'Ard Boyz... Yea, I Went With Daemons...

So after much ado, I went with Daemons.

I gave Quite Thor the chance to dictate the choice between the Brotherhood and the Bolt'N'Beasts, and though he wasn't able to reply he did say this after:

As to 'Ard Boys, I really hope you went for the Daemons. Last chance to use them. A eulogy of sorts.
Exactly right!

Syaoran's comments made for interesting conversation.  Here's a snippet:

By splitting them and giving one unit an icon, you can still bring them down together forming your large tar pit unit, but you get the added benefit of making them more resourceful for other missions.
(And:) Other then that, the only other change I would consider is to drop a unit of flesh hounds, reduce the size of the other down to 8-6 and add 2 units screamers. In smaller point games, I would never touch them, but at the 2500 point level, they really do work wonders. Ohh and find the 5 points for the changeling.
In the first section, what he's referring to is the 15-strong unit of Plaguebearers I'm taking.  (As a reminder, the army is 4 Heralds, 3 of 6 Fiends, 1 of 15 PB w Icon, 4 of 5 Horrors w Bolt, 2 of 10 Flesh Hounds, and 3 Daemon Princes.)  Normally, I'd agree with the general consensus: 5 Plague Bearers of Nurgle is best, a steal at 75 points.

I made use of that squad for a long time before giving my love to the 5-man Horrors with Bolt unit, which I think is slightly more useful.

In this case, we have to remember 'Ard Boyz isn't a standard tournament, but rather 3 rounds of 3 very different scenarios.  I'm taking the giant unit to fit a very specific strategy I've worked up for the event.

I'm risking my potential opponents seeing this post, but that's a chance I'll have to take.

In Scenario 1, I'm going to drop the Traitor in the Plague Bearer unit.  That'll be a tough nut to crack, and note I can earn +3 points by dropping it in the enemy's deployment zone.  I have to be meaty to survive there.

In Scenario 2, I intend to set my anchor in the middle of the board then hold it.

In Scenario 3, this unit will be less useful than other options, true, but it will still take a commitment by my opponent to earn the points for this squad.

That's my rationale, anyway.

On the other points, I'd probably agree that Screamers would be useful except: 1) I don't own any, and 2) I'm not sure 'Ard Boyz is the best place to learn how to use a new unit!  The two units of Khorne Dogs are large enough to survive a turn of half-hearted shooting.

Still, I recognize the merit in what's being said.  Any thoughts?


Drkmorals said...

Screamers can be a good unit especially in high points game. however I would go with your gut instinct and not run them for the first time at Ard boys. I run them regular like and IMHO they have a steep learning curve.

Eric said...

Have you verified with your TO that the traitor will be able to deep strike in with your army? As I read it he loses all special rules and wargear and gains the statline listed. Since he is not given any special rules he would not be able to deepstrike in. I agree with the general principal here, in fact I'm running a decent size assault squad with a sanguinary priest in a drop pod for the same reason.

Just something to think on before you get to the table and your opponent cry's foul.

Syaoran said...

I believe your list will go well. It's very similar to what I would run minus the screamers. In larger games I find screamers tend to go unnoticed. When people realize your chariots have 5 wounds each and you've got 3 daemon princes who’s shooting attacks hit on 2+, screamers seem very little in the whole scheme of things and that’s what makes them amazing. I think of them as my sneaky ninja’s with a nasty bite. But Ard boyz would not be the place to learn how to use them. I hope this event renews your love for daemons not saying that you've lost it, it's just a shame that very few people play daemons these days and even fewer maintain blogs or post battle reports. On a final note: If you do happen to play against a grey knights player who is fielding Inquisitor Coteaz or a Nemesis Dreadknight, make sure you always double assault them with your fiends, that’s the best way to disable "Dark Excommunication or send in a daemon prince against them. Never send one unit alone...I’ve learnt that the hard way. Good luck and I hope the Dark Chaos Gods are with you...

shawn said...

I am very interested in seeing what/how you do with this army. As Syaoran said deamon players are pretty rare and yours is the first blog I've come across that features them.

I'm looking forward to more details.


Quite_Thor said...

Hi Brett,

Don't forget your camera!

As to the deep striking thing mentioned above, certainly the line Stelek is taking on his blog is that you cannot deep strike the traitor. Maybe check with your TO for a ruling before hand?

The only other issue I can see with the nurglings is assault. As an IC the traitor can get picked out. If it is not too late, perhaps run them as a 10 "man" main unit and a 5 "smelly little demon" bubble wrap? It leaves you with largely the same resistance to shooting, especially as the traitor can jump ship, while allowing an ablative unit to prevent a fast moving assault ruining you slow and purposeful day.

Good luck!
(not that you need it...)

Online Roulette said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Brent,

as guys before me mentioned, the screamers unit is fine for 2,5k games. Yes, you can open vehicles with bolts, but It isn't consistent with high AV vehicles. Unit of 4-5 is good choice. You have lots of dangerous units, so oponent can ingore Screamers for turn, then they can make their job. If oponent start shooting against sreamers, don't worry, he don't shoot your fiends or another units! You can drop screamers where oponent haven't LOS to them, but they are in range and next turn they assault near vehicles.

Good luck on Ard Boyz. I looking forward to your report.


Brent said...

Re: Scenario 1, in every event where someone has thought the Daemonic Deployment should be jacked with due to a mission, it's turned out to be wrong. I tend to doubt this is the exception.

Still, I'll check with the TO. And I'm curious where Stelek addressed that one - link?

40K + T&A said...

Brent forget all this silliness, and come to the Green side. By far the funnest army.

Quite_Thor said...

Has a couple of posts on this. The second is most relevant. Comments 6&8

Syaoran said...

Chaos Daemons just got an FAO update from GW.


Check it it.

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I am very considering seeing what/how you do with this military. As Syaoran said deamon gamers are very scarce and yours is the first site I've come across that functions them.

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I'm risking my potential opponents seeing this post, but that's a chance I'll have to take.

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As Syaoran said deamon gamers are very scarce and yours is the first site I've come across that functions them

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It leaves you with largely the same resistance to shooting, especially as the traitor can jump ship, while allowing an ablative unit to prevent a fast moving assault ruining you slow and purposeful day.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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