Finalized Da Boyz List

I had two practice games this week, both of which will eventually become video battle reports - if I can get iMovie to cooperate.

(I'm having issues with importing movies from iPhoto, if anyone out there knows what to do. For some reason, it's not showing up in the event library.  The files are an .mpg - that's supported by iMovie, yes?)

Anyway, after much testing of alternate lists and concepts, I went with something very close to my normal army.

From the test game with Evil Homer - those tanks in the middle are the only proxy - they're actually Demolishers.
2 Units: Herald of Tzeentch on a Chariot with Gaze, Bolt, Breath, and Master, 130.
3 Units: Fiends with Champ, 190.
1 Unit: Plaguebearers, 10-strong with Icon, 175.
1 Unit: Plaguebearers, 5-strong, 75.
1 Unit: Pink Horrors, 10-strong with Icon and Changeling, 200.
2 Units: Pink Horrors, 5-strong with Bolt, 95.
2 Units: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with Gaze, Bolt, and Breath, 190.

I'm actually fairly happy with it.  It's strong, though not the strongest list I could make.  There's a nod to comp.

My normal, optimized list is 4 Heralds, 3 Fiends, 3 DP's, and 4 Bearers - or thereabouts.  This version of the army drops 2 Heralds and a DP, plus mixes up the troops a bit by, you know, actually having them.  There's 35 troop models in this list, which is 15 more than most builds I use.

Plaugebearers are normally all you need, and their job is to hold objectives.  Period.  Because they are Fearless with Feel No Pain, dropping them in terrain and going to ground makes a 5-man unit very hard to shift.

Moving on, I had fun with the idea of dropping a Herald of Khorne on a Jugger with a unit of Bloodletters.  It didn't make the cut because it's unnecessary - I can already kill infantry.

The other obvious cut was Soul Grinders.  I've been on record for awhile saying DP's are better, and the testing didn't make me change my mind.  That said, Grinders are fun and used properly seem to be effective

Still, they don't store worth a *SELF-EDIT* and carry-ons are expensive.  All my toys will fit in one box.

Surprisingly, Icons are in.  I still maintain they're unnecessary, but since I'm dropping a significant portion of my shooting in an army already short on effective firepower, I felt I needed a security blanket.

I could go on (and on and on and on) but at this point I'm just putting off getting back to work on the video.


Brotherhood Update

On the hobby side of things, there just ain't much going; Fallout Vegas has seen to that!  (Vault 34 is a brute.)  I did finish some Brotherhood Wolf Guard by kit-bashing different metal and plastic kits.

So, obviously I'm going with double Wolf Claws with a scattering of Storm Shields and a Thunder Hammer.  Why?  Simply because I like the way it looks.  I'm planning two incarnations of the Brotherhood; the heavy, tournament list and the fluffy, fun army.  This is a nod toward fun.


For No Apparent Reason

(Pssst!  Don't worry, there's real content later.)

Not Brent: Powered by Shiner Bock


Da Boyz Practice Game

This is me interrupting my jurisprudence exam... what?  You don't know what that is?  Lucky *SELF-EDIT,* that's what you are.

I'm working on obtaining my license to practice so I can practice in a clinical setting.  I have a great job now which doesn't require one, but considering I'm only making enough to starve slowly I've got to expand my options.

*munch munch*


Recycling Posts: Terrain

Bloggers are a strange creature.  Inevitably, we're only interested in the new... what's the newest post?  What's the latest thing?  Admit it, how often do you jump into a blog and dig around the older material?
Not often, I'll wager.  It's why I've taken to recycling old posts.  I chose this one since I'm considering an article for Bell that looks at terrain in detail, both in private and tournament games.  I've touched on it briefly before...
Original Article:  Terrain, Too Much or Too Little, December 2009 (link)

When I'm surfing the net, checking out the various sites on the ol' blogosphere, I'm often surprised by the terrain I see in the pictures.  It runs the gamut, of course, but I have to say I think most people play with less than 25% terrain.  Too me, this is the most cogent argument for the lack of a national meta-game: bottom line, the game plays much differently if you're rewarding gunlines with stadium-style setups or melee-shock with dense, large buildings.
So what's an adequate amount of terrain?  Here's the board I set up two Fridays ago; if you're curious, it's two 4x4 boards, which is our standard at 1000pts.  This is my 'We-Need-Trees-Damn-It' terrain.


