Hello, Ego? How About a Slapping?

Ego is thinking you can make Footdar work against your nemesis.
Have I mentioned I'm attending Da Boyz GT in Rochester, New York in November?

I'm making the trip with Thomas and Nick, Goatboy and Darkwynn respectively - they talked me into it!

I'll finally get a chance to meet the man with the plan, good ol' Chumby himself.  He's attended the event's primer and made something of a splash... how, you say?  By playing his game.

Day Boyz is a heavily comp'd event.  How's that for a kick in the pants!  So Chumby caused a splash by playing a hard army in a fluff fight.  Who should change?

Should anyone?

Look, I'll be honest here - the Battle for Salvation is much more my speed and there's a big part of me that regrets we're not attending that one.  Still...

...and this is a big still...

...Da Boyz is an established event with a great reputation.  I'm sure I'll have a good time.  I just have to decide how I want to play.

Should I play my game, my way?  Check out Blackjack and Hookers for an idea of how that might play out.

Or should I try to find something I'm happy with inside of comp?

Let's see how well that went.

On Friday I played my nemesis, Evil Homer, in an 1850 game.  I thought my Team Tournament Eldar would comp well plus get great painting scores, so I used it plus some models from my old Eldar army (and some unfinished models I've collected along the way - it's a hodge-podge!) to create a Mighty Footdar!

The MF'ers... let's see how well I did.  It sucked.

(To Be Continued...)

I asked Evil Homer to play his old Nurgle Marines list - thank God I didn't ask for his Guard!  Here, he's turning his ass end toward me to unload Plague Marines.  He's providing cover for his DP.

There they are.

I suppose I'm showing these pics 'cause they were the only success I had!  He rolled poorly and I survived, charging and destroying the squad on the right.

Out of curiosity, do the Reapers have cover from the Rangers?  I learned from WarGames Con that when you shoot through a unit you get the save... but Evil Homer wonders if 50% is covered.  Thoughts?


Rkik said...

Answering your cover question:

pg 22 of the rulebook states that if you are firing through a gap in an intervening unit, then the target will get cover. Even if it is fully visible.

Darkwynn said...

Honestly, I think after all of us talking to Jay at the Da Boys event Comp will be gone next year which is good. I showed him a scenario that if 12 people went to the event and ignored the comp rules and where higher players that we could change the outcome of the event and have a no comp list win.

As for Battle of salvation I would have went there instead of we had known ahead of time about the event but Da boys are giving away a Titan and if we win we actually make money on the trip :).

Brent said...

I don't mean to sound negative, Nick - I'm excited about Da Boyz and I'm glad I'm going.

I just try to bring the readers honesty. These are the things I was thinking, but ultimately I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

What better lesson could I get than going to a comp-heavy event? I'll be able to write intelligently on the subject, from personal experience.

(And I wanna win a Titan!)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yes you give cover if you are shooting through your own guys from another squad etc. That is just what happens.

And yeah - the issue also would be the cost would be more to get to the other one too. Shit the flight cost is pretty nuts and this helps out a lot. And we are going.

But I agree - play what you want - to hell with some comp at times. I think comp is kinda bunk - there should just be a review of lists at the very least to ensure they are all legal. Let the minis play heh.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Goatboy making fluffy bunnies cry since 1998.

Darkwynn said...

Personally , I hate comp I bloody hate it and its so subjective and you can't figure out what you are aiming for. Though on the other hand I think it can make a person a better player as they have their hands tied behind their back and they try to fight there way through the system.

ColKillgore said...

One problem I have with comp is when the rules allow a power build but ding the build needed to counter it. Another is when the organizer and his cronies have a comp system that favors the armies they play and ding the rest. And last is when their cut throat game winning army is called a "Themed" army so is fluffy but my cut throat game winning army is too hard and gets dinged as cheesy, or I could just be bitter.

Chumbalaya said...

Comp or no comp, it's gonna rock having you guys in town.

I don't like comp myself, but I will give it to Jay for making it as transparent as possible. Just so everybody's clear, comp at the GT has nothing to do with theme, which is a separate scattergory. Bad comp will be from taking units perceived to be strong, dupes and trips, any SCs, and "stuff everybody takes". I think I have an Ork list put together that's decent relative to the environment and should comp well, or I could just rock the Loganwing again and go seal clubbing :P

Brent said...

Rkik: thanks for pointing that out - he hasn't said so, but I'm sure he's seen it and looked it up already. He has that kind of mind.

Guys, I go back and forth on this. The short story is Evil Homer proved that a year and some away from my competitive Eldar is too long - I can't relearn those skills in time.

So it's Daemons for me. The only question is the one Chumby raised...

Do I play my list or play with my list?

Evil Homer said...

Go with what you know. Drop me an email, maybe we can make it a little more comp friendly. We can toss some ideas around and play again friday with a tweaked list.

Gauthic said...

I can throw together a comp-friendly Black Legion army together (as I've sold my gaming focus, once again, to Chaos for a while), but not for Fri nights--as I don't want to scare the "Fantasy is dead" crowd.

Brent said...

Why is Fantasy dead? It better not be, I just got my Warriors of Chaos.

I will so turn them into Space Wolves Thundercalv so fast it will make your head spin!

Seriously, Fantasy is just getting started - throw the kibosh on them.

I'll bring my Fantasy army this Friday, Evil Homer... I'll need to prepare for the event, but I don't want to help push the store in the wrong direction right now.

