Adepticon 2012 Day 2 (and 3!), 92 Photos...

Here's Day 2 and 3 - I combined them - from Adepticon.  Included are most of the pictures from the Heavy Flamers Team Tournament games...

...with the exception of those on my phone, but what evs...

...as well as the Gladiator pics.  Which are just cool!


299 Pictures of Adepticon 2012, Day 1

These pictures include snaps from the four games from the 40K Championship.  I'll probably do some quick battle reports at some point, but suffice it to say I went 2-2, earned 50th place, and actually increased my standing over last year!

How?  I knew I couldn't play in the Championship Rounds on Sunday - regardless of whether I made it or not - so my goal was to increase my Sportsmanship and Painting scores.  Which I did!

My army suffered from lack of squad markings... which technically I could have earned points on, had I thought to point out how each unit was differentiated from one another, but that though didn't occur until later... and lack of display board.

There's only so much you can do with a carry-on bag!

Anyway, there's a ton of army pictures in here, most of which are after Game 1 (against Black Templar).


Trygon, 1st Airbrush Attempt

Been practicing with my new airbrush, which is pretty tricksie... this is what I ended up with when all was said and done.


Wreck of a Room...

As some of you know, I have this voyeuristic need to peek at other people's gaming stuff - especially their gaming space!  Assuming others share this paraphelia, here's my game room.

It's like a bomb went off.  Adepticon, baby!

Read more, already!  Click the stupid button below...


Airbrushing, 1st Attempt

I couldn't resist breaking out my new, top-of-the-line-how-did-I-get-you-so-cheap airbrush and trying it out.  This is really my first attempt at applying paint to a model, since I've always been a bit afraid, but the latest acquisition demands to be used.

(No excuses, man up.)

Regarding Adepticon... great, awesome, fun, lucrative... and there's a lot to say.  This Empty Digital Headache is entirely too beat to go into it just now.  Suffice it to say I went 2-2 in the Championship, earning 50th place and achieving my goal of improving my Sportsmanship and Painting scores, and the Heavy Flamers earned 6th place in our first time out at the Team Tournament on Saturday.

Moving on, as with most of my experiments, I break out one of the Card Pimp's models...


Adepticon Loot! (and pics)

Some days are just like Christmas... or any five I care to remember.

Here's most of the Adepticon loot I was able to get home... and there is still quite a bit coming by mail!  By any standard, a very worthwhile trip.

(Nick or Thomas - don't go dropping information and ruining my surprises now.)

(You think they read your drivel?)

Here's a few images.  I'm going through my toys now, so this is all you're getting today.

(To see more of Brent's shameless self-promotion, click the button.  Don't you know how this works?)


Trollkin Mountain King!

Just for you, Little Barrera!

(It's Saturday here at Adepticon, and it's crazy nuts cool.  I'm having to purchase a bag to check in the airport, because the deals have been unreal.  Ask me about my new airbrush system - top of the line - later.  Someone will cry when the find out how my ol' Brent had to pay!)

The following images are from the Privateer Press display box.


Footdar? For Adepticon..?

Yup!  One way or another, I'm taking Footdar to Adepticon.  Either I'll play in the Championship or I won't, but certainly there will be opportunities to get some video battle reports in.  Regarding the former, my goal is to improve my sportsmanship and painting over last year.  Regarding the latter?  Just have fun and take some good video!

Still and all, it'll take some doing to get the army updated for the task.  Here's where I'm at currently...



Brian finalized his Combat Patrol list on A Gentleman's Ones; head over there and soak up the wisdom!

Brian's Wraith!

Here's my comment:


A Bit of Nothing Special: The 1:16am Edition


Sunday.  Almost time for bed.

Been painting the last few hours... on an Eldar Jetbike I'll probably never use.  So... not productive.  That's no way to make a decision about what to take to Adepticon this weekend... I'm not one step closer.



Contemplating the Wargames Con Team Tourney

Next week already?


I feel almost criminally guilty.  My primary tournament this year the team tournament, and Goatboy is responsible for all the work!  It makes sense, to keep the look of the armies consistent, but there you go.  All in all though, it's probably a good thing.  All my painting time has been toward the Grey Knight commission...

...which I mentioned in my weekly Terrible Tuesday offering on Bell of Lost Souls.  If you haven't read it yet, here's the link.

* * * 

Speaking of Adepticon, I have two options:  1) try to play in Saturday's 40K Championships or 2) play pickup games against other players for video battle reports for Bell.  The first is only really a problem because, assuming I made it to the finals again this year, I wouldn't be able to finish the games on Sunday.  That's when my plane leaves.  The latter is a fun option, assuming I can get some decent games in.

What's your take?

* * * 

Most of my prep is aimed firmly at Wargames Con.  I'm teaming with the Card Pimp in Question and playing practice games against the Mighty Mighty Carlos and Gauthic, who are also making the trip down this year.  We've gone back and forth with lists and ideas, and it really isn't evident which direction any of us are going to take.

Adepticon 2011, Game 1

Although I like Gauthic's most recent take (he'd previously been using Chaos Space Marines), in support of the Imperial Guard!  He sent the following list via email.

(Bet he wasn't expecting Brent to drop it in the Strictly Average wading pool.)

