly also ran 2 IST squads to make the vendetta's scoring, they have been replaced by base platoon squads. So here it is.

1500 Pts - 5th Edition Roster

HQ: Company Command Squad (6#, 167 pts)
4 Company Command Squad @ 167 pts (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x4; Plasmagun x4; Chimera)
1 Company Commander (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Refractor Field; Close Combat Weapon; Bolter; Senior Officer)
1 Chimera (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Turret Multi-Laser; Heavy Flamer)

HQ: Inquisitor Lord (4#, 83 pts)
1 Inquisitor Lord [OM] @ 83 pts (Psychic Hood)
1 Familiar [OM] (Close Combat Weapon)
1 Mystic [OM] (Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon)
1 Mystic [OM] (Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon)

Troops: Veteran Squad (11#, 155 pts)
9 Veteran Squad @ 155 pts (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x9; Lasgun x6; Meltagun x3; Chimera)
1 Veteran Sergeant (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon)
1 Chimera (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Turret Multi-Laser; Heavy Flamer)

Troops: Veteran Squad (11#, 155 pts)
9 Veteran Squad @ 155 pts (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x9; Lasgun x6; Meltagun x3; Chimera)
1 Veteran Sergeant (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon)
1 Chimera (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Turret Multi-Laser; Heavy Flamer)

Troops: Infantry Platoon (26#, 200 pts)
1 Infantry Platoon @ 200 pts
4 Platoon Command Squad (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x4; Lasgun x1; Flamer x3; Chimera)
1 Platoon Commander (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon; Junior Officer)
1 Chimera (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Turret Multi-Laser; Heavy Flamer)
9 Infantry Squad (Frag Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x9; Flak Armour; Lasgun x9)
1 Sergeant (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon)
9 Infantry Squad (Frag Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x9; Flak Armour; Lasgun x9)
1 Sergeant (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon)

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (1#, 140 pts)
1 Vendetta Gunship Squadron @ 140 pts
1 Vendetta (Extra Armor; Searchlight; Twin-linked Lascannon x3; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2)

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (1#, 140 pts)
1 Vendetta Gunship Squadron @ 140 pts
1 Vendetta (Extra Armor; Searchlight; Twin-linked Lascannon x3; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2)

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (1#, 140 pts)
1 Vendetta Gunship Squadron @ 140 pts
1 Vendetta (Extra Armor; Searchlight; Twin-linked Lascannon x3; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2)

Heavy Support: Manticore Rocket Launcher (1#, 160 pts)
1 Manticore Rocket Launcher @ 160 pts (Storm Eagle Rockets; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Heavy Flamer)

Heavy Support: Manticore Rocket Launcher (1#, 160 pts)
1 Manticore Rocket Launcher @ 160 pts (Storm Eagle Rockets; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Heavy Flamer)

Total Roster Cost: 1500

=I= and the 2 infantry squads get vendetta's. This should allow me to operate the melta vets more aggressively than in the past as the number of scoring units has increased. I don't want to use them as sacrifices but sometimes things have to die. The CCS is my reserve unit, whenever there is a gap in the lines, there they go, 4 plasma's work on this unit.

There are 1-2 armies that I am actually a little worried about this month. Mikey's Space Wolves are going to be a beast to beat. Razorback and Missile Launcher spam makes short work of AV 12. I may to play the reserve game with the vendetta's for that one and hope the manticore's get lucky and take out 1-2 Razorbacks each on my turn 1. While that's happening push the chimera's up the table. I can't outrange that army with this build. We'll have to see how it goes. Maybe I get lucky and his dice go to hell...hmmm...prayer circle anyone?

Tyranids are the other army (if they show) that is going to be interesting, and that alone forced the inclusion of the =I= to hopefully provide some defense against dropping Zoe's and other gribbly BS.

Oh and I did something stupid this week, I am participating in the B&C Librarium Painting Challenge. Seems I have to paint 1 squad of Thousand Sons and Rhino before the 31st of march. So much for working on the Guard....



Daemon's Help! What's Behind...

...door number one?

As I noted in my last post, I've got a 1500 point tournament this Saturday.  I won at 1250, so there's a bit of pressure to perform well.  Against as many tough armies as I'm likely to face, the field is wide open - anyone can break out and take it.

In my army, the Plaguebearers, Tzeentchian Daemon  Princes, and Fiends are all constant performers and and will certainly be in the final army.  I have some ideas for the final draft, but my question to you folks is...

What unit in the Codex has worked for you?


7 Random Armies...

...and some thoughts of my own.  (The following armies are from BoLSCon 2009, and are included 'cause I hate posting without pictures.) 

Anyway, I have a 1500 point tournament this weekend.  I won at the 1250 level, but this event will be much harder, I daresay.  First of all, we're back on regulation sized tables.  Second, we're now at a points level where all armies are able to afford their goodies.  It can be argued, with merit, I think, that some armies just aren't as good until 1500+ points.  So, what to do?