Brotherhood Update

It's a lazy, rainy Saturday.  Naturally there's plenty of time for converting and modeling miniatures.

But Fallout Vegas came out, so here's the stuff from the other day.


Top Tip: Washers

It's been awhile since I've done a Top Tip, primarily because you don't want to call something that unless you're sure it is!  Can you imagine the grief I'd take from my Official Strictly Average Criticizer (hereafter forever referred to as the O-SAC for short) if I put some lame *SELF-EDIT* 'here's how to thin your paints with cat urine' Top Tip?

That's no good.  Anyway, I've started using a washer on the bases of my models, both plastic and metal, for a couple of reasons - not least because I like the way the base looks when the flocking is glued on. Check it out.

This is the example.  The model on the left has the washer on its base; notice the subtle gradient of the base?  The Terminator and Nurglesque Slayer are standing on flat bases.  See the difference?


Jirka's Pics

Jirka from the Czech blog (http://www.40dice.cz/) 40 Dice shot me the links I asked for, and in turn I'm sharing with you guys.

I'm digging looking through pictures from a tournament in Western Europe - any of us would fit right in.


Email: Czech Republic Daemons

All those emails from folks and Brent just answers them... what a waste!  Today, I'm snagging one to talk about as retribution for being called vaguely naughty.


Random Pics, Chosen At Random. Randomly.

I'm a bit blah today. More than a bit, truth be told. I'm very mood-oriented, so not only do I try to surround myself with good people but I try hard to be one myself. It's why Not Brent, who's just bad beans, at his worst is only vaguely naughty.  I'm my own company and all that, so it pays to get along.


Some Freehand and Other Odds and Ends

I'm busy with school work today, so while I'd like to write up the battle reports for the Warhammer Fantasy tournament I played in yesterday, I'll have to satisfy myself with a quick post.

Daniel (I can't think of a nickname off hand, though his wife is known locally as Preggers) is a relatively new hobbyist, having only played and painted for about two years, but he's constantly pushing himself to improve.  Here is some freehand work he did on a Drop Pod.  You can click on all these images for a closeup.


Rupert's Black Templars Land Raider

On Blogging Part VIII on Blood of Kittens today highlights the work of Rupert, a talented speed-painter from the United Kingdom.  I wasn't able to use this picture due to its size so I saved it to show off here.  Make sure you check out the article and drop a comment.


Themed Armies: Plasma Gun

I recently decided to write an occasional series here called Themed Armies.  Basically, I'll take a theme and compare and contrast it across two armies.  I want the theme to be basic enough that most armies could create a list, though obviously some armies will do it better than others.

The theme is Plasma Guns.  The armies are Chaos Space Marines and Imperial Guard.


Brotherhood Killzone Skirmishers

So, the initial Brotherhood models are done!  I'm sure I'll tinker with them here and there, especially the checkers on the Storm Shield, but by and large I'm happy with them.

Now to build the army!

Note the obvious change is the addition of Space Wolves Gray for the shoulder pads.  It helps the Counts-As, making it more obvious what Codex this army will use, but it also adds a neutral color with which to play off of.  This was the change most recommended, to break up the metal, and I appreciate everyone's input.

The Nurglesque Brotherhood Marine is the last of the bunch.  With all the patron models, I tried to make the influence subtle rather than overdone.  With the obvious exception of the Tzeentch Horror Marine, this is the most obvious.  The withered arm (you don't really go blind...) and the bleeding Mark don't leave much doubt.


Killzone Blitz: Sunday

My Thunderhoof Brotherhood Calvary model for my Killzone Skirmishers.  The horns require better blending, but what I'm looking at here - and asking you to look at, as well - is the offsetting Space Wolves Gray.  This is the first model I've blocked out this way, but the color choice is important.


What's Wrong With This Picture?

So, let's play!

What's wrong with this Reclusiarch?
In other news, I was planning backup armies in case Da Boyz judges completely tore apart my Daemons army.  We'll be having the comp conversation here...


Killzone Blitz: Friday

As a general rule, I hate posting over something on the blog... but considering I stole it from the Master Manipulator (every store needs one)'s site, why not pop over there and tell him what you think?

And it wouldn't hurt you to hit the Follow button while you're at it.  Heck, hit mine!

