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Day 2, Game 5: Daemons vs Guard

This was a put up or shut up game, from my point of view.  I've talked plenty of times about my win record against the local Imperial Guard, ably lead by Evil Homer.  My contention has been simple; Guard armies in the current meta don't have quantity shots, they have quality shots... so what happens when the Guard run into Daemons with their Eternal Guard and Invulnerable Saves?

What happens is I usually win.  I know how good Evil Homer is (as in, very) so I felt plenty prepared when I saw my opponent for Round 5. 

As it turns out, Paul was the only Guard player I'd face that weekend, but he made up the lack with a subtle leadership of his plastic toys which lead to a barnburner of a game... and it came down to the last dice in the last assault.


Bully Bully Bully!

(Before we begin, my first article on Bell of Lost Souls is up!  Check it out!)  So, here we are in Game 4 and I'm back on the proper side of the room, where I'll stay for the rest of the event.  And I get to play Bully Mike!  I didn't show it, but I was actually pretty excited; this is one of those dudes who simply doesn't blog enough, but I've been over his material a number of times.

CliffNotes: Daemons vs Eldar in Round 4 of WarGames Con.

Before we'd begin, I'd like to point out the obvious (I'm good at that).  This is a beautiful army.  As an Eldar player myself, I appreciated the design, and Mike's reds made me realize I needed to put away that color.  As in, forever!


Game 3: The Great Misunderstanding of 2010

With me so far?  This is WarGames Con 2010 - just one short week ago - and here's the report for my game against the Order of Etoiles Mortelles, a Witch Hunters army.

CliffNotes: Brent's Daemons against an unknown player with a misunderstanding you may want to comment on.

So I'd just suffered my only loss of the weekend in Game 2 - does that ruin it for you?  It's an idle thought, but obviously you're going to have a general idea of how the rest of the games I report on roll out.  I'll let you know in advance I went 4-1-2 on the weekend; 4 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws.  I hope that doesn't ruin the suspense or anything.  Moving on, I was on the wrong side of the room and in the uncomfortable position of knowing I had to do well or remain there.

I met my opponent, whose name I don't recall and that's driving me a bit nuts... if any of you know him, please leave me a comment.  He traveled to the event with a club from his local area.  I have his roster but I didn't realize his name wasn't on it.


Car Wreck: A Close Call after BoLSCon

I'm beat. 

It's 1am and I'm off to bed.  I won Best of the Worst - and don't think I won't get mileage out of that - after the reset. 

Basically, they ran a second tournament on Sunday, which I won.  The top spots from Saturday played on for the big prizes.  Obviously I've got a million things to say.


On the way home I avoided a huge wreck.  I pulled in front of an obvious drunk and only a couple of moments later he lost control, swerving along 3 lanes of traffic before smashing into a red jeep with two teenagers.  I watched in the rear-view as the jeep rolled 5 or 6 times straight at me, launching pieces across a quarter mile.

I pulled onto the median and ran back to render aid.  The drunk waved to me as he drove off.  I didn't know what to think.

I honestly thought the passengers would be dead, but the kid had pulled his girlfriend from the wreckage before I could get there.  I did stop him wandering in traffic, but I couldn't do more than wait for the cops.

It got me thinking, for obvious reasons.  Here's hoping everyone made it home safe.

And I hope the drunk enjoys prison.  The cops found the car, so it's only a matter of time.


The Mighty Footdar Team... No More

Bloggerfester said...

Does this mean what I think it means?

No footdar pairs?

To which I, your hero, replied:

Nope, no Footdar. :(

Fritz contacted me earlier today but I didn't want to break the news - I wasn't sure it was mine to tell.

Something serious and unavoidable has come up, and Jawa and Fritz can't make BoLSCon.

I wish Fritz and his family all the best.  I hope everything is okay.  Family comes first.

My new Team Tournament partner is...


Bedtime - more tomorrow.

They're Not Exodites

Nope.  Everyone who has ever converted Eldar has come out with Exodites, so I went a different route.  I tried to portray a Craftworld that's fallen into the grip of Slaanesh.

(As an aside, check out Blood of Kittens today for my article on Proxies Vs Counts-As.  It may be a not-so-subtle snub at the team of Goatboy and Jawaballs.)