Well, in my test list this month I included two Slaaneshi Heralds on mounts to accompany each unit of Fiends.  Man, but that was a large waste of points.  Pavanne isn't useful when you've got a BS of 3, especially when you have to give up a run move to try it out.  So some changes are needed.  The only question is, do I make a slight change or a major one?  Do I even know the army well enough to make a major change at this point? 

(to be continued...)



Happy Greg The Warhammer Valentines Day

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything which doesn't matter because no one knows this site exists. Maybe we should call Brent a gamer girl to boost the blogs membership, shave his face and grow some hair who knows it might just work. Well this month we have moved up to 1500 pts and I am still using my chaos space marines. I played my three matches for the month and to my surprise I have won all three. This means that for the tournament next week I'll be playing against one of the other top players for round one. I've been told that the person that I will meet up with in the first round plays blood angels. My army is very assault orientated so it should be a good match up for me. Here is the list that I think I'll be taking in all of it's chaos glory.

2 Demon prince w/ wings, mark of slaanesh, and lash.

1 greater demon

10 man marines w/ 2meltas, chaos glory, sgt with power fist, in a rhino that has a havoc launcher.

8 man marines w/ 1 melta, chaos glory, sgt with power fist, in rhino that has a havoc launcher

8 man plague marines w/ 2 meltas personal icon, sgt w/ power fist, in a rhino that has a havac launcher.

5 lesser demons

3 obliterators in one squad

I hope to place in the top 3 but you never can tell. Sorry that I don't have any pictures from the games I've played but my camera died on me. Hopefully I'll have a new one by the tournament.


Updating Older Armies... Or Not?

I guess we all face this problem, sooner or later in our hobby.  For some of us, we've faced this several times.

What I mean is this: what happens when your painting skills outstrip your finished armies?  Do you repaint it or leave it alone?

Here's an example of what I'm talking about, my Homage Space Marines.  I'll probably do a full army feature at some point, just to hit the nostalgia button for some of you long-time gamers.  Fact is, I love the RTB1's and all the old, first edition Space Marine.  Hell, I love all the old models - there's something there that appeals to me.  I remember how excited I was when I first got involved in the hobby, and this old range brings that back every time I use them.

Anyway, I grabbed the first layer from their box and set them up for these pics.  Basically, should I bother updating the paint job?  I can strip 'em and repaint them fairly quickly, or perhaps touch up each model, defining the highlights and inking the green areas... but is it worth it?  They're done, after all.

So my question is, how many of you have gone through the same thing?  Do you have the constant urge to update or repaint all your old models?


Wolf Lord in Progress

Mike is working on his Space Wolves: I snapped this shot of his work in progress.  He's an extremely talented painter, thought these last few years he's been more interested in finishing armies than over-painting each model.  He uses simple techniques, well-applied, to yield great results.  He could turn this model into a Golden Demon showcase - he's that good - but from 4 feet away who cares?

I really appreciate all the great painting blogs, but in the spirit of my 'Flamers in an Hour' article I'm going to showcase models achievable by the rest of us.

That said, if I could get the Master Manipulator to actually write an article you'd see an example of top-notch technique... probably not going to happen.

Take care - Brent


Tournament Softscores?

Green Blowfly wrote a great post over on his blog, Terminus Est (the links in my blog list).  Check it out here.

It's always an interesting subject; I piped in with my 2-cents.

Brent said...
Man, soft scores are a tough call. I believe limits are okay, as long as you know about them in advance. I also don't mind rewarding painting and conversions, but I have a differing opinion about two things.

1) Composition. Personally, over the last few years I've changed my mind about this: I'm okay with any legal list a Codex can produce. I tend to think fluff is rewarded off the table for the most part.

2) Soft scores... that are too subjective, that is. I don't mind grading my opponent, but I think it should be limited and strictly controlled. The worst abuses I've seen in tournaments involved friends vote-blocking each other. That can be difficult to overcome.

Your advice about big tournaments is great. I've seen the same things, and my big-event experience doesn't match yours. You've got to advocate for yourself and get a judge involved if necessary.

So I hate to steal his topic, but it looks like I'm stealing his topic...  Thoughts?


So....What's Up Next

As my IG near the 2k mark, I am beginning to contemplate what I will start on next. I want to paint the IG army over spring break so hopefully I can knock it out in that week. After that it will be time to start to build something new. I won't stop playing the IG until this fall but this gives me time to work on the next project.

So what to consider...I have a Thousand Son army have assembled. I need some Rhino chasis and have to convert some oblits and then it will be finished to the 2k mark as well. I played it early last year with a little bit of success but I just can't see it being that competitive. It will however look fabulous. There is something to be said for style points. The only that looks better than a whole Thousand Sons army is an SoB army.

