Daemons and Marines Vs Blood Angels...

... a Team Game Battle Report!  Please note, I'm formatting the report in a way I hope organizes the action; let me know if it helps.

Today's Battle Report is the followup game from yesterday's Video Battle Report... and while you won't have cause to regret listening to the Professor's antics, I find I must warn you ahead of time that one of these pictures is so shocking, so outrageous...

...that I'll never look at my poor Horror in the same way again.  Click the 'read more' button to continue.
I can't assume most of you have seen the Video Battle Report: as much as I enjoy doing them, I'm aware the majority of you don't much care for them.  That's cool - to each their own.

For of us from the FLGS are participating in a Team Tournament at the Comic Asylum in January.  I'm partnering with Everyone's Brother From Another Mother Big Whit, whilst the Mighty Mighty Carlos is babysitting the Professor.

As promised, here's the awful evidence I promised - my Horror will never be the same!

It's hard to believe I wanted to take this man's Abnormal Psyche class.  (I couldn't, of course; it would have been inappropriate since we're friends.)

Each player has 750 points and has to meet the force org requirements.  You've seen the Blood Angels armies - and I think the discerning eye will notice it's a much stronger army, predicated on Descent of Angels and devastating assaults.  Big Whit and I used the same army from the first game.

For those who aren't interested in reading the Battle Report, I'll let you know up front the Blood Angels pulled off a decisive win.  It's a good game, well-played... and extremely well documented!  I had the Mighty Mighty Carlos' setup, so snapped off a bunch of pics, closely following the action.  Consequently, those who read on will find the pictures tell the tale.

Daemons and Salamanders Vs The Blood Angels

The pictures on the left are from the top of the round, me and Whit's turn, while those on the right are from the bottom of the round, Carlos and the Professor's turn.  We were going 2nd, which is my preferred option, but Whit wanted to steal the initiative so he could blast away with his Predator and I could Alpha Strike with my Daemons.  I didn't think it was worth giving up the chance to jump on objectives later in the game but chose not to make an issue of it; after all, he'd need to roll a 6...

So Bruce steals the initiative by rolling a 6.  *sigh* The picture shows the deployment; I drop in two Heralds and unload Gaze and Bolt from both at the 10-strong Assault Squad up front.  Bruce does the same with his Predator.  We kill the majority, but they pass the LD test.
The jump their Marines toward the two Heralds.  It's no accident that both are hugging the board edge; I wanted them there as bait for the Marines, hoping to draw them close for our long-edge counter-attack.
 Carlos' squad is still full-strength and kills one Herald.  He rolls (I'm hoping for a 1) a 6, and spreads out widely.
Big Whit is forced to move 12-inches to get a decent shot with the Land Raider.  He's only able to cover 4 models, using the Power of the Machine Spirit to fire his Redeemer's side sponson.  Between it and the Land Speeder, half the squad disappears.  I only get one unit of Fiends from reserve; they drop behind the central building.
 Descent of Angels.

The Mighty Mighty Carlos drops like a ninja, one element targeting the Land Raider and the second the Predator.  The remains of his assault squad also turn melta on the Raider.  The Raider is lucky - very - and is only stuck in place, but the Predator is destroyed.

I'd made a mistake with a unit of Horrors, forgetting the Professor reserved a unit of Marines. They come in on the extreme corner and destroy that unit.

He also finishes off the last Herald, and leaving them as bait seems suddenly foolish.
Whit and I gather ourselves and consider a response.  His Librarian hops out of the Raider, leaving a Scout Squad inside as reserve, then shoots and assaults the Professors unit with the assistance of the Attack Back.  In hindsight, the Scouts should have helped.

The Fiends rush the Mighty Mighty Carlos' two units of Marines.
 In horror, things go south.  The Fiends fail to pick off the Sanguinary Priest and kill... not so much.

The Librarian and Attack Bike kill one Marine but the squad sticks.
 After destroying the Predator, the Assault Squad jumps over and destroys the Land Raider, pinning the remaining Scouts.

(I forgot to mention, one unit of Horrors drops near the Scouts in the upper left ruin, forcing them to ground.  The second unit of Fiends dropped in the center.)
 Carlos' squad destroys the Fiends - leaving Bruce to wonder how that happens - and the Professor's full-strength squad hugs the extreme right board edge, looking to control the objectives.
The Horrors shoot the Scouts but fail to throw enough wounds; the Scouts lose a model but don't go to ground.

The remaining Fiends assault only one squad this time!
 The Scouts move through the ruins toward the Horrors.  The Horrors, to their horror, realize the Scouts intend to assault them.  Oh, the horror!

Carlos' Librarian and remaining Marines leap over the combat, hoping the Fiends are held up one more turn so they can help the Scouts and see off the Horrors.
 On the right flank, the Blood Angels Assault Squad moves up, continuing to force the Salamander Scouts back or risk losing the unit.  In this way, the unit controls space and the initiative of the game.
 The last model, a Sanguinary Priest, kills the Librarian with his Power Sword.  The Librarian wonders why he can't have a Field.

I wondered why Big Whit couldn't roll better than a 4!
 The Fiends destroyed one unit and went after the remaining, but the Mighty Mighty Carlos is playing for the win; he uses what he has to kill the Scouts in the wreckage of the Land Raider.
As was mentioned, the Assault Marines on the right flank are controlling space; the Scouts and Speeder can't approach too close.  Whit repositions.
 The Fiends assist the Horrors, and while the Mighty Mighty Carlos has models remaining, the left flank belongs to Chaos.
 The problem is the game will be won or lost on the right flank, since the large Assault Squad can control two objectives at once!

It's random game length, so Bruce and I try to steal a march.  The Speeder Boosts toward the far objective, contesting it - all the Scouts need to do is move up and contest the near objective...

...they roll a 1 on their run move!  Whit is great at rolling those. :)
 It was a longshot anyway.  Since Whit and I went first (see this face I'm making, Bruce?) any effort we made to contest would allow the Blood Angels a response.  The Assault Squad destroys the Land Speeder.

The Librarian, meanwhile, jumped out of the squad and engages the Scouts.  He means to hold them in place... wise, really.
 The Mighty Mighty Carlos moves up to control the objective on the left flank.  Obviously the Fiends can destroy them; just as obviously, Carlos doesn't care.  It keeps the Fiends from rushing the right flank to deal with the big unit there.
 The Librarian assaults, tying down the unit.
There is no route to victory.

Game OVER!

Great game, Blood Angels, and a well deserved victory.


Black Blow Fly said...

DoA... Dead on arrival .

Carlos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carlos said...

You're talking about the landraider, right. DoA is something that I have been wanting to give a try. