Video Battle Report, Daemons v Mech Guard

I had problems with the edit of this one.  Basically, I shot too much footage and had issues editing it down.  I think in the future I'll do a mix of video and pictures to try and capture the flow of the game better.

The Mighty Mighty Carlos played a great game and fully deserves the win. I have no idea if I would have been in a better position or not if the game had continued; that's the mark of a close one, in my humble opinion.
The Master of the Fleet was truly crippling. I felt like I had a difficult time getting rolling. Also, this solidifies my thinking on optimized vs non-optimized lists. His was, mine wasn't, and that turned out to be important. To be fair, mine was close to what I consider an optimized list and in most games close is good enough... it just isn't when the margins are this close is all. Lastly, this will be the last time I play Icons in a Daemons army.

Why, you say? My plan was to put two Icons in the non-preferred drop, with the idea of having that to fall back on. The problem is, when they're there you find reasons to use them rather than making the correct placement choice. It's the difference between passive versus aggressive play and of course the Daemons require aggressive decision making. On the other hand, my opponent had three squads with no weapons upgrades at all - no melta, no nothing - chosen to ride in his Vendettas. His reasoning, and I can't fault it, is if you have those options you'll use them when 90% of the time the best choice is stay in your ride! Don't get out, and when you think you should get out... don't!

That kind of thing.

I wish the Mighty Mighty Carlos well in the next round and congratulations on playing a great game.



Imperial Guard by the Mighty Mighty Carlos

So, as I finally get off my lazy ass - I have Memorial Day weekend lethargy - and start work on the video battle report I shot earlier this week, I thought I'd post some pics of the Mighty Mighty Carlos' WiP Guard army.

The Brock Samson mini I posted a few days ago?  That's his.  The last time I'd seen his army it was plastic, but a few short weeks later and he's made serious progress.  Obviously there's a ways to go but just as obviously its going to be a good place to get to.

Oh - the ones in the back are borrowed models.  Hell, I think he should just paint those too...


You Want Some Love, Too

My article over on Blood of Kittens is only generating a modest amount of buzz, but I'm not disappointed with that for a first try.  Of course, I'm not sure how Tastytaste, the editor, feels about it all, so I'll just have to see if I've done enough to be asked back in the future.

I love how the simple act of conversation can spin one's paradigms like a top, allowing for a new angle of thought.  At the end of the day, I went to school and became a Social Worker because people are the only thing that really matter.  Everything we all do relates in some way to another; examining that can bring insight.  Case in point, my reply to Gigi's comment on the article:

It's very possible people don't like it (my Storm Raven) because it's bad - did I need to spell it out?

That said, people don't put time and effort into models then think, "Boy, this sucks!" I saw what I wanted to see and only looked with unbiased eyes after I didn't get the reaction I expected. Of course I wanted people to like it - you don't create a blog and spend a ton of time on material for it if you're not looking to appeal to your peers.

I'm just not ashamed to admit it. There's a bit of narcissism in it... okay, I'll own that.

But I'm not alone.

What, you think folks do this stuff for the simple joy of doing it? If you've ever painted anything, ever posted anything, ever showed off a fig to a buddy, you've got an expectation that someone will like it. You're probably expecting a compliment. If you don't get that, you may blow it off, but you're either going to stop doing what didn't appeal to the social animals around you or try harder to garner some respect.

That kind of stuff is capital, my friend.

So you see, I thought it was cool, until the comments rolled in. Your comment is nice by comparison, and I thank you for that! I've created something ugly, but it's mine and if I want to hold it close and whisper sweet nothings, like, "Don't listen to them, you're pretty you are!" I will.

Regarding the conspiracy comment, I'm not sure how to respond to that. I didn't speculate on any sort of conspiracy.

Did I?

Maybe I see deeper than even I realized...

Nope. They're a company. They want to make money. They'll produce a kit and you'll buy it or you won't, your option.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Gigi - I appreciate it.


Brock Samson as Marbo!

I played at chez moi last night in a game against the Mighty Mighty Carlos.  He wanted a Hard Boyz test game against my Daemons and I was only to happy to do it, given this is as close to Hard Boyz as I'm getting this year.  Fear not, gentle reader (and Practical John), I will release it as a video battle report sometime soon - maybe today - but in the meantime I'll be showing off his models here.

And my absolute favorite was this gem, the Venture Brothers' own Brock Samson as Guardsman Marbo!

That, sir, is one sweet mullet!


Ah, My Adoring Public!

Blogging has its share of ups and downs, moments of crowning achievement followed by a sinking pit of despair.

(No, I'm not talking about my Storm Raven. I like it anyway.)

It doesn't matter! All of it is made worthwhile by you, my adoring public!

Stelek has ZombYs who faithfully post.  Fritz has a loyal readership who email him questions for consideration.  Bell of Lost Souls has a staff of dedicated authors toiling away.  Jawaballs has me.

It doesn't matter, because I have you.   I bask in the warm glow of your appreciation.

Such as this, posted just yesterday by a loving reader, taking the time out of his day to drop this gem on a past topic...

PracticalJohn said...
That movie was the shit!!! One of my all time favs. Don't listen to this schmegma tasting faggot. Go and buy the movie and book. Thats right....both of em because they are genious. To Brent- You are a fucking douche. Please god go jump off a building and try and land on some minorities with the same thoughts as you. Eat shit and die.

Ah, the love!  It makes it all worthwhile!

Before you go, Practical John, I wanted to point out that you misspelled genius.  Also smegma.  That's pretty hard to do with a spell-checker, don't you think?  You should always capitalize 'God' and your ellipses doesn't require a period.  You need an apostrophe for the contraction 'that is.'  The myriad other errors I'll chalk up to your unique, personal style of expression.  Thanks for stopping by!


A Confrontation Interlude

For those of you who may not be aware, Confrontation was (is?) a skirmish game created by Rackham Miniatures, a French company, created for their line of fantasy miniatures.

Rackham minis are by far my favorite - they put everything else to shame.  That said, there are more and more start-ups all the time producing really awesome stuff, including the designers that made Rackham so great.

Confrontation was a religion around here.  It was, and still is (not bad for a dead game, no?) the all-time favorite game for such Strictly Average notables as the Master Manipulator (every store needs one), Little Barrera, and Evil Homer.

So how come I hated it?

(The Gravedigger, and Warrior-Priest for the Undead faction.  Sorry for the blurry pic, but 5 years ago this was widely considered the best miniature I ever painted.  I think I can do better now, but that's probably a matter of opinion.)

I can admit it now: I hated Confrontation.  I didn't enjoy it at all.

I tried to like it, but I played it out of a sense of loyalty to my store.  If that was the game being played, I tried to support the community by playing it as well.  That meant losing 10 bucks each month in our local tournaments, but whatever.

So now we're at a bit of a stall in our local gaming area.  We just spent 6 months playing high-level 40K practicing for Hard Boyz, and then most of us couldn't go because GW scheduled it on the Saturday of college graduation.  That was a let down, let me tell you.  So we're tired of 40K, for the nonce, and there is no point playing Warhammer Fantasy with a new edition right around the corner.  So everyone is looking for something to do for 2 months; thus, Confrontation was broken out again.

I can understand the impulse.  You should see Little Barrera's game room - it's like a shrine to the game.  It's crazy.  It also turns out we were both Ebay bidding for the same miniature, which he won.  I hope I ran the price up on him.

Dutifully, I tried to get excited about the game.  I went to the store last Friday and played Evil Homer...

...and promptly got my teeth kicked in.  I didn't enjoy the game at all.  It was time to either give up or try to understand why.

I spent that Sunday relaxing, with plenty of time to pour over the books and cards.  (For those of you who remember, my Sundays are terrible affairs.  My wife likes to be left the hell alone to unwind, so I'm sent packing to my brothers or my gameroom.  It's a hard life.

Anyway, by the time Evil Homer sent me an email on Monday to touch base with me about the previous butt-kicking, I'd pretty much analyzed what had happened.  Here was my response:

It's not you mate, it was me.  You're playing like you always do, which is at a high level.  It's why I call you my nemesis in 40K, because win or lose you're always my toughest challenge.  I really enjoy that.

In Con though, there's a twofold problem.  The first is I'm not at your level of expertise, and the second is I've not ever really hit my stride with the game.

That said, I did learn quite a bit from Friday's game.  I've been thinking about it all weekend and I came to this conclusion:

1) I've never really tried to excel at Con.  I'd just put together a list and play.  I wouldn't do that with 40K, so I'm not sure why I expected it to work in Con.

2) I needed to put some effort in to more than painting the models.  I needed a strategy and some tactics.

I've spent all weekend studying my book and cards.  I've got 3 different army lists to try out, each with a plan of action.

I'm excited about playing the game now.  My expectations were off on Friday - how was I going to have fun with a bang-together list?

Do you see how that applies to any game in our hobby?  I know most of my readers are here because of 40K, so let's relate it to that.

How much of this Fluff vs Competitive stuff we read about on Ye Ol' Blogosphere have to do with assumed expectations?

One player is setting down for a friendly game with a thrown together list of his favorite models while the other is testing a tournament list he plans to take to the next big event...

...someone's going to be crying in the bathroom with no one to console him, while the other someone's going to feel bad about clubbing a baby seal.

Unreasonable Expectations.  Get that tattooed on your belly as a reminder that most hurt feelings anywhere happened because one two-legged mammal was needlessly thoughtless towards another two-legged mammal.  Your big brain developed as a response to social pressure, does it shrink when you fail to use it to solve such?

I played a game of Confrontation over at Little Barrera's house last night.  I had a blast.


A Love/Hate Affair with the CSM 'dex

My all-time favorite armies are 13th Company (now defunct), Eldar (if I could only play one army...), and Daemons (my new baby), but I said that to say this:

I think more about the crappy Chaos Space Marines book than any other army, by far.  I don't know what it is about it, truly, but I find myself kicking around army ideas in my head all the time.

Maybe I'm trying to find the secret; I don't know.  I recently posted my Tzeentch list idea, so here's my latest thought excercise - how do I make Noise Marine pillboxes work?  This is what I've got; let me know what you think.

(2) Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Wings, Bolt, Warptime = 200
(5) Noise Marines, Blastmaster, Rhino w Havoc Launcher = 190
(3) Dreadnoughts, CCA w HvyFlamer = 120
(3) Defiler, CCAx2 = 150
(1) Greater Daemon = 100
(1) CSM Squad, Sacrificial Champ, Meltax2, Rhino w Extra Armor = 240 

Obviously it's a Walker/Monstrous Creature/Pillbox list - and I say that like it means something!  Standard caveat - I'll never build this thing.



Digital Head Backdrop, Work In Progress

So, how do you spend your Sunday?

Jenn works all day Saturday, so likes to be left alone on Sunday: I was up and out early to my brother's place for a bit of Star Wars, the roleplaying game.  So it's the GM, me, my brother and our 4th player via Skype from Houston TX.

That's pretty cool.  His recent move didn't even break up our regular gaming group.  I set my netbook up on a chair, added speakers, called him up, and it was like he was there - it worked really well.

The game was topnotch today.  The GM's idea was a Star Wars movies 'What If' - if this case, what if Vader killed Luke?  Luke falls off the aerial in Cloud City but a vent isn't there to break his fall...

...instead, the floor does.  *splat*  I was there to grab his Lightsaber and take off, 'cause Storm Troopers were stormin' that bitch.  Cloud City, that is.  Talk about your ugly mass exodus, but we got out okay. 

I got to shank a Storm Trooper in the back with my knife, but it turns out that's not enough to do more than  piss them off...  Good thing I had friends; they rounded a corner in time to rescue me.  The three of us get back to the ship and the pilot escaped by flying down.  It's a Gas Giant - why fly up?  There are Star Destroyers that way.

Good times.  I got back home and Jenn is still enjoying her day without me.  Translation: I was banished to my game room.  That's okay; my toys live there.  It's a rough life.  So I got started on one of my BoLSCon project.  It's for my display/movement table; I'm taking a mock-up face I built for a college project and painting it like my digital head avatar.

  (obviously it's got a ways to go...)

Yea, I know it's weird.

That's my Sunday for you...


An Expectation of Civility (and Family Photos... Again)

I'm in sort of a weird place right now, as far as my hobby goes.  I'll leave that for later articles, but what I want to say here is I'm looking backwards a bit.  To that end, I broke out some of my old armies. 

Be prepared for Family Photos Again Again, and Again Again Again... and so on.

Today though, I opened up the 13th Company.  This was my favorite tournament army for a long, long time.  Frankly, had they not done away with the Codex I'd probably still be playing them.  What's interesting to me as I walk down memory lane is how much the tournament scene has changed.

Here's what I mean.  Nowadays, anything goes, and you have the endless discussion between 'To Comp' or "Not To Comp' - but for the most part, nobody uses the word 'cheese' anymore to describe an army.  There is a sense that if an army can be created from a Codex, it's okay.  Obviously there are varying degrees of that, but back in the days I played my 13th Company army all I ever heard was 'cheese' and 'bullshit' and 'broken' over and over... and usually from people who thought they'd walk over the army.

God, but I loved my broken-bullshit-cheese-Marines.  It's the army I used to go unbeaten in a few large RT's.  My favorite run was at an event in Amarillo (I think - it's in West Texas, so who cares?) where I was the only army to go unbeaten.  Game 4 was against a mixed-arms Inquisitor lead Grey Knights force, complete with every dirty trick that was popular back then... what made it lovely was the dude's mouth.

He was a nice enough guy, but he spent the break between rounds 3 and 4 telling anyone who'd listen how easy it would be to kick my ass.  I'll give him this, he wasn't a crybaby, and though he lost pretty quickly he was a good sport about it.  The dude I played in Game 2 was a local called 'Grumpy Phil'... he wasn't grumpy, he was an asshole.  He made that game no fun at all, but everyone jumped to his defense; "That's just the way he is."  Okay, the way he is is an asshole. 

I'm much less likely to forgive shitty behavior in my old age.  Ironically, I'm much nicer now than I ever was a decade ago, but I like the idea of a Social Contract that's being kicked around the Blogosphere right now...

I have the right to expect civilized behavior.  I'm going to be on my best behavior, and while I don't expect a stranger at an event to instantly embrace me, I don't think common courtesy is too much to ask.

I'll say one last thing, in the spirit of bringing up the past... I fully expected to win Best General at that event, given I was the only unbeaten player.  But it was an old-school RTT... Grump Phil ("...that's just the way he is, he's okay!") knocked my sportsmanship, though naturally enough I gave him good marks, and my painting got extremely low marks.  Those points were enough to take away my spot, and I'll admit to this day it's a bit upsetting.  The Mighty Mighty Carlos won something - though I forget what it was - with his Imperial Fists.  Anyway, he told me later that he planned that army for RTT's knowing people like bright colors, like yellow.

He was smarter than I.  I got very few points because the painting judges said my models were 'dirty.'  No shit - I PAINTED THEM THAT WAY.

But I'm not bitter. 

(This is about half of my 13th Company - I didn't want to break everything out.  As always, click on the pics for a close-up.)

In all seriousness, I'm not bitter, a lot of that was for effect.  The Tournament Organizer was a good guy who made the mistake of asking folks off the street to judge painting.  He thought they'd have an unbiased eye, but instead they didn't know enough about painting to recognize differing styles.  He called me later to apologize and told me had my painting not been knocked around, I would have taken Best General.  Also, Little Barrera got a low score too.  His Ultramarines had numerous greenstuff conversions and hand-painted symbols, but the judges didn't know that... instead, he earned fewer points than Chemotep Tony's base-coated white and black-lined Marines.  Ouch.

I think Tournaments are about expectations.  If one concentrates too much on placing they'll miss the opportunity to just have fun.  I want to do well at BoLSCon this year, but I'm going to keep it firmly in mind that it's a fun event.

Not like Hard Boyz...


