Comments Come Lately: Did Brent Misspeak?

Here's another episode of everyone's favorite recycled comments!  Fresh from Brent's Bell of Lost Soul's article comes this gem... did Brent misspeak?  First, Captain VonKillenstein comments and Lord Sandwich responds:

Captain VonKillenstein doesn't give up so easily!  He replies, and Brent finally gets involved.

Yes, the last time he was nice to somebody he suffered for it in the Friday Night Internet Fights; here he obviously avoids that...

...but did he feel vaguely bad for being slightly naughty?  You decide.


Lauby said...

jesus christ. The fucking BoLS comments sections should just plain be removed.

Flekkzo said...

Agreed. Don't feed the damn haters. Why do people absolutely have to be *right* about *everything*?

I found Brent's article to be perfectly fine and I really like the "how you play also matters". Enough with the mathhammer and damn boring netlists that reflects nothing of yourself.

Marador said...

I don't know whether I belong on the blogosphere. There's so much angst. Between Bols and Dethtron alone there's enough to drown a small city. It was a good article though Brent.

Dethtron said...

ha! Did my ego just get compared to the collective ego of the entirety of BoLS? That's certain to affect my ego in some capacity.

Anyhow, as far as the comments in question, I still cannot fathom how Brent- one of the nicest, most genuine people on the Internet continually garners such unnecessary, misdirected bile.

The OP's entire line of thinking even appears flawed at best. It's like he won't be satisfied until Brent starts writing articles about other people's gaming philosophy in the third person (Brent: Idea for an article). Heaven forbid somebody should actually write about their own experiences for the benefit of others.

Certainly there's room for debate, discussion, and all that that makes this community vibrant, but there's no need for such idiotic and patently false nonsense as whatever it is that VonKillenstein spewed forth from his keyboard. And for the record Brent, VonKillenstein isn't another screen name of mine. You know I'm cleverer than that.

Loquacious said...

wow. off the cuff, generalist comments are now "clearly cheating"? I now know why I don't play at large and sure as heck don't publish anything resembling advice.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

hehe - welcome to BOLS and the random hate it generates. You usually find the same people going to every site and giving the person crap. It is life and if it makes someone happy then so be it. It won't stop my posting of articles, comics, or whatever.

I swear if people think they can do better then do it please. It would be neat to have more stuff to read instead of doing "work".

I don't know how many times I am told not to read any comments. I just continue on and hope that someday I get yelled at during an event and just smile and tell the person - "Hey at least you have some balls on you and didn't want this to be an e-peen fight."

And yes - Brent is one of the nicest guys I know and probably the best Daemon player I know. Hell I goofed with Fate Crusher lists and I find Fiends to always be better. Zoom zoom is the key for Tiger Victory.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Hey Brent, there is always one in the crowd...Ha, atleast he gave you fodder for another article.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Dethtron isnt a hater, he's just the guy who makes it human, everyone else is an ass =]

that guy was just being a douche, fromt he way he wrote that comment he was just reading it long enough to find some way to say "ha! i caught you!" ...pathetic <3 BoLS I wish i could write there

Unknown said...

I don't get why disagreeing with Brent (or anyone else for that matter) on the net has to end up with name calling and generally bad spirit? Disagreeing is not necessarily a bad thing of course. I've done so with Brent but we managed to reach a mutual understanding in the end without any drama being involved. Maybe the guy had a bad day? Or is he usually bitter like this?

Brent said...

For myself, I really enjoy disagreements and honest differences. I think I've changed a few minds by having those conversations, even if it's only to agree to disagree.

Honestly, Bell seems like a powerkeg lately. Not sure why, but even the most understated article draws fire.

Regarding this guy specifically, I don't think he's a bad guy. I've ended the conversation as diplomatically as I can under the circumstances (no, I didn't copy that!) and invited him to comment on articles in the future.

Pat said...

Welcome to the world of people claiming you said or not said something, wildly misquote you, and accuse you of everything wrong with their game/scene being your fault :)

Thanks for your articles, I get lots of enjoyment out of them.

Pat, 11th Company

Terminus Est said...

Wow so many of the BoLS articles seem to have some vitriol... I liked your comeback !!! Classic !


Brent said...

Thanks Pat! You could save me here if you wanna - I'm searching through your backlog looking for the episode that keeps getting referenced - at this point, I've got to listen to it!

BBF: It's all of us lately, and a fair amount seems a bit out there.

Occupy Terra said...

I find it funny that he keeps changing the tense of your comment.

