Brotherhood Update: Troops on the Table, Part II

I'm finished putting together the 2nd Grey Hunters squad and all three Long Fangs.  (I haven't put thought into suitable 'Brotherhood' versions of Space Wolf titles.)

Most of these are still on the paint stick, where they'll stay until the primary color has been applied, that is until they're all Brotherhood Gold; point is, it makes it difficult to take pictures!  Also note there is still some minor fixes and mold lines to hit.

The overarching theme of the Brotherhood is that of disparate Warbands led by Champions.  Each squad has its own unique look in the army; that's obvious if you compare this squad to the one I posted yesterday.

The Melta Gun is the only model in this squad that doesn't share the same torso; my thought was he needs extra armor to protect him from a faulty weapon, which at some point burned his face up but good!

Here are the Long Fangs, each with its own version of a Missile Launcher, among other details.

And that's that!  As I type this, I'm putting the finishing details on the last of a trio of Rune Priests.  I should have them pictured tomorrow.


The Inner Geek said...

I really like the whole warbands theme. This batch today definitely have a different feel to them than the ones you posted previously. I think I like these better. Especially the guy with the parchment.

Evil Homer said...

They look like Chaos space marines.

Brent said...

Says you!

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

not just him

Brent said...

Says you, too!

You guys aren't dense, you know what I'm doing and you know why I'm doing it. I'm enjoying working on this army and, let's be honest, it wouldn't be the first time I liked something you hated.

To each their own.

Regarding the Chaos look, I guess there's no way to avoid that. I'm not using the distinctive Chaos heads with the distinctive profile. I'm not using anything with a Chaos Star or an Eye of Horus or a symbol of any of the four Powers.

All of the missile launchers are Imperial. Most of the pieces in the 23 models you see in this post are Imperial.

Still, if you see Chaos I can respect that view. It's not like it's a huge surprise.

Evil Homer said...

I know why you doing it, I don't really get it, but hey, whatever. The whole vibe of the project though is that its chaos. Whether the Eye of Horus or star is present, armor trim with spikes, sharp spokes is iconic 40k Chaos.

This is doubly true when spread across a whole army. You can get away with using some chaos heads, select chaos parts and still not be in the Chaos aesthetic but sitting across from this army, one is likely to perceive it as Chaos on first blush.

Now that's fine. I don't generally have the same kind of hang-ups as others do about counts-as. To me if they all are armed properly and you tell me how your fielding the army I can live with that.

To a new player though, or a fluff-obsessed player, or to players who have different feelings about counts-as it's an entirely separate issue.

I really wish you had used the same design decision and aesthetic you had used on your original 13th company. I think it stays true to your Brotherhood concept but stays well within the accepted bounds of traditional 40k fluff. Plus I really liked that army.

SAJ said...

Nice posing, and others will appreciate: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/blogPost.jsp?aId=16800105a

Brent said...

EH: I enjoyed the 13th too, but this is where I'm at right now. I can certainly see where you're coming from, it's just not where I'm at.

SAJ: I can't check that from work, but if it's the Wolf Brothers army that was featured in What's New Today, don't think I've missed it!

Story in progress... :)

Carlos said...

I like what you are doing, the old school missile launchers and the under slung bolters from the previous post are cool. I think your 13th company had the background story to support your modeling decisions. The chaos look is what you are going to have to deal with if you put any bits on the model.
As for the counts as, that is a sign of the times. With the competitive tournament scene the way it is, and they’re being so many marine players out there, interchangeable codexes (codices) are the cost effective way to stay ahead of the curve. What are you going to do?

Rodney said...

so I take it the guy with the melta is serving an eviction notice to the terminators in the land raider?

Brent said...

That's what it's going to be now!

Xaereth said...

Looks awesome, I especially love the old-school missile launchers from Rogue Trader- I've been trying to slowly gather a collection of old stuff for an army comprised of those someday, but integration into your 'every squad is unique' army is an awesome idea too!

Do you have any idea when this army will be 'playable' at tournaments? Do you have a goal? I only ask because if I didn't have goals, I would never get stuff painted.

Brent said...

Funny you mention that, X... this army sort of has to be ready by Wargames Con.


Still, I do operate best under deadlines!

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