Family Photos

...no, not mine.  I was running out of usable space in my game room, so I added two large bookshelves that I got on the cheap.  I want to use the top shelves for current projects, since I tend to be more inspired to paint when I can see the models in question.

Anyway, I'm almost done with my Daemons army stage one; that is, I've got Karnak and his Khornedogs, two more Heralds, and one more Plaguebearers unit to finish the initial, primary stage of the army.  I've got plans for stage two, when I add more detail - for example, my Fiends need a lot more work.  I've never intended them to stay Barney-purple-simple... but I didn't want to start the conversion work until the army was done.

click on the pictures for a better view...

I had to be careful to avoid pictures of the left bookshelf, since those are my super-secret BoLSCon projects...

Yea, that's foreshadowing, but I'm excited.  I think it's my best work, combining extensive conversions with simple but effective painting.  Hopefully you'll like it.


Types of Gamers, and Conflict on the Internet

We all know there are three types of 40K player:

We've got the casual, fluffy player.  Here's a dude that probably won't play without a painted army; if it isn't, it will be!  He's got big plans and lovingly created conversions.  He loves narrative campaigns and wild scenarios.  He probably has a core gaming group that meets weekly at a mate's house.

Then we've got the tournament player - and here's a dude that may not get to play in a tournament all year, but he's thinking about it.  If his army is painted, it's because the event requires it.  It's a sure bet he's spent more time thinking about the in-game advantage of a unit than what it looks like in comparison to the rest of his army.  He plays at the local store and tries to get in as many games as possible with as many different people as possible, because he's convinced he needs the practice.  Here's a guy that plays at one points level - that is, the value of the next tournament he hopes to attend - with one army, and with one goal in mind.  Winning!

But he not a WAAC-douche - that's a third category of guys that would club baby seals and hasn't seen a chick naked in a long, long time.  If he has, they're dating and she's a bipolar control freak.  He's a miserable piece of shit that get's his jollies cheating so he can lord it over 12-year old kids.

Most of us are a mix of all three - and yes, I mean category shithead as well.  We've all of us had moments we weren't proud of.  We're human.

That guy in solitary at your nearest prison staring in his toilet bowl trying to decide which piece of poop to smear himself with is human too - so remember that the next time you're feeling full of yourself.

I've been giving this topic some thought this week, given the maudlin kind of mood I've been in since graduation.  Sorry: I've got no answers for you, just thoughts.  There is no wrong way to play... except the WAAC douchebag, of course, but remember when you slip into this mode - and you will, if you play long enough - that there's nothing that's not made worse by failing to see where you went wrong and apologizing to your peers.

Now, a detour.

I'm a happily married man.  Now.  I used to be married to the Bipolar Control Freak from example three, who I happily refer to as my ex-whore, but I digress.  Still, most of my gaming group is made up of happily married, otherwise normal guys.  Sometimes you can spot a geek coming from a mile away (if you can smell him first, he's a card-gamer) but more often than not, the successful geek is a Stealth Geek.

A Stealth-Geek is an otherwise normal guy who can't shake off childhood and just has to play with toys.

With me so far?  So my mates are Stealth-Geeks, by and large the best kind of geek to be.  I've theorized the Stealth-Geek learned his trade in high school, to avoid getting his ass kicked.  That's how I developed, I think.  I was actually fairly popular, being lucky enough to attend a school in England where being weird and having a strange sense of humor was actually appreciated.  Except by the football team - I know!  How cliched!  They'd regularly gather in packs to beat the crap out of me due to my inability to keep my mouth shut.

Yea, you'd think muscular dudes could take a joke at their expense.  Not so, I'm here to say.

Since I've detoured to this place, I'll finish the story.  I came up with the best joke of all, and tried out for the football team.  Turns out running from jocks is a good way to develop speed, because during tryouts, to the utter chagrin of all concerned, it turned out I was the fastest sprinter in school.

True story.  I made the Varsity team my sophomore year.  The beatings didn't stop though, just went underground.  You see, there's a type of jock called the Stealth-Beater...

Not interested?  Okay, he's probably serving you Happy Meals now.  (Probably not.  There is no karmic justice; the Stealth-Beater is probably on Wall Street, having gone through higher education to learn the maths necessary to convince women 4-inches is 6.)

Categories aren't limited to war gamers.  Despite the card gamer joke, most of us have multiple failings.  Chances are you like role-playing and video games.  No?  Then you've stumbled here by mistake.

You see, I learned something about role-players that I'd like to share, briefly, since this is turning into the Great-Wall-of-Text.  There are two types:

Roll-Players and Role-Players.

Roll Players are those who, like the Master Manipulator (every store needs one), treat these games like an extension of wargaming.  They use miniatures and know every rule in the book.  Their enjoyment comes from building the toughest party possible to defeat the GM's toughest NPC's into the dirt.  There is a very adversarial, us vs him thing going - but they like it that way.  Each gaming session is punctuated by a fight scene that can take hours.  They love it.  Numbers matter.  Gear matters.  These groups can be quite large.

Role-Players enjoy telling a story.  To them, the game is like a favorite book, and there are times the rules become an annoyance that gets in the way.  These players work with the GM and don't mind if games go by without conflict, as they believe the conflict is more meaningful for the buildup.  The death of a favorite enemy can be a kick in the guts, but often the enemy manages to escape right before capture.  The players don't feel cheated.  Numbers don't matter.  Gear doesn't matter.  These groups are usually quite small.