Eldrad 210
x3 Guardians on Jetbike w Shuriken Cannon 76
x3 Guardians on Jetbike w Shuriken Cannon 76
x3 Guardians on Jetbike w Shuriken Cannon 76
x3 War Walker with double Scatter Laser 180
x3 War Walker with double Scatter Laser 180
Fire Prism 125

Again, you have to look at this in regards to its role with the Imperial Guard.  By memory, the Mighty Mighty Carlos has:

Command w Plasma in a Chimera
Veterans w Plasma in a Chimera
Veterans w Plasma in a Chimera
Veterans w Melta in a Chimera
Unit (?) with Shotguns in a Chimera

The unit of shotguns is transported in one of the Vendettas for capturing forward objectives.  Carlos' first army used two Colossi instead of the Vendettas... frankly, I think one of each is more flexible.

Adepticon 2011, Game 2

So Gauthic's army plugs some obvious holes.  Eldrad is boss, and either you know what he's capable of or you don't, and the War Walkers are very useful - like a street sweeper!  You might as well stand on the table with a broom, especially with Guide and Doom.  And of course Eldrad can support both, while providing psychic defense.  Tricksy, he.

The Guardians are purely a reserve for late game capture / contest of objectives - vital, in tournaments, which tend to feature these in every mission.  Personally, I'd reserve them every game then race them around for a 3+ save until they're needed.  To that end, I'd ditch the Cannon and spend the points elsewhere.

Speaking of, "One of these things does not belong here, one of these things is different!"

Can you see it, children?  I knew you could!  What's with the Fire Prism?

Looking at both lists as a whole, it seems out of place.  The one obvious area of improvement is to add a squad (of ablative wounds) for Eldrad.  Here are some options...

5 Pathfinders, 120
14 Storm Guardians w Flamers, 124
7 Dire Avengers w Exarch w Shimmershield and Defend, 126

You could drop the Cannons from the three squads of Jetbikes for an additional two Dire Avengers.  Speaking of, I prefer the Power Weapon and Shimmershield w Defend over the double Shuriken Catapults w Blade Storm option in this case, given the role of the unit is primarily defensive.

* * * 

The big, obvious weakness of these two armies is close assault, to which I say, "Okay."  I don't come from the camp that believes one team has to concentrate on shooting and the other close assault.  Personally, I tend to include a counter-attack unit - something with which to take on units in my line - but it's not the only way to go...

Adepticon 2011, Game 3

...since sometimes the best way to deal with an over-expensive rock unit is to isolate its combat potential.  Usually, this means feeding / avoiding / blocking it.  That's an article in itself, but most of you are familiar with the concept.

Still, another good route for the Fire Prism's points is to plug this gap.  We look to the Elite's section:

7 Harlequins, 126
7 Banshees / Scorpions, 112

The latter doesn't fit quite as neatly, so you'd need to drop some Cannons and / or play with the options.    There are a number of things you could do.

* * * 

So, examining these options, which is 'best?'  I can't answer that, since the conversation would no doubt spiral into an argument over what best means.  Leaving all that aside, here's what I'd do.

5 Harlequins w two Kisses plus a Death Jester for 126.

That's 1000 points exactly, and you have a unit that can truly support Eldrad and provide decent counter-attack options.  And shoot a Shuriken Cannon, just 'cause!

Adepticon 2011, Game 4; with this win, I went 4-0 and into the finals!

Thoughts?  Comments?  And so on?


Grey Knights Update

The work on the Little Tim That Could's Grey Knights is proceeding along at a fair clip.  Here's the updated pictures...


Warhammer, and a Question or Two

In order to avoid 40K burnout right before the tournament season, a few of us got in some Warhammer games this past weekend.

It's been a long time since we've busted out this game, so me and Little Barrera kicked off a 1K game.  My one Bray Shaman wasn't nearly magicky enough to slow down the Necromancer and Vampire's constant stream of summoned corpses, so the units were quite large by the time my little beasties got there.


Brian, I'm Basing!

Brian, from a Gentleman's Ones, and I have been going back and forth in preparation for the upcoming Adepticon.  His last post hit right on the money...

SA/GO: which B …? (part six) B is for basing

With that in mind, I spent some extra time on this base:

The picture isn't that great; the flash was on so the blue tones are a bit washed out.  That said, the base was the focal point and it came out fine.  You get the idea.


Painting... and Painting.. and Painting

So I missed out on yesterday's 2K tournament at Galaxy Books and Comics, which was ultimately won by a nifty Black Templar army from Lawton, Oklahoma.  From what I saw while I was there, it did the heavy lifting with three Vindicators, three 2-strong units of Typhoon Speeders, and a brick of ten Terminators.

I hung out with the Master Manipulator (every store needs one) for a bit, kibitzing the game between the Client Pimp in Questions Necrons and Little Barrera's Dark Eldar.

From a distance!  It's a pretty entertaining exercise in prediction, since you can tell how the game is going just by listening in on the conversation.

Anyway, I left early to come home and work on the Little Tim That Could's Grey Knight commission, and I'm almost done with the halberd section.  But it got me thinking.

Most of us just aren't painting fast enough.

* * * 

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