A Question on Basing Models...

So I dropped a 15-minute miniature the other day and got some feedback on the base.  Feedback in, "Dude, that sucks!"  So in an attempt to shore up a weakness, I experimented with a few models last night.  Let me know what you think.

Static grass on basic rock; contrasting.

(This is an old test model I pulled out of the drawer to base.)  Static grass on green flock; no contrast.

The base that started it all; too busy.

This is actually from the same bin as the 15-minute mini, but yea, I see the difference now.  When I mixed another batch I used too much rock and changed the look.  I was pretty happy with this look.
So let me know what you think - if you have good ideas for a base, by all means drop a link or a comment!


Krisken said...

I can understand the criticism. You have these very interesting models converted and painted up and then it seems to be the bases are just grass and sand. It's almost as if you got bored by that point and just said "Meh, they fight in fields".

What you might want to do is spruce them up a bit with some bits or even some plasticard scraps to look like hunks of rusted metal. Make your bases as interesting as the models and add some variety to them.

The Antipope said...

To be honest I never really liked simple sand/flock basing since the "natural" colour of the material contrasts too much with the rest of the paints on the model.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

I personally prefer a static grass or flock over sand/gravel. I also throw a coat of wash over the gravel before I put the grass down as to me unpainted sand just looks too flat. If you can spare even a few seconds longer you can dry brush it as well.

Of course my methods and those mentioned above take a bit more time then a one pot mix.

SinSynn said...

Dude, go check out the base that Lauby did for Tyberos.....
I'm a tad lazy (just woke up, no coffee yet, so no linky...
But you know where to look...

Hugs, gropings ;)

idget said...

Ho hum, hum ho...
The last one I'd say, natural, minimalist and fitting with your colour scheme... Maybe add some scorched/dead brass as well, but that's just what I'd do, provided I would actually get around to that stage lol.
I spend hours and hours painting as well as I can, but very rarely actaually base!


The Inner Geek said...

Of what you have there I'd pick base number one. I'd prefer it with some paint on the sand though. Unpainted sand on bases reminds of those movies where they try to mix real and animated characters. Maybe you can paint 17 minute miniatures?

Rob said...

Definitely add some paint to whichever base you choose.
I always think a nice base can make an average mini look good and a good mini look fantastic. On the flip side, a bad base really ruins a figure, no matter how good their paint job.

Overwatch said...

Brent I have a system for basing I have used for every army I have done and it seems to work really well.

Coat the base in Wood Glue and dip it in the sand. Wait an hour then use a Wash Brush and Wash the sand with Devlan Mud, let it dry a couple of hours or overnight. Dry Brush with Elf Flesh. Depending on the weather it can be quick, it is easy, and it looks good. Check out any of my Armies on Dakka or Capture and Control.

Lauby said...

paint the damn sand, Brent.

You've got this really neat and unique painting style and then you you base it like its a model railroad set. The transition to stylized model to hyper-realistic ground is really jarring and it harms your models' overall look.

The skull head guy has the best base, but even then, he looks like he's standing in a sandbox... and probably not to far away form the top half of a cobra commander and a Tonka Backhoe.

Brian said...

I've got to ask, has anyone every just cleaned up the base after painting the minis to be straight black and plain? It's what I'm considering doing.

Evil Homer said...

@ Brian-The problem is some tournaments require paint and basing for paint points. Something easier that all this is to use textured plastic card like a 1/8" squares or diamond plate and paint as appropriate.

inquisitor_dunn said...

Painted sand aways looks better. It makes the grass pop out better.

Personaly I like resin bases. I'm moving away from reguluar ones more and more. They are like a second model.

Rodney said...

I think I like the first and last ones the best. Reading these comments is making me consider my basing some more. Its normally just some gravel that I got from the parking lot at work that has worked nice with my army's urban theme.

I saw a plasticard suggestion which sounded neat but what do you do when your army is on all slotted bases?

Evil Homer said...

Clip the tab, file flat, super glue the model to the plastic card. You can run a pin through the base and it off with a GS ball too if your really worrier about it.

Plasticard over the base (either flat or slotta) plastic glue the plasticard to the base and then plastic glue the model to the plasticard. I'll put something up on my blog in a day or two about it. It will be first tutorial I suppose.

RealGenius said...

Why, oh why, are you not putting on your hard basing materials BEFORE you prime your models?

Rodney said...

@ Evil Homer. Thanks for the info! I was afraid that it was something as painfully obvious and simple as that! haha

Evil Homer said...

I generally don't. I glue the model to the plasticard and then prime the whole shebang.

I've seen others paint there bases and everything, then attached the painted model and personally I don't want to deal with removed paint to get the superglue to stick.

Fuzzbuket said...

well the 2 baseing types you cant go wrong with are:

snow: spray white, add pva sprinkle bicarb of soda.

city: paint a city on base

how to with shameless self promotion :P


shameless self promotion for the good of others FTW :D

Color Blind Painter said...

Im of the opinion that a good base can make the model. A base can really set the tone of it, and make people place it into a certain environment better than any paintjob. I used the city bases set from microart miniatures to base a great deal of my IG miniatures. these bases had rubble and metal pieces coming out and really catch the eye because they arent the same old black base. If I put as much time as I do into my models paint job, I dont want to leave the base a muddled bunch of colors.

Alex said...

The basing on your Brotherhood model kinda goes with the model, the style seems to go together. It's good, but not great. Go with number 1 - but paint your sand.

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