If you haven't figured it out, I'm in the last group.

There is no right or wrong way to do it.  The MM(esno) and I have talked about these topics before, and both of us are aware we wouldn't enjoy playing in the others group.  We each have a group we fit in and expectations for how the game is going to play out.

So why doesn't it work this way with wargamers?  If you take the categories of 40K player I outlined above, why doesn't it fit so neatly?  I think many times folks have an expectation for 40K based on how they'd prefer to see it played, but there is a disappointment when it doesn't pan out that way.

MVB already tackled this topic far better than I could.  Check it out.

I leave you with this.

My gaming group is currently playing the new edition of Star Wars.  In yesterday's game, four Stormtroopers walked into a bar - and if that's not the start of a joke, someone ought to invent it!  Anyway, when our meeting in a dive bar on Tatooine was interrupted by a sweep of Stormtroopers, the bar when quiet and folks were scared.

Stormtroopers shouldn't be a joke; these dudes are soldiers in an occupied territory.  Imagine a group of them putting the boot to some sapient behind a bar, right beneath promotional posters of the Empire.  Or a checkpoint that's deadly serious business, because the Hutts are using Jawas as suicide bombers.  C'mon!  You don't think the Hutts aren't running an inter-species sex trade?

Add a touch of realism to Star Wars and it's a scary place to be.  That's why I think my way is better than the MM(esno)'s, because if the stats in a book aren't what they should be, I'll change them.

That's said, I'd never dream of doing that to 40K...

So can you see why there's conflict on the internet?

EDIT: I've now got the material I need to finish this article.  Here is a comment from the other camp.  The Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said:

You contradicted your self in saying that there is no right way to play, but then go on to say you way is better.

As a side, I don't particularly mind the style you prefer. The problem is those who I game with and those who GM tend to make it that way and so it is what it is.

To me it is sort of an extension of war gaming. Mainly because that is how the groups I am in normally play. We tend to view the game rules as laws of physics. Only to be changed by God or the GM(if you believe in such things). Its a framework of unalterable guidelines that every player is bound by.

The gear and skills are great but not a necessity. I get as much enjoyment out of the tactical challenges laid before me as I do the interaction of the characters. I enjoy the interaction, but most of my groups do not place enough thought into their characters to really see things the way you describe the Star Wars example above. As well the GM never tends to emphasize those traits when we are presented with such adversaries.

Mainly it takes a certain type of player, who is placed in the correct type of situation. For me and those I game with most frequent it is the tactical side and the accomplishment of goals inside the limitations of the rules that we have come to enjoy.

It does not make what I do better or worse than what you prefer, it simply makes it different. I do not think you can even begin to decide on whole what is better or worse except in your own view, and that is the only thing that really matters. It is what I/you enjoy, so it is what I/you do. Or its possible that is what you were saying and this reply is wasted text arguing to agree...
Maybe! - Brent


...So a couple of things come to mind that I want to get off my chest. Since Brent lets me post here you get to hear it, even if its not that interesting.

First, 40k has lost a lot of interest lately. For about 3 months now. I didn't want to be the guy who quit our store build-up first so I stuck it out to the end. I ended rolling Guard at the beginning and built the damn army. It rocks, plays really, well, and kicks much ass. I pretty much accomplished all my goals for the build-up except painting the damn thing and I might even get to that eventually. (probably not but we can all dream) GW should send me a thank you letter for buying so many kasrkin but hey, we all have a sickness and that's part of mine. Of course it got really bitter once I priced forge world and realized for roughly the same money I could have had the resin instead. Oh well shite happen.

Big shout out to the Master Manipulator (Every Store Needs One) for running the event and keeping track of things. Without him these things tend to never get off the ground. Its good to be the Alpha gamer I guess, except when people expect you to do shit, then I imagine it becomes annoying.

Big shout out to everyone who participated too. Hopefully you all got something out of the event, improved your game, got a new army, something, otherwise it was all in vain.

Second, I prefer skirmish level games to 40k. My favorite all time game is Confrontation, now dead, from Rackham. Absolutely the best complete lines of metal models made to date. Great game system. It is a game we revisit pretty much every year at the FLGS when 40k runs out of steam or the funks set in. Since the funks are here its time for Confrontation! The question become what faction to play this time around. I usually run my orcs of Bran o' Kor and this time may be not exception. I even painted one last week and if I can find a camera pictures Might, repeat Might be coming (don't get your hopes up, seems like a lot of work). Devourers and Cynwall also have my attention but building a decent force from Cynwall is tough. And then I have to assemble the damn things. If you've never assembled the Cynwall you haven't lived. As an aside, I like Malifaux. Very much even, but having to assemble models where every army is like assembling Cynwall only worse sucks much ass.

In any case it seems like it might be time for Confrontation again and I can't wait.

Fantasy - I've been reading the Fantasy rumors with a little bit of interest. I don't play fantasy, never have. It looks interesting but since we don't ever play it long enough I've never learned. I've got a Demons army (from 40k that was saved for fantasy instead of being sold off) that I got before I read they were the cheese of the cheese. Now since we don't play a lot of fantasy they stay in their box and don't come out to play. If we are giving Fantasy 8 a try they are coming out of the box.

Will they hold up in the new edition? No clue, presumably the codex is good enough to survive an edition change but who knows. Any out there in internet land have any thoughts on this? Without devolving into Demons are so broken...(I know that's like waving the red flag and yelling 'TORO'!)

