Sin Synn Asks, "What about the Bugs!?"

Ah, SinSynn!  Deeply disappointed, he crafted this gem regarding my decision to set aside the Bugs! for the Brotherhood.

Btw, Brent- I cannot begin to express my disappointment of you dropping Tyranids to play....Space Wolves.

I am disappoint.
I haz sad....deep, deep sad.

If ANYBODY could've helped Tyranids gain a popularity point, it would've been you, Brent.
This hurts....

And to drop them for....that army?
Friggin' kidney punch, bro....fer reals.
I thought you were a bit more rebellious, a bit more 'against the grain.'
Now....I dunno, dude- you drop 'Nids cuz youre little list didn't work out?
And you pick up...them....just to win at events? Is THAT what it's all about? Really?

'Nids have done alright at a lot of Tournaments- and you're the guy that shows people up with DAEMONS, right?
It's like you didn't even TRY....

Ok, I'm done nagging, and laying a guilt trip....still...
I am disapoint, son.
Just wanted to say that...
Still love ya...Hugs and Gropings, 'course.

I'm all about the Hugs and Gropings!

Now, while I believe guilt is a false emotion, I do feel this one pretty deeply.  You see, I had the same anxiety as I contemplated this change.

I wanted to be an advocate for the Bugs! and I wanted to build and play this army.  The stumbling block I ran into is I couldn't play the army the way I actually wanted.

Readers are no doubt aware I was drawn to the Bugs! because of my love for the older models in GW's range; I'm speaking, of course, of the Screamer Killer.

I love this model.  I owned two; to get the other three I now own, I had to trade and purchase for Little Barrera and Farseer Tim's older collections.  It became a complicated three-way deal, as I gave brand new boxes of Dark Eldar Raiders to Evil Homer who in turn paid me money I turned around and used to purchase new Gray Knights models for Little Barrera.

In effect, I spent 'new' for 'old,' and given I purchased more than I wanted in order to land the stuff I had to have, I grossly overspent my hobby budget.

I don't regret it; I wanted the Bugs! and now I have them.  Being the way I am, I'll hold on to them for years, and eventually I'll use the collection.  It was a win/win deal...

...but my excitement set me up for a huge letdown.  I ignored my inner voice and tried to make stuff work I knew was inferior on paper.  It didn't take long to realize the army I'd have to create was very close to the same army other internet notables were already working with.

I'd need three units of Hive Guard.  I'd need Tervigons.  I'd need Gargoyles.

I wouldn't be able to use all the old models I wanted, like the Screamer Killers, Hybrids, and Tyranid Warriors.

Does this mean I'm done with the Bugs!?

Not by a long shot!  I'm still having fun with these models, puttering around my game room and slowly but surely working toward a goal.

Hormabugs.  Three digits worth of metal Hormabugs.  I got those in the collections, too!  They just take a ton of work to get on the table.

Bottom line, it was a ton of effort to learn then play Daemons at a top level; I needed a break before attempting the same thing with Tyranids, a Codex everyone can agree is a challenge.

Anyway, I've settled on a Brotherhood list for Wargames Con, and while it has some elements folks have come to expect, it's different from anything you've seen out there...

That's foreshadowing, by the way!


The Inner Geek said...

I'm not disappoint in you for leaving the bugs behind for a while. I'm disappoint in you for setting up a twitter account and pretending to be Jawaballs. You're his most (in)famous stalker so I'm starting the rumor that it was you.

Brent said...

Ah, recognition! I am indeed Jawaballs most dedicated Net-Stalker... so...

I admit it. It was me!

He's going to punish me, right?

The Inner Geek said...

Judging by the righteous indignation in his comments, I'd say you have a good spanking coming.

Purgatus said...

Howdy Brent!

I still think there are a few decent builds that can be had from the screamer killer - though I admit I have not actually tested them I am not a total novice with the dex and think they have some potential.

That being said, I hope you do come back to the table with Ze Nids. I'm really enjoying them alot. There are some concessions that must be made to practicality, of course, but there is enough variety to keep me interested and of course even the "plain jane" Nids list is just not as common as say Wolves or IG.

Wyatt said...

damn dude, I got some old nids, and I would be happy to swap for the new ones.

AbusePuppy said...

There are ways you can use Screamer-Killers at particular point values. Warriors are a good choice at virtually any total, as long as you aren't picky about your configuration.

Hive Guard... are kinda necessary, but there are other things that can fill in for them to varying degrees.

If being super-competitive isn't your main worry, or if you play with lots of non-mech lists, 'Nids can be just fine. It's only at the upper tiers that they really start to suffer.

idget said...

Nids for counts as space wolves.
I say good sir, what is the meaning of this?
One can only feel that you desire to actually win a game!
Could you please explain yourself?


SinSynn said...

I'd like to thank my moms, who taught me everything I know about guilt....
"Ok, mom- I'm going out to play with my friends! Uh, you want me to turn the light on? It's kinda dim in here and you're trying to read....."
"No, sweety. Your father and I have to pay for your education, and electricity is expensive. You go play with your friends- I'll sit in the dark.....alone...."
Man- she was GOOD....

Why'd it hafta be Wolves?
It's like I just found out one of my favorite athletes became a crack addict....

That being said....do yer thing, Brent. It's supposed to be a fun game, and if you're not having fun what's the point, right?
I'll get over it *sniffle*

Half-hearted hugs...but always a full groping!

idget said...

At least it's not Space-Goat-Wolf-Knights-Angels Chocolate-Sprinkles...
Nah I love you both >8)
Very much so...


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