Comments Come Lately: Mr. Sensitive

The occasional 'doh-I-poked--the-sleeping-troll' article happens on Bell sometimes - there are a ton of active participants and many times that more readers, so surprises happen.  Usually they're good enough for at least one really inept personal attack.  This dude has three names, much like a serial killer.

Because mouth-breathing is also a serial crime.

As an aside, rarely have I had an article that missed the mark so widely.  I wanted to write an honest discussion about MEQ and CMEQ, with a view toward chatting about what people see when they sit across the table.

I'm interested in knowing how much the overall look of an army influences people's perception of it.  It's a conversation that really interests me.

Instead Blogger was undergoing maintenance, so what was an easy 1 hour article turned into a 5 hour mess.  I couldn't upload pics so was trying to make my point with pictures that were already on the server thanks to previous articles.  Blogger finally shook down and I was able to get something up.

By that time, I'd finished the rewrite, but thought the original idea was superior.  Being two hours past my bedtime, I thought, "I can bang this out quick!" then proceeded to play Dr. Frankenstein with all the parts...

...creating a monster.

I wouldn't admit it there - why give someone ammo - but I woke up this morning and read it over again while downing my first cup of coffee; it was a definite 'Oh, Shit' moment.

I don't think it was terrible, but God knows Bell of Lost Souls didn't need one more more Counts-As article, which is basically what I wrote.

You can see the skeleton of what I intended right before I was like, "Aw, I'll leave that in!  The audience  just loves Space Wolves Counts As armies.  I'm sure they'll shower me with whisper-soft kisses!"



Tallarn said...

I would say something about good intentions and a road that they lead to but that’s probably not the point. Personally I liked it and as I don’t normally read the authors beforehand I was surprised to find that it was you after reading it through. It wasn’t a typical ‘brent’ type article so I give you credit for coming up with something outside of your ‘normal’.

I thought it covered a lot of ground and in light of some of my more recent gaming experiences, very relevant to me. I hadn’t considered why someone was using ‘older’ models before but now that I think about it I have been a victim of ‘smaller hive tyrants’ in the past.

In summary: relevant and engaging thoughts > pictures. That’s enough sunshine up your ass for one day, now move out and draw fire.

Julian McPherson said...

I thought your article made sense, admittedly the models don't look that good, but it still made sense. I dont know why someone would make the models the focal point of their comment though, especially when your trying to create discussion on the article topic.

The Antipope said...

"wow, some peeps models suck..."

So, their models suck? Not the paintjobs or anything else? Just the models? Submit your complaints to Games Workshop then sir.

Anonymous said...

Brent, I enjoyed the article, hell I always enjoy your articles. Dont worry about those douchbag comments. It really pisses me off when someone throws insults over the web, knowing their pussy ass would never say that shit to your face.

Brian said...

The brotherhood looks superb (particularly the two champs and that cat who cast his lot with nurgle -more's the pity) and I, for one, enjoyed the article.

I don't believe there is a one-drop rule for chaos, though you might have a tricky time running them as GK or even Ultra... but my understanding is that all the secondary SM codecii-es are specifically intended to explore the digression and shades of gray (grey). And why not.

CounterFett said...

I left a favorable comment there. I almost responded to that guy too, but I decided not to even dignify it.

It was a good enough post. Not up to your usual standards, but that someone can say you have 'usual standards' means something to me.

Don't let the man get you down.

As an hilarious aside, my captcha is 'derfme' I guess it thinks I'm a derf.

KnightsofOblivion said...

It amazes me that some people seem to be unable to help themselves and are compelled to write some kind of douchebag comment ( unhepful critiques, inflammatory comments, personal attacks) that serve no viable purpose. As always, your measured responses are a lesson in razor sharp restraint. Your articles are always a highlight and you comments more so. Keep up the good work.

Dethtron said...

wow, that almost makes my own comment on that article seem somewhat useful by contrast.

idget said...

I liked the article, I loved the models. Sometimes, haters are just gonna hate...

SinSynn said...

Oddly enough, I thought you wrote that piece as sorta a 'Brent-y goof' to deliberately draw ire and get the comment count up.

A 'counts- as' article on the Bell is always good for 200+ knucklehead responses.

Still think the funniest thing on the Bell like, ever, was the Sisters of Battle article that asked at the end, 'So where do you see the Sisters going in the future?'
The first response was 'in the kitchen to make me a sammich' or something similar.

Oh, the laffs I had that day....

'counts-as'? Not so funny. And 'played out' as a flame war starting point now.

Hugs, Gropings...

Huh- the word verification thingy is 'fecess.' Seems strangely appropriate....

Color Blind Painter said...

This article of yours did confuse me something fierce. I couldnt figure out if it was a Counts-As article, an article about the differences or simliarities of Chaos vs. Imperial Marines, or if it was about the over abundances of Marine Equivelent Armies.

I might suggest next time you just go with the "Its bed time" approach and come abck at it the next day.

Cause we all know how BoLS is and the community of whisper-soft kissing members who love nothing more than tearing things down at the hint of something being off.

Anonymous said...

I had an issue with my attempt on making a marine army that your original article touched upon.

It started out as me painting legion of the damned models, a blister at a time. I ended up with two tactical squads of legion of the damned.

By the time I finished that, I grabbed some death company models when they came out, and with some extra bits ended up with a full squad of jump marines, and 12 assault marines on foot.

I split some terminator boxes with my roommate, and was able to pick up some skull shoulder pads from the chaos terminator, so now I have 10 assault terminators (5 TH/SS and 5 LC)

I also have some chaplains (terminator armor, jump pack, power amor), some razorbacks adorned with xeno tropics (a sword from a wraithlord, a claw from a carnifex, some lictor claws), and some dreadnoughts.

My idea was to have an army free of imperial or chaos insignia, but lots of skull marking to serve as memento mori. Some wings and blood drops were unavoidable, so I guess I am stuck with a blood angels force? It was dumb painting all those legion of the damned because the legion of the damned aren't in the blood angels codex...and I can't use assault marines as troops in a codex army.

This was worse when I had the retarded idea to use grey knight models with jump packs to be sanguinary guard. I thought the ornate armor was a good stand in for artificer armor, and there isn't any eagle marking on it. But everyone know the grey knights don't work with the death company or use jump packs.

Anyhow, apparently everything I did was totally wrong in creating a power armored space marine force, so I only use this army in the privacy of my own house.

Black Blow Fly said...

It is time to round up all the mouf breathers. Intense pain will be parceled out.


Messanger of Death said...

We love you, Brent!

Looks like BoLS is starting to rub off on your article writing. Might also explain why Kirby lost to Footdar :P

And yes I'm still alive. Just been bogged down with university and work. Once I've recovered from the after semester drinking* I'll get back into blogging.

Hugs and gropings,


*which will officially start in the middle of my exams... lets watch my GPA drop below 5...

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