Finally the pictures posted. The Thousand Son is a WiP I painted in March for the Bolter and Chainsword LPC. I failed. Again. Two years in a row. The terrain was done by a dude names Stephan Meisl and is one of my top two or three favorite tables ever seen on the internet. I've got many HA molds, and every time I look at these I get the urge to cast. Man that's a good looking table. He uses it for Mordheim but it would work for Confrontation, Malifaux, Mordheim, Alkemy, Helldorado and any other skirmish game.

Helldorado better hurry up and get here, great models, rules look good to.

Anyhow that's all for now. Hope someone read this.


I have a revised dream bitches!

I really am not wanting to hurt any of the FLGS, so lets try a different approach to GWs price increases. What about a petition or massive email complaints to GW. The main thing is to have GW listen to what we have to say about the price change. Maybe if we flooded there office with the Waaagh the fucking price change they might get the message. We have some smart people that play this game of ours, certainly a lot smarter than me. Can some of you guys come up with a solution better than just get over it, maybe one that gives us a voice without hurting our beloved FLGS? I do really enjoy this game and It's already hard enough to get someone new to play the game, but pretty soon it will almost be impossible with the new prices. The FLGS may not even have chance to survive if everyone starts to buy online due to cheaper prices. Every time I go into the FLGS I see the past 6 months of white dwarf on the the stands because nobody wants to pay that kind of prices for a magazine of advertisements. The last issue I bought was when ASOBR was coming out. I know I'm not the only one to have looked at that price change and said fuck that. How is that going to be any different when a new gamer picks up a box of 5 plastic men that costs over 50.00? It's to late for most of us older gamers to get unhooked off of this plastic crack, but GW is going to shoot it's self in the foot down the road with these price changes I promise you that.

Off the topic train here GW has started letting our store order the exclusive online miniatures now, so Vulcan is mine and hopefully were done with that online only crap. GW can get something right when they want to.

Fiblet (for no apparent reason)

“No sir, you listen.  I said what I meant. 

“I watched that man as he chopped a woman down.

                “The woodsman had an axe.  The muscles in his back bunched on the backswing before uncoiling in explosive motion, sending the axe whipping through a controlled arc to smash against the trunk of the tree.  I stood back to avoid the explosion of woodchips. 
“I readily admit there was nothing unusual about this.  I myself had on occasion and despite my station taken up arms to do battle against the forest, so you see I was ill prepared for what I saw.  Frankly, it took me some small time to sort it out...
“…because the tree was bleeding.”

The witness pauses here a moment, pouring wine from the decanter provided.  He takes a sip then continues.

                “I can see your surprise, sirs.  Readily do I admit such labor on my part was entirely unnecessary, being as I am a gentleman of means and having servants for the mundane.  I was made to chop at wood by my father, the Elder Lord of Cohen.  He considered it character building.  But where was I?

“Yes, but it looked like sap at first, though somehow my mind knew the difference.  Blood, I say, it was blood oozing from the woody-white meat of the tree.  I backed up a step, then two. 
“Then the woodsman stopped to wipe his brow before looking at me and saying, with this odd, toothless smile, “Right strange sap boss, right strange."  The wretch mistook my look of horror as a permission of sorts, for he once again hefted his axe and set his stance – and I watched in horror, somehow powerless to stop him - and started chopping away once more.
“I took a brief step, intent on stopping this horror, but my mind rebelled, unprepared to allow me to make a fool of myself over something so obviously wrong.  The tree was not bleeding, could not possibly bleed!  I must be seeing something different my fellows could not; perhaps the light played tricks with my eyes, or perhaps the axe had slipped and cut its owner and he has yet to notice. 
“And then I knew I had gone insane… mad… utterly and damnably batty.  I swear to you, good sir, I swear I saw a woman,  a beauty she was, with thick hair of autumn red that flowed over her body, her naked body, covering her and protecting her virginal modesty.  The woman stood there, beseeching me!  She held her arms before her and on her lips was a plaintive, unspoken cry!  Lord help me, it was a woman in distress, I can see her distress - I can see it even now – and how can I, as a righteous man, ignore that?  The woodsman, that damnable man with his smile of rotten teeth, he could – he ignored her completely! 

 “For that animal hauled back on his axe again, swung it, and chopped off that poor woman’s leg.
“So gentlemen, you see, yes?  My actions were entirely honorable: I took that man’s axe and cut him down in turn.
“An eye for an eye.”
At this point, the Lord Inquisitor begins to question the witness but is interrupted.
“No, I know not where the woman went.  I do not see why you think it important.  She could not have wandered far.  The poor dear had but one leg.”

Transcript: Trial of Lord Novar Cohen
State v Cohen family, Murder Most Foul


On Beastmen: Final Day...

... for awhile.  I actually have blogs in the can on this subject, but I'm skipping ahead, for no apparent reason.

These images come from my game with Big Whit, everyone's brother from another mother (assuming she smothered you in her covers until you spluttered and muttered, or something like that), a buddy of mine. 

(What?  My friends are ruthless; show no weakness.)

We played what will be my final game of Warhammer Fantasy until the new edition... 'cause basically there's no reason to relearn a game that's changing.  Still, I've been thinking a lot about Beastmen, and Fantasy, and how I want to approach the game in a competitive way when it's finally reintroduced hereabouts.