Then again, there is also a chance that 8th ed. fantasy comes out at around the time we are completing our monthly build up project. I have Demons based for 40k, but I could see myself turning into my fantasy army instead. When I put them together I intended to use them for both systems so there's that. Problem is it doesn't scratch the 'new toys' itch. Figmentia, we all have it.

That brings me back to a new 40k army. We don't really have SoB player right now, though the Master Manipulator has them as an army, and we don't a DE player either. I have this notion in my head to do something with Lizardmen models and the DE list but don't have a solid idea for Raiders, and can't really decide how to do ranged weapons for those models (style, not posing, I can do the modeling its just converting the weapons themselves that is the issue).

I also wonder if Immo spam sisters will actually work in the new era of IG, Razorback spam marines, and ugly nasty Nids. The list lacks the long range punch to deal with the first 2 I think the Nids would be manageable though.

Thoughts and more thoughts...

Any how feel free to comment. This message brought to you by idle hands, the devil's plaything. (I really should be doing homework right now..)



Daemons Vs Orks... For The Win

I truly don't understand blogging sometimes... when you think a post will generate comments it doesn't, and when you're sure you're just throwing something out there a ton of people respond. I don't get it!  No worries though; if this was about blogging success I would have given up long ago instead of being over 115 posts now!  But I digress... on to Game IV!

This was against Simon, who does some amazing graphics on his little blog... you know, when he ACTUALLY does it (yea, that's right - blog more Simon).  I'm going to start stealing his stuff to make this site look better, I promise you that.  Okay, Simon is a very new player, yet he shepherded his Orks to the top table, fighting for first place.  He hasn't played much but he's a sharp dude, and one of those people who can make progress by just thinking about the game.  So... that means he'll be a ton better than me real soon, but he's not quite there yet.  It's no slight on Simon to point out he just didn't have my experience - and that makes the difference in picking fights you can win and those you can't.  The above pick shows the game in progress on Turn Two, and as you can see he jumped one of my DP's with his flying-bike-things; frankly, that was throwing away the unit.  The rest of his movement is fairly standard stuff.  My plan was to hit his flanking Boyz with the Fiends; I was confident I could run 'em off, but I didn't want to pick a fight with the Kans - I'd leave that to the Princes.
  Here's the bottom of two, where everything almost went to plan.  On my right the fiends ran down the Orks they'd sent fleeing; in the middle my Flamers hit their drop and decimated the Ork unit there; but... but... but... damn it - I FAILED to roll high enough to hit the Orks on my left flank!  Doh!  Still, it was a good turn, everything going to plan.  You'll also notice my other Princes and a unit of 'bearers dropped in behind Simon's army.
  Snikrot's squad comes in, accompanied by the Warboss on bike.  That's a unit that can potentially ruin my day - it certainly ruined the Fiends on the left. He's putting the surviving unit of Boyz in the terrain on the objective.  He charged my Flamers with his Kanz, failing to destroy the unit only because he didn't target the IC.  Given my Inv. Saves, I'm not sure that wasn't the correct decision.
  Regrettably, I think this picture skips ahead too much.  There was a huge scrum in the center, where my DP's charged the Kanz and were in turn charged by the Warboss, Snikrot, and Co.  It ended when my Fiends counter-charged.  Ultimately, my Plaguebearers quietly collected objectives, and while Simon's last unit of Boyz spread out to grab at two, I was able to sweep in and contest those.  The game went another round and the Daemons finished off the army.

So my little Daemons that couldn't swept to victory in our first tournament of this event.  As we move on to 1500 we move on to regulation, 6x4 tables.  Moving up to 1500, I added Gaze to the three Daemon Princes, some powers to the Herald, and two new Heralds of Slannesh on mounts, to join the Fiends.  As of this writing, I've played one game at this level, against the Other Other Tony and his Tau.  The Daemons performed well.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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Grimaldi: "Spamming certain units creates interesting possibilities but also fatal weaknesses."

Purgatus: "Math can inform decisions. It cannot make decisions."

Thoughts? Comments? Hugs and gropings?

You'd be that much quicker to figure out what I mean when I refer to a Unicorn if I covered it in a rainbow flag.

SinSynn: (To Brent) "Curse you and your insidious influence on the internets..."

Dave G (N++): "You know you're an internet celebrity when your following is more akin to tabloids."

I prefer the term Internet Personality (or IP) myself, seeing as how I coined it.

Lauby: "Your attempt to humanize him as failed. I feel nothing but scorn for his beard - it's like a warcrime or something."

BBF: "I've always thought you are a good player but I finally figured out that you are a great player. It's hard to see sometimes because your personality is engaging, sincere and quite charming - to me that is kind of a rare combination."

'Clearly cheating?' I didn't misspeak: you jumped to conclusions. If you'd like to apologize I'll be happy to send you an autographed picture of my ass.


I thought I was doing alright before I realized I was losing.

Age and treachery beats youth and vigor every time.

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