The Most Offensive Thing Ever Said To Me

I'm still shocked.  How could someone be so wrong?  How could this happen?

I blame Obama - he's got to be responsible - I listen to Fox News.

Over on Bell (in a post that has since disappeared... what happened?) someone commented that the Imperial Guard reminds him of Starship Troopers.  A movie this dude liked.


So I said something like, "Man, how did they gut such a great book?  Heinlein wrote the best military SF novel of a the last century and some yahoos in Hollywood make a string of bad films.  They didn't even have Jump-Troopers... but at least they had a decent shower scene."

To which I get this reply - and be warned, some of you might find this offensive, much like I did:

genotype wrote, in response to Brent:

The movie ruled. I read the book, sorry, it was kinda boring in comparison (not unlike Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep vs Blade Runner). Jump troops would have been cool though. And shoulder mounted nukes. The fun and escapism in the book was overshadowed by the propaganda and made me feel like I was at a political rally. In the movie it was kind of making fun of tinfoil hat wearing paranoia. I liked it.


I don't even know what to say.  I mean, I can deal with someone who liked the film - hell, someone out there probably likes Wing Commander - but not liking the book?  Sure, it was political, but in a way that identifies with the military mindset; sometimes, there are valid reasons to fight.  Still, as fiction, it was way ahead of its time - many SF elements that we take for granted in film today came from ideas in that book.

Genotype doesn't like the book...  I find this hard to accept.  My stomach hurts.  I'm going to see if Jawaballs is on Twitter yet: I need to be able to find him at all times...


PS - I find it hard to compare DADoES with Blade Runner; they're too different.  I loved both.


Tom said...

Post and comment are still there on BoLS, oh and as for your comment - I concur 100%

Jwolf said...

If there is anything that proves we moderate with a light touch, this qualifies.

I share your pain, but bringing light to the wilderness is our calling.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to Fox you probably can't read anyway.

Brent said...

Anon... ha!

Sayz u.


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

While playing in a store in Houston, the subject of Starship Troopers came up. A young emo kid said that he didn't know that there WAS a book.
I asked him if he read, he said yes.

BOOKS? I asked and he replied "yeah but only sci-fi.........like HALO and FINAL FANTASY."

Civilization is doomed....

Evil Homer said...

Try Armor by John Steakly (sp?) along the same lines, slightly better armored combat scenes. Same military mindset.

Try David Gerrold's War Against the Chtorr for Heinleins military thinking taken to extremes. Indoctrination rules.

Love fox news. Beck is my homeboy.

Bye the Brent if you need to borrow let me know. I've got all the listed titles.

Col. Corbane said...

I quite liked the first film, I just took it as a bit of light entertainent.

During my nid days, I found myself cheering the arachnids.

Although I've never read the book, I'm worried it'll spoil the film!

Slate_Blank said...

You may also like "Forever War" by Joe Haldeman.

Evil Homer said...

Great book Slate. Forever Peace wasn't bad either for being written so long after the first.

Brent said...

Homer -

Armor is a favorite, but I'd love to borrow some of the other titles.

My stack is down to two books; if I don't have something in waiting, I'll drive myself nuts pacing around at night.


James said...

Eh. Didn't like the book either. But then, I've never been a Heinlein fan. IMHO, Heinlein routinely comes across preachy and without any rhythm. But then, that is my own take.

Herr Fernseher said...

The 30 minute TV sit-com version ruled. I saw the movie, sorry, it was boring in comparison (not unlike any movie that's been made into a TV serial). A youtube clip would have been UBER cool though. (As long is it wasn't one of those 7 minute long, boring ones.) And make it anime! The fun and escapism of the movie (and even the TV show) was overpowered by the fact that I am a f-ing retard who can't watch anything without a hand on a mouse, game controler, or myself. Hopefully political rallies will become obsolete as more and more people make drool, not politics. In the TV show, it was kind of making fun of people who try to fight mind-control with irony and tin foil. I liked it! I also really like commercials, especially the ones that flash alot and are really obvious about what I'm supposed to buy...

PracticalJohn said...

That movie was the shit!!! One of my all time favs. Don't listen to this schmegma tasting faggot. Go and buy the movie and book. Thats right....both of em because they are genious. To Brent- You are a fucking douche. Please god go jump off a building and try and land on some minorities with the same thoughts as you. Eat shit and die.

Fuzzbuket said...

hmmm this is a promblem in currnet society films>books :(
im 13 and not ONE of my mate had heard of 1984 or animal farm :( they all thought i was making reality TV refrences :(

its a sad world


notverypracticaljhon you are a complett douche brent Must spend Loads of time on this blog and you who cant EVEn be botherd at least following a blog come up and randomly say something nasty about someones opinions.if you like the film GREAT but no need to be such a retard about others opinons.

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