This was Turn One... and how do you like them apples?  Bestial Surge is very, very nice.  Big Whit found out he was way too close to the line.  But I'm showing you the picture to illustrate my thinking here.  Basically, screening is my friend; I'm not going to be afraid to double or triple up.  Before with Beastmen, I spread out, trying to limit the damage failed Leadership would do.  Screw that - it'll happen, but I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot with a poor setup.

Not that I think this one was great, but it's a start.  Everyone within range of the General and Battle Standard Bearer and my screening/diverting units out front.

If this sounds like Fantasy 101 and you're thinking, "Man, this is basic shit, dude," I'm here to tell you you're right.  Warhammer isn't my game.  I hope to get better though.

Anyway, I put a 10-strong unit of Gors and two 5-strong Warhounds in Ambush, though in hindsight the Warhounds are necessary to my setup - they're much better at the screening and diverting I need than the Gors...

...like so.  This unit of Warhounds peeled off to divert Kurt Helbourgh's (is that his name?) entire advance.  That 400+ character and the 200+ unit of Knights finished off this 30pt unit, but then ended up aiming in the wrong direction.

Again, basic stuff, but you can see how far away he is from the action.  My plan is to build my army around a few metric tons of dog meat, so hopefully 8th edition won't have the Fantasy version of kill points.

That's all I've got - Brent

I have a dream bitches!

GW has once again gone up in prices and there is nothing us miniature gluing crack addicts can do about it. Wait maybe we can do something hell this is America were GW got it's start, okay maybe not, but can't we as a gaming community around the world send a clear message to the good folks at GW? I have a dream that one day GW will listen to us as gamers and not try to exploit us with high prices and rules that make no sense. How do you make a company that increases there price every year for no good reason listen to us the consumer? Hit them below the belt, and no Brent I'm not talking about anal even though that may make them think twice about making new eldar models for you. I'm talking about the wallet of course. If we all decided to have one week of self control and not buy anything from GW, and instead send hate mail then we may be able to make them think that we have a little power over our sickness. Hell, GW may even think twice next year when they get ready to stick it to us again without lube. We could start June 1st until the 7th and call it whaaagh the fuck did you raise your prices. This sounds like a great idea now who's with me...... Oh crap I just woke up from my dream and I'm all alone. Damn you GW you win again, but mark my words next year it's on bitches!

Editorial: Keeping Internet Perspective

I posted this here, but I'm copying it here since it's a pretty accurate reflection of the mood I'm in today.  I'm a bit bummed with the blogging experience for a variety of reasons, most of which probably has nothing to do with blogging.  Still, there you go.

Man, this is a bit like the internet West Side Story... 'cepting its the Dakka Street Tuffs vs Stelek's ZombYe Fun Bunch. 

I don't know - I'm feeling a bit let down with blogging today; not because its any different, but because of the mood I'm in.  Since finishing school I've not known what to do with myself.

Heh.  I ALWAYS know what to do with myself - that's not what I was talking about.

So let's recap.

Deadshane trolls here and posts there.  One dude (Bunker) pointed out he posts a similiar comment like clockwork everytime Stelek posts something he disagrees with.

But is that so different then what happens here?  Let's face it, Stelek is always saying he gets numerous emails whenever an article pops up on Bell.  He may or may not respond... but more often he does.

For better or worse, this site is my spot, the place I feel the most comfortable posting.  I don't like forums, plus I like the aggressive exchange of ideas.... that's probably how it happened.  Regardless, I tend to give more weight to the regulars here than others, because I know them.

Plus, Stelek's rants seem like editorializing to me, not angry hate-speech.  But doesn't that depend on the perspective?

I'm sure JWolf would say so.  That's a really decent dude who's been pilloried by our community.  I say 'our' because I'm a regular here - and that's probably how I'm known.  So how much does it matter that I've defended him, or didn't agree with the consensus?

Maybe not so much.  I don't know.

Look, I'm not trying to be negative or attack anyone; I like it here.  There's a sizable number of you who are my favorite bloggers.  I just think it's useful to play devil's advocate sometimes, just like it's equally useful to remember they are us

Perspective's a bitch.

I like Chumby's line: Dakka drama is so last year.  It's a clever turn on a phrase made on the Dakka thread: Stelek drama is so last year.

I'm ready for drama to be so last year.

I've said this before, but there's a reason I use my real name when I post online.  I never want anonymity to be an excuse for bad behavior.  That's not a slight on the overwhelming majority of you who like handles, but rather a tool I use for the governance of my own behavior.  It keeps me honest.


Hard Boyz... I'm Still Mad

No, not because the name of the game sounds like a fabulous porn, but because while all of you are out kicking the crap out of each other, I'm at stupid graduation, getting my stupid degree.

That's stupid.  Stupidly.

Okay, so I'm happy about graduating, even in my senior years... well, 34 seems that way sometimes, but I'm still irked GW changed everything this year - and why did they pick the most popular date for college graduations anyway?

I've set this post to publish on Saturday at 11am, the time most of you are playing Game 1 (or just waking up, for those who largely care less) and I'm walking the stage.  I haven't decided if I'm going to wear anything under the gown yet.

Just for fun, here's the army I would have run this year.  (Note: I'd actually have run Stelek's Daemon's list, but I was hoping to entice him to allow Breath of Chaos in, since I've learned from experience how useful it is.)