"They couldn't hurt it and I didn't want them to"


"They can't hurt it"

Couldn't is describing a past action. If I was to say "I couldn't get in to that finance class" it is not to say i could never get in, simply that at the time, registration was full. In the same manor, your fiends didn't kill the defiler, regardless of their ability. His comment also presupposes your opponent doesn't know you have rending, which wouldn't make sense since you're playing at Adepticon and you obviously used rending in the battle.

idget said...

Well it's to be expected really; whack a group of nerds together and 60% flame for the sake of flaming.
Haters gonna hate has never been so blatantly obvious than on BoLS.
Oh and by the way Brent, may I please have that autograph >:)

Krisken said...

For some reason he thinks you are attacking him specifically by denouncing Fateweaver builds. It reminds me of a player who dominates the conversation in the Warseer Daemons Gone Wild thread. He obviously feels he has a bone to pick (which I still can't figure out).

From where I stand both your Boltfiend (yes, I just gave your army an internet name, it shall be spammed all over now) and his Fatewaver builds are as optimized as they can be. You obviously do very well with your list and if he is who he says he is, he tends to dominate with his.

It's a shame he doesn't seem interested in discussing why he supports the Fateweaver build. I think you two could have a great, reasoned discussion that would benefit a lot Daemon players.

Loved the article, btw.

Kuneho said...

Hey, brent Ian here from Philippines. I have been reading your blog and articles from bols and I love it all (maybe I can have an autograph :P).

Just ignore those douches and haters commenting on your articles, they ain't worth of your attention. Anyways, Keep up the great work... You keep the blogosphere alive...


Anonymous said...

I like the cut of Lord Sandwich's jib, and not just because he reminds me of this SNL classic...


Full skit here:


Robert said...

Is this guy a veteran of the Cola Wars? I can't imagine anyone supporting Pepsi so much to use it as their avatar.

Although if he is really hopped up on caffeine and sugar, and is used to fighting about how Pepsi is the best cola ever, I suppose that explains his reaction.

Krisken said...

Now that the trolling is out of the way, maybe a real discussion on the points he brought up in his latest post can be addressed? I admit, I'm curious how you confront certain tactics, such as the mech walls and multi-layered ruins. What do you consider the weaknesses in your army and how do you address them?

You fellas don't have to be netemies. I think BoLS comments section is just a poor place for discussion.

Lord Fancy Pants said...

The problem with BOLS now is that people think it's "internet-cool*" to hate on it. This leads people to attack whatever is posted, regardless of the actual content. BOLS is the biggest fish in the 40K blogosphere and is suffering the backlash of haters.... who, as we know, gotta hate.

*Not to be confused with things that are actually cool, like choco-tacos.

Unknown said...

There is a reasonn I no longer go to BoLS...

Wyatt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SinSynn said...

Why you dissin' Fateweaver, bro?
What's up with that, yo?
Why you gotta be all 'competitive' and whatnot?

Uh...That's my BoLS 'comments section' impression....
*sigh* yeah it's terrible, I know...
I'll leave now...

Pat said...

I have looked at the posts, i am not sure what episode they/he is referencing either... I am assuming you are refering to ZingBaby, all he does is crap on random podcasts, not sure if he even listens.

We talk about daemons frequently. We follow two top UK players with their lists, we had Yermom on talking about his list. I play daemons myself, Neil is actually building his own. So i don't understand where this 11th Company hates Daemons comes from...

Krisken said...

Pat, your podcast covering some Daemon info is one of the reasons I listen. Keep up the good work and I hope you have better luck next game. ;)

Brent said...

Pat: I listened to one of the shows last night, and I'll admit I really enjoyed it. The show I heard didn't have Neil on it, who's one of the dudes I think you're referring to.

As I recall, he's got a list sorta similar to mine... except much better painted! I think he uses a unit of Bloodcrushers with his Fiends, which I think is a good idea also.

He used to have a blog - not sure why he quit.

Krisken: I have a ton of Daemons-related articles here, and many of them are against Imperial Guard and Space Marines with lots of Mech.

The short answer is Mech Walls are preferable to separated vehicles. With the Walls I can hit multiple units at once.

I had an opponent who lost with a truly ugly (read: tough army!) Mech Guard army... and it's fair to say he was kicking himself. He thought he failed to win rather than just got beat and he told me after he should have blobbed up to cover the assault.

I didn't mention, because after a game is no time to have those conversations, but that's the worst thing you can do. Please, give my Fiends a place to hide during the worst of your shooting! I love it!

I'll probably write that article though. :)

Anonymous said...

is this 4chan?

Why can't people just agree/disagree, rather than continue on with their sh*tstorm


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