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Big Whit posted:

This was my reply to a post on our store's forum where a guy asked what's up with all of these people talking about using all of the new codexes for chaos space marines.

I read a post on bols were they were trying to say that the csm codex was badass, and some guy broke it down as to why it sucks. The main point that he made was that there is not a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to building a competitive list. The writer of the post had even stated something about how bad ass the berserkers are, and that is when I had to call bullsh*t myself. I do have mixed feelings about the codex, and it is definitely a love hate relationship. To me it is hard to find a list that can compete against the low point costs of the guard and space wolf armies. I do like playing the chaos and the look of the army, but to be competitive I loose the fluff of the red corsairs. I'd love to field Huron and all regular SM with defilers and dreadnoughts, but I'd get rolled right off the table even more so than I do now playing guard or space wolves. That's my biggest complaint, that I can't have a real themed list to bring to a tournament. I really believe that this is what drives most of these players to do a counts as army. That is why I really miss playing my salamanders because no matter what I add to my list, as long as I have Volcan in my army then they are still special and not in a de-te-de way.
There you have it. I've had success with the army, so I can't say that the codex can't be competitive, it just can't be fluffy unless you go plague of course.


Brent said...


Whit, I posted right over your new post here. I didn't see it, otherwise I would have published mine later.

Unfortunately, it means not too many people will see this. For some reason with blogs, it seems people look only as far as the newest post.

Not sure why that is, but I'm probably guilty of it as well.

Anyway, you make a valid point. Funny enough, I wasn't even aware you were interested in a theme, that's how little theme support the CSM 'dex gets!


PS call me tonight after 6pm or so.

Evil Homer said...


Herr Fernseher said...

I can't even remember what I was going to say now. Thanks a lot, EH

Jwolf said...

I use Berserkers, and find them better for my purposes than Plague Marines.

And I play with Huron, and he's a whole lot of fun, and effective to boot.

I haven't found IG or Space Wolves to be overpowering to a fairly fluffy Red Corsairs list. Sure, they can be difficult, but not so crazy.

The_King_Elessar said...

I think it partially depends on the points. I'm amazed there's actually a player who uses Red Corsairs! lol

Big Whit said...

Well, they are just painted like corsairs. I haven't been able to play any friendly games to be able to use Huron.

EH don't be jealous I'll make my rounds.

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