Check out yesterday's post for the army, but here's a Storm Guardian and a Dark Reaper Exarch.

(Click on the pictures for a larger view.)


The Not-So-Super-Secret Eldar Team Tournament Army...

...for BoLSCon 2010.

This is literally the best army I can create right now.  I hope you dig it.  EDIT: Yes, it's a Footdar.  That's what me and Fritz wanted!  I don't mean an optimized list, I mean a converted and painted army.


WarGames Con Objective Markers, Redux

I just shot off this week's article to TastyTaste, which didn't take too long since it was actually the article I tried to get published on Bell of Lost Souls.

CliffNotes: The WarGames Con objective markers are re-posted with better quality pictures.

But Big Red hates me and wouldn't respond.  If you're mildly OCD, there's nothing worse than being ignored.  Yup, it drove me a bit nuts, but no matter.  I found a home with Blood of Kittens, where I'm hoping to build a following over the next year with my On Blogging Series.


WarGames Con 2010, Daemons Army

CliffNotes: Pictures of my 2000pt Daemons army for the 40K tournament this week.

I sent my Eldar Team Tournament list and my Daemons 40K track list in a few weeks back for verification by the TO's.  JWolf sent the following reply, which I found truly hilarious:


WarGames Con Test Game

In the midst of a sea of enthusiasm for Warhammer, my boy Big Whit asked me last week if I wanted a game of 40K.  I accepted, since BoLSCon WarGames Con is right around the corner.  It's also useful for me to keep the rules straight, since I'm famous for mixing rules if we're playing one too many different games.

I blame it on too many drugs in the 60's.

No, I wasn't born in the 60's.  Nor do illegal drugs pass these lips.  What?  No, I don't shoot up!  Suspicious much?  Let's move on.

CliffNotes:  There is a game of 40K and a bunch of pictures.

This is a straight game.  He brought the army he's most comfortable with, his Chaos Space Marines, and we rolled for the scenario, which turned out to be Seize Ground Dawn of War.


Daemons: Ready for BoLSCon 2010..., WarGames Con 2010.  (I'm so confused.)  Also I've got some tips for you tournament goers out there.

Let's take a look at the list...


Not-So-Super-Secret BoLSCon Army...

...test model.  Finally!

I really, really appreciate the help Lauby from Lauby Industries (yea, yea) gave me.  His post really pointed me in the right direction, especially with the idea of using gold.  I wasn't going in that direction with my previous efforts, but once I tried it I realized it was spot on.  I'm hoping you folks like the scheme... and okay, obviously I like it, but I'm not set in stone here.  This is not me asking for feedback that I'll then bitch about.  Let me know what you think and I'll definitely accept any suggestions.

A few notes here:
  • I had a hard time finding a test model to stand in for the army, which is obviously a Footdar variant.  I chose this one because it has large areas of cloth, armor, and skin - all of which the army has.
  • It's a model I like but don't have an immediate use for.  I've been looking forward to painting it for some time.
  • I haven't worked out a design for the tattoos, so they look a bit random on this fig.  Remember the armor will look more appropriate purple than it does here.  
  • I'll be using a neon green for the flames and guns, but only in moderation.
  • This was a speed-paint.  Taking out the time needed for drying, I maybe spent 40 minutes painting it.  That said, I won't have the luxury of much more time per mini for the army... BoLSCon is 45 days away, after all!
  • The Master Manipulator (every store needs one) might recognize it as a model he gave me.  I hope he appreciates the use I put it to.

Okay, that's it - thoughts?


BoLSCon Objective Markers

I finally finished the construction of my super-secret BoLSCon 2010 project, so now all that's left is painting them.  I'm working on some test models based on the advice from Lauby over at Lauby Industries ('cause I can't spell his name - I shorten everything, don'tcha know).  Once I have some test models finished I'll post them for feedback.

So, to congratulate myself, I've decided to showcase my objective markers - another of the BoLSCon projects...


Heralds of Tzeentch Finished!

So, here are my Heralds of Tzeentch for my optimized Daemons list.  I'm pretty happy with them.  Thoughts?


Footdar FTW!

The cat is well and truly out of the bag now!  It's official: Fritz and I are taking Footdar to the BoLSCon team tournament.

