Day One of Singles Tournament, Winding Down

Ok, NotBrent is now posting comments, and Brent is officially freaked out.  Fortunately it hasn't put him off his game.  He described Game 4 as "a pretty brutal beat-down, and I was doing the beating."  Ever the gentleman (cracker), he did add that it was a bad match-up for his opponent.

Random pic, but nice, yes?

Amusingly, Brent's third game was played on the same table as game 1.  I imagine he's getting tired of the Tatooine looking buildings.  Winning the third game put him on table 30-something for game 4.  Also amusing, Brent's opponents from game 1 and two 2 faced off in game 3.  I am curious to see where Brent lands when the dust settles.  People playing on the top five tables might be playing in the 20's and 30's in the next round.  I believe there are 2 games to be played tomorrow.  Possibly three.  Certain details just bore me.

Cliffsnotes:  My new hero, random observations on the Con, rumors, and a good pixblitz.

I saw a sight to warm the bones.  One of the organizers, lets call him Jwolf (my new hero), was working hard on behalf of two of the participants:
Both these players brought Ork hordes, so they would mark their six inches, and Jwolf would move them--fast!  His hands were a blur (and not just because of all the Shiner Brent keeps buying me).  It takes a noble soul to serve others, don't you think?  Anyway, after all is said and done, I think the second rule of Fight Cl--I mean WAR Games Con is "Slow play will not be tolerated."
And speaking of blurry, here's scenario two:

You may have trouble reading this, but trust me, this is what it looks like to a few of the guzzl--Hic--I mean gamers here at WAR Games Con.

I did finally track down the bellicose Honky-slayer.  Wow, spell checker was cool with "Honky-slayer."  Which reminds me, sorry, Brent, if I get you deleted from any blogrolls--wtf, Spellchecker, you have a problem with "blogrolls" and "wtf," but not "Spellchecker?" F you, you egotistical, automatous --WHAT?!?!?  !@#$% YOU, Spellchecker, I spelled "automatous" correctly!  I was going to say that I was one drink shy of profound profanity, but you, Spellchecker, are tasking me.  Dammit, I just ranted after all, didn't I?  Sorry, back to ConCoverage (yes, Spellchecker, thank you, there's no such word)...Where can you get ConCoverage like this folks?  Only at Strictly Average (at least until Brent gets back from drinking with Goatboy).  And you guys thought Brent had nerd rage.

So, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, the Honky-slayer looks like a skinhead.  Well, his head was shaved and he's tattooed.  There are a lot of tats at the Con.  Good ones.  I dig.  I am hoping Brent plays the Honky-slayer tomorrow, since I think Brent was genuinely annoyed by "that guy."  Could be good fun.

About today's crowd, all of yesterday's hardcore gamers are here, but the crowd is definitely more diverse for the main event.  More variety in gender, color, age, blah, blah, blah.  Like I said some details bore me.  Variety is nice.  Isn't that enough said?  (Hopefully Honky-slayer gets the memo, but AFTER he plays Brent.)

Blog Bonus:  I got to read a poster of Chuck Norris facts this morning while I waited for my latte at Kick Butt Coffee.  Just makes your whole day glow when that happens, doesn't it?  Also saw a T-shirt with some good C.N. facts.  (By the way, Cn is the symbol for cyanide, one of the world's most deadly anions.  Not a coincidence.  Thank you sweet morning-Chuck-Norris poster for this observation.)  Well, I may have just jumped the shark by dropping Chuck Norris into the middle of a post, so we better skip to the pixblitz (thank you, Spellchecker.  You and I are going to have a little sit down in a minute) before anyone's (besides what's-his-face) eyes glaze over:

Russian Dolls?
This must be game 2, because this guy has been on table one for the past two games

Oh, and the rumor is that the Flames of War Nationals will be at next years Con.  Is that old news?  A secret?  What do I know...

FYI, Spellchecker and I have mad up.  To it's credit, it did recognize that Chuck Norris is a real word.  I don't think well have any move problems form now no.


fester said...

"I don't think well have any move problems form now no. "

I saw what you did there SpellChecker ....

SAJ said...

HEY! It's 9:52 in the A.M. Get up and feed me more Con!

Oh, I saw the painting competition entry photo. More please. I have ambitions...

NotBrent said...

After a year of stalking Jawaballs, let's see how Brent enjoys being on the other side of the equation.

The_King_Elessar said...

Kudos to JWolf for doing that...BUT - I think that's the one game where both players should be forced to endure the feeling of facing off against such a dull opposition.

It's not personal, ofc, I wasn't there and don't know them - but people who are willing to subject their opponents to Horde Orks in timed games should be forced to sit through the same punishment...I don't care if they fail to get beyond T2 as a result.

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