(4) Herald of Tzeentch, w Chariot, Gaze, Bolt, and Breath = 130
(3) Fiends, 6 strong with champ = 190
(5) Plaguebearers, 5 strong = 75
(1) Flesh Hounds, 10 strong, add Kharnak = 200
(2) Flesh Hounds, 10 strong with champ = 160
(3) Daemon Princes of Tzeentch, w Bolt and Breath = 170

That's my army, and it would have done well, I think.  Not for nothing, I won 3 of the last 6 local tournaments with variations on a theme, so I'm convinced of its viability.  Obviously heavy mech armies like Imperial Guard and Space Wolves Razorback variants are among the toughest opposition, but it can be done.  As Evil Homer says - and his Mech Guard won 2 of the other 3 - his army tends to be geared toward killing MEQ, so having units with an invulnerable save and Eternal Warrior gave him fits.

The astute will realize I said 'among' the toughest... so what's the worst list to face?  A properly done Vulcan Space Marine build, utilizing a Librarian with Null Zone.  It's a pretty sure bet that's at Hard Boyz, but that challenge is what makes it fun.

Enjoy folks.  I least I get a diploma. 



On Beastmen: Day 1

I'm not going to spend a ton of space on this blog reflecting on Warhammer as a game.  First, I'm not qualified.  Believe me when I tell you, I'm not that great at what I consider a very subtle game.  Second, and most important, we all know the new version is on the horizon. 

But I've never let inferior posts stop me, and there's a reason this blog isn't called Totally Awesome.  So I've got some meandering thoughts to share this week.  Note: I said some of this back in November, after the release of the book... but let's face it, 10x as many people read these posts now.  Chances are, you're one of the newer folks.  As a Catholic, I happen to know God appreciates your support of this blog.  Really!

So in regarding the new Beastmen Army Book back in October/November, my first thought was, "Where's the Shaggoth?"  I can't tell you how annoyed I am, still, that GW doesn't consider this unit beastly enough.  I still carry it around in my army case, but I'm really not sure what to do with it.  Can I proxy it for something, like a Giant?  Better, perhaps, would be a Ghorgon - an axe isn't a far cry from cleaver-limbs.  Still, a proxy is a proxy, and a proxy is a problem.

Counts As = Okay.  Proxy = Problem. 

Then of course there is my Pestigors.  I loved this unit... now it not only no longer exists, Marks as a whole aren't an option.  Still, at least I can use these models in my army.  In fact, I have a box and some blisters of the Khornegors which I purchased on the cheap; they were sitting in my store's clearance bin for a long time, but I couldn't use two units of Beastigors with Marks in the same army.  Now that these models are just Beastigors, there was no reason not to get them.  The new models are great, but I'm a big believer of getting the discounts when you can.  That doesn't happen to me often, since I also believe in supporting your FLGS, and that's the only place I buy. 

Moving on, my vague intention is to give the Khoregors the Banner of Outrage and the Pestigors the Manbane Stadard.  The former makes the unit automatically pass its Primal Fury checks and the latter reduces the leadership of units within 6" by 1.  Both are useful and both are characterful tributes to what the units used to be.

More to the point, I won't have to purchase the new models - though I may, eventually; they're that cool - because they take up Special slots.  Considering my army is built around 12 Minotaurs, my options for those slots is limited.

To Be Continued...


Warhammer: For No Apparent Reason

It's been 10 months since my last game of Warhammer Fantasy, but with our local army build project at an end, we're all wandering around looking for something to do.  Well, I say 'we,' but truth be told, I'm never without something I want to do.  Currently, I'm working on a top-secret project for BoLSCon... hopefully it'll come across better than my last secret project, the Dyson Pattern Storm Raven.

Assholes.  I still cry myself to sleep at night.

Anyway, I took my Beastmen over to Little Barrera's last night for a quick, 2000 point game.  Quick 'cause he kicked my ass quick - that kind of quick.  I'm not too worried about it; since my last game, my Army Book has changed, so this was really a 'get to know them' match.  Here are some pictures.

The last picture is the Banshee giving my Doombull a kiss... after she killed him with box-cars on her shooting attack.  He was out of his unit due to a failed charge on Manfred's unit; had I been able to get in there, I'd have probably had a much better time of it.  As it was, my unsupported Minotaurs on the left flank grossly underestimated the Black Knights and were sent running from the board.  I did okay maneuvering for advantage in the center, but ultimately I hinged my game on getting a shot at Manfred.  My last chance was to tie up the Skeleton's unit with my Doombull and try to get my other units into combat, but it wasn't to be.

All in all, a lot of fun.  It's nice to play a game you don't have much of a stake in - we don't play competitive Warhammer around here, so there's not much pressure.  While I wish we could occasionally do that with 40K, it's probably not going to happen.  That's our bread and butter tournament scene, so every game is testing something, trying something - that kind of thing.

Take care - Brent


Painting Contest: BoLSCon 2009

I'm a bit strapped for time today, so when that happens I usually steal content from somebody else.  Nowadays though, it seems every time I do that someone screams at me to give them credit, to link the stolen content to its rightful owner.

Theft almost isn't worth the bother, these days.

To that end, I went into the Strictly Average Vault and pulled out these pictures from last year, BoLSCon 2009, to be exact.  These are the pictures I took of the painting competition, though for some reason they came out a bit grainy.  I apologize for that; it is what it is.  Enjoy, or not - your option.  (Remember, you can click the picture for a larger size view.)

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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