I'll be putting up a few lists to look at later though.


Mofreaka said...

This is more of a question then anything, but I keep hearing from the tourney people, granted on the net, that if you go to a tournament expect power lists and if you want to play comp start your own tourney... well it looks like someone is doing just that, a comp tourney that now is having power lists brought into it. I guess it just seems hypocritical, the competitive guys tell the comp guys to run their own tourney then the tourney guys bring the power lists and complain they hate comp at a comp tourney?? Maybe it's just me because I am not a hard core tourney guy, am I missing something?

Chumbalaya said...

Well, outside of traveling to DC and NYC for Nova and BFS respectively, I really don't have much of a choice. All our local events use comp, so really all I have is 'Ard Boyz (bleh) or a road trip.

Brent, I say go with what you're most comfortable playing. Taking a hit on comp can be made up by scoring big on BPs. Remember you can drop Jay and them an e-mail for a preliminary comp scoring. It won't be set in stone, but it should give you a good idea.

Gauthic said...

Brent: I never said it was, there is a crowd of rumors about the local state of Fantasy, and that was a reference to those naysayers. :D

Anonymous said...

I am going to DABoyz tournament. I am glad about comp, because I am discouraged by what has happened to some of the bigger tournies. looking at all the guard armies at adepticon sucked alot of joy out of the event. All of my team tourney games were againgst guard.
I miss the old GT's. I like the diversity in tourney setups. have to change your game to suit the tourney setup. This is one of the biggest tourneys that still has everything counted. If you don't like comp, that's cool. but please don't try to convince them to get rid of it. Maybe come up with a true comp system. that could be the biggest contribution anyone could make to the scene. I kinda feel it's turning into mid to late 90's type 1 magic.

Brent said...

Anon: that's a very valid perspective, and though I'm not a huge comp person I do understand.

I have more to say, but I think I'll save it for the next post. Feel free to chime in - nobody here will bite your head off!


Evil Homer said...

Why is comp even a valid consideration? It's something I never got. When we had it here I hated it and it was a pretty simple Comp.

All comp does is present an artificial set of circumstances for me to break. Hard comp might change the builds but it won't change 'powergaming'. All it does is present a different set of rules for us powergamers to abuse.

If anything it actually limits the number of builds as people gravitate towards the second tier units not perceived as uber.

When we had comp it was ridiculously easy to build a list that met comp and was still hard as nails.

Comp artificially limits some codexes as well. There are books that truly don't function well, where there are limited number of units that are worth taking (Necrons, DE) vs. books with many good choices (IG, SW, SM etc.). A player with a 'good' codex is less limited by comp than a player with a crap codex.

Like many i hate comp, from concept to implementation. My philosophy has always been your bring your best list, I'll bring mine. We'll settle it on the table. I don't care what you bring and you should not care what I bring.

Mofreaka said...

I cannot disagree with you Evil Homer but what you either are not realizing by choice or by a blind eye for power lists is this... this is a comp tourney, if you don't like it don't go to it(not necessarily you but those that don't like comp), why do you want to force your style or preference of play onto anyone else?

Its kind of like this, you know the people that complain about, I don't like this show or I don't like "x" blog or whatever else, the fix is easy, don't go, stop watching or whatever else, its a choice.

Evil Homer said...

oh I can't disagree Mo, but for me a fundamental issue is if there are only comp events in your area, you don't have much choice. For a long time GW's event were comp'd if I recall, and RTT's to boot though that was before my time. If that's all there was tournament players didn't really have a choice to go or not. If you went to a tournament there was some form of comp.

I think the hobby is big enough to have both comp'd and non-comp'd events.

Here's a question though, what good is your comp if a powerlist can still win?

Mofreaka said...

I agree with you, if all there is, is comp and your a power list player, I can see where the frustration might lead to outright anger.

On the question about a power list beating or winning a comp tourney, usually and I only speak for myself, but comp is about a different playing environment not meant for power lists.

A power list at a comp tourney is kinda like me walking into my son's kindergarten class and annihilating them in dodge-ball, yea im an asshole but I still win and this by no means is fun for anyone but me.

Mofreaka said...

Oh and im bringing the duel hydra list just for Evil Homer's demons... no comp in our FLGS!

Anonymous said...

The problem I have is that battle points have taken over tourneys. the late 90's early 00's had winners that were good at everything. Then people started to complain that painting and comp and sports should not pick who the winner is. The other scores have been degraded over the years and now you almost have to have a kick ass army to place high(for the most part). You've even seen those scores disapear in alot of tournies.

most of us went from having a chance 10 years ago to place, to being bottom 3rd because our armies are actually indicative of a force that would be fielded in "real life". I've seen BA armies that have 3 librarian furiosos. theres only 5 in the whole chapter and people field 3 in 1850. it's shameful.

when did the memo go out that every tournament had to become Gladiator/'ard boyz?

I have a family and I take a whole weekend off for big tournies, and spend alot of money. Alot of prizes go to people who I feel abuse lists and the story/bcakground of the game. These people ruin games for us(ever play a leafblower?), and we reward them for helping to ruin the scene. plus if they don't win, they complain that the rules of the tourney arent fair/scores should change.

Black Blow Fly said...

I dont like comp but if I go to a tourney with comp then I just make the best of it. It's what it is and no amount of whining is going to change that aspect.


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