You can read Fritz' article here.  The reaction was epic; it was very much the turd in the punchbowl.  Stelek also did a palm-to-face, posting a video describing how he feels about the whole thing.

My response: I feel like Marie Antoinette with a Cherokee Hair Tampon.  People are definitely looking at us funny...

There were some really good points made on Bell, most notably by Abuse Puppy and Sandwyrm.  Here is an edited version of my response.

Suffice it to say, Fritz and I have some tricks up our collective sleeves - also, if we don't win the grand and glorious first place, we're not going to cry about it.

I actually think the primary hit against us and our army will be the fact that Blackmoor and Reecius are running a Footdar list, which we didn't know... a good number of folks will know this and add some elements to their army they wouldn't normally have had.

Still, as long as we beat Goatboy and Jawaballs, I'll do a tabledance.

Land Raider spam or a full tilt boogie Mech Guard will hurt. We've got some plans, of course, but those are the bad matchups.

That deep knowledge gives us the confidence to try this. Folks, we're under no illusions about what an uphill battle this is going to be... that's why we're doing it!

I'll share this: we consider the team event to be a hobby event of sorts... we're more interested in stirring interest and creating a 'grudge match' with Goatboy and Jawaballs.

The weekend 40K event is completely different. I'm taking my baby-seal-beating-toughest list to try and win.

To any new players out there - don't try this at home! Footdar is a nuanced list at best; play something you'll have some success with!

I think that last point is the one I want to drive home.  I would never, ever encourage someone to buy a Footdar army.  I wouldn't buy Eldar at all until the new codex comes out, 'cause there are better places to spend your hobby dollar.  More to the point, I don't consider Footdar to be competitive - just because it can be given the right circumstances and the right general means nothing...

...that can be true of any army. 

Fritz and I are doing this for a host of reasons - not least of which is to stir up the net a bit and shake some things out.  It's most certainly not to encourage a host of Footdar clones!


PS: I know without seeing it that the primary argument will be, "...but they will go out and buy it!"  I can't be responsible for that, especially when I've been clear on my blog and in other forums what I think are the best armies to learn with.


Death to Goat Angels!

On a cold, rainy day in Texas (well, not that cold nor that rainy, but it qualifies 'cause it's Texas) one infamous, though certainly not famous, blue digital talking head decided he couldn't keep a secret and is posting one of his five casualty markers for BoLSCon 2010, to be held the last weekend of July in Austin, TX; and note that yes, halfway through writing this blurb, said digital head decided to make this the longest sentence he could write while still maintaining the grammar laws of the King's English - and yes, I mean the King, TKE.

I tried to emulate Goatboy's style, but it came out way too clean.  That's not a knock: I dig his work.  Click on it for all the gory details.




A Wave of Things to Come

Well, I just sent Bell of Lost Souls an article for consideration.  I have no expectations it will be used, given I imagine they receive a ton of mail.  Regardless, I enjoyed writing it and will use it here if they choose not to post it.  What's it about?  Can't say just yet, but here's a hint...

Cheers! Brent


When Stalking Takes An Ugly Turn...

*channeling Mick Foley in full interview mode*


When the cops caught me in your yard, did I hold that beating against you?


When I asked if you would check in with me before leaving the state (yours, not mine) and you said, "Who are you again?" did I hold that against you?

No.  (A little.)

When you came to me and said, "Brent ('cause you know my name now, I'm sure of it) we should totally team up and win the Team Tournament at BoLSCon 2010 (to be held in the last weekend of July in Austin, TX)!" didn't I say, "Jawaballs!" over and over again, like a slightly demented recording?


It should have.

You have spurned my net-stalking for the last time.  Fritz proved susceptible to my badgering, plus a hefty bribe, and we're coming for you!  I know you're teaming with Goatboy, but I'm fairly sure he'll be swimming in beer by the time we meet at high noon at BoLSCon 2010 (to be held in the last weekend of July in Austin, TX - register now!)... it's showdown time.

I have to get your attention in one way or another.  I leave you with this totally disturbing, creepy image that I'm sure will leaving you quaking in fear.

Till we meet again, Jawaballs, until we meet again.


(PS: did you notice the shameless plugs?)
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