Still, it occurred to me that I've been posting these pictures without context.  Obviously I'm building a Counts-As Space Wolves army called the Brotherhood, but more to the point... why these?  Are they test models?  Yes, but they're also models for my Killzone force.

This weekend is the Killzone Blitz, and I'm trying to do my part to help out Big Jim over at Galaxy in Flames.  I was trying to paint up a Killzone force in time for this weekend's content, but at the rate I'm going I won't finish.

Stolen Content: the Master Manipulator (every store needs one)

Yesterday I mentioned the bar in my local store was set pretty high when it comes to painting.  In the same way you'd want to pick a fight with the top player in the store in order to improve, one's painting can benefit from the treatment as well.  If I'm working on something, inevitably I'll show it off to the Master Manipulator (every store needs one) or Little Barrera.  I have to be careful though, their scorn for shoddy work is legendary.
It's actually got to the point where I can look at one of my models with a critical eye and guess what would be said about it.  That happened yesterday when I posted pics of my Berzerker-inspired Brotherhood model.  The mold line on his right leg was going to get noticed... it did get noticed.

Ah well.  

Anyway, I decided to steal a blog post from the Master Manipulator (every store needs one)'s blog.  There's nothing special about this one - they're all good - it was just the most recent.  I expect it was inspired by my Tyrion model's lazy eye!

The Master Manipulator (every store needs one):  PS: Follow his blog already!

I spend a lot of time looking at others painted minis on the internet as well as in person. One of the things I think can really make a mini pop is the eyes. The face of a mini is normally a focal point and even a decently painted pair of eyes can make the difference.


Painting Day: Update

Just a quick update.  I may have been a bit carried away adding blood.  Ah well.  These pics suck a bit.  I put the camera too close, screwed up the balance, and couldn't fix it properly.  It is what it is; more tomorrow.

Painting Day

Lone Wolf with a Slaanesh Twist for the Brotherhood


Blast from the Past: Old Chaos List

I took too many classes this semester.  It's funny how the obvious things sometime take time to realize, but I've been fumbling around these 6 weeks wondering why everything takes so much effort.  Well, the short answer is I'm overbooked.  I have too much on my plate.

I even missed this Tuesday's Bell of Lost Souls post to write 8 pages on Persistent-State Hyperalgesia.  Fun.

Still, slowly but surely I'm making headway.  That said, I decided to start recycling old posts for fun.  Two reasons: 1) it's fun to see how far I've come in a short span of time, and 2) nobody reads the old stuff in any blog; might as well dust it off!

I'll be commenting in green, naturally.  So will I.

July, 2009.

So I sent in my list for tomorrow's event and naturally I'm regretting my choices. I would have done that regardless; it's tradition.  This was a big problem for me, and the solution ultimately made me a much, much better player.  Frankly, I think I can hold my own with anyone now - and I owe all that to my friends.  


Les Pacts de Lupes, a Present, and GW's Help

Sometimes you have to do what inspires you.  I'm going to bite the bullet and admit to myself that I'm going to build the Brotherhood of the Wolf.

The Lonewolf with Chainfist and Storm Shield.

Grayscale for Dummies, Part II

It's Sunday!  Off Topical II, The Second Date, is online and I can put my Neurobiology and Pharmacology paper off until tomorrow, so today is mine, mine, mine!

So, I've added the contrast to my Chaos Knight of Nurgle, as suggested by you, my chickies.  Basically, I repainted the chain mail sections in bright silver.  I also further highlighted the shield, sections of armor, and the horns.  I redid the sword almost completely.  The grayscale is K.Blas' suggestion for viewing contrast.

Grayscale, for contrast.


Strictly Average: Stalking Jawaballs Since 2009

There are some days that are just worth getting up for.  Here I was today, just finishing up my article for Blood of Kittens and trying to decide what to use from the stack of stuff for today's Strictly Average post when I caught sight of my banner... and it wasn't on Strictly Average!  Following it, I discovered Jawaballs had dedicated a post to good ol' Brent.

That's me!  Check it out.  (I took a screenshot just so he couldn't take it back later.)

That has seriously made my day, since everyone knows I'm his biggest stalker fan.  I've spent a lot of time standing in his flower garden peeking in his window making that joke over the past year and some, but he's always obtained a restraining order treated it with good humor.

In humble appreciation, I'm reprinting the blog post from BoLSCon 2009, Game 4... Brent vs Jawaballs.  Strictly Average has changed a lot since this post, not least of which is I don't dabble in controversy or E-drama anymore... unless it's funny!

Brent vs Jawaballs / Eldar vs Blood Angels


(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

Strictly Average: 'cause 6-inches is all you get.

Stalking Jawaballs since 2009.

Jawaballs: "My butt just tightened up."

Brent, preferred 2-to-1 over Not Brent in a recent, scientific poll.

Brent: emptied the Kool Aid and DRINKING YOUR MILKSHAKE with an extra-long straw.

Unicorns don't exist.

Home of the Stormbuster, the Dyson Pattern Storm Raven.

I'm a comment whore and this whore is getting no play.

Not Brent hurts Brent's feelings.

I think, therefore I blog.

"You should stop writing for everyone else and worry about your crappy blog." - Anon.

Not Brent has been spotted lurking around with a green marker.

He's not like a bad guy from a cartoon, all devious but never quite evil, Not Brent is bad beans, man, bad beans.

Dethtron: "Again I feel obliged to remind you that trying to sound smart only works if you are."

MVB: "I am not one to join the unwashed masses of self-titled 40k experts out there distributing advice from their blogs about exactly how your list should be built..."

Shiner Bock on tap: that's how I choose hotels.

Strictly Average: The Home of Hugs and Gropings.

Don't feed the trolls!

MoD: "Welcome to Brent's head."

Competitive is Consistent.

Dethtron: "...you could use that extra time to figure out a way to get your panties unbunched and perform a sandectomy on your vagina."

Dethtron: “When calling someone an idiot, it's generally best to avoid making grammatical mistakes.”

Warboss Stalin: "You know, if it actually WAS funny, maybe I wouldn't mind."

Mike Brandt: "It's not a successful bachelor party if you don't misplace someone".

"The Master Manipulator (every store needs one): "...now, enough stroking."

Kirby: "I don't know about gropings. Seriously, Brent, keep it in the pants, please."

Loquacious: "No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get Hugs & Gropings or Stalks Jawaballs into Brent's little tribute."

Captain Kellen: "I rate this article a Brent on the Faith Hill to Nancy Pelosi scale!"

Drathmere: "Come for the balls, stay for the Brent? Kind of disturbing, man."

Go no further, lest thee see something thine eyes would fain look past!

Isabelle: "So, thank you for supporting your local and not so local unicorns. A noble gesture like that can show some scared kids out there that they don't have to hide from everyone and it's ok to be who they really are."

There is nothing more interesting than We The People... in all our beautiful, ugly glory!

On Internet Advice: You see, I have an almost religious belief that's it's a huge, colossal waste of time.

...I think I'll call it the Gun Shy Pattern Stormbuster, because after the Internet destroyed my first humble effort, I find I'm a bit worried about the reaction to this one.

Lauby: "Is it left over from that time you thought that you could just complete step one 12 times to meet the mandates of that court order?"

Not Brent: "I guess we'll have to read on and find out. Signed, Not Brent. Especially today."

Cynthia Davis: "I think the scrolling text is from Glen Beck's new book."

Grimaldi: "Spamming certain units creates interesting possibilities but also fatal weaknesses."

Purgatus: "Math can inform decisions. It cannot make decisions."

Thoughts? Comments? Hugs and gropings?

You'd be that much quicker to figure out what I mean when I refer to a Unicorn if I covered it in a rainbow flag.

SinSynn: (To Brent) "Curse you and your insidious influence on the internets..."

Dave G (N++): "You know you're an internet celebrity when your following is more akin to tabloids."

I prefer the term Internet Personality (or IP) myself, seeing as how I coined it.

Lauby: "Your attempt to humanize him as failed. I feel nothing but scorn for his beard - it's like a warcrime or something."

BBF: "I've always thought you are a good player but I finally figured out that you are a great player. It's hard to see sometimes because your personality is engaging, sincere and quite charming - to me that is kind of a rare combination."

'Clearly cheating?' I didn't misspeak: you jumped to conclusions. If you'd like to apologize I'll be happy to send you an autographed picture of my ass.


I thought I was doing alright before I realized I was losing.

Age and treachery beats youth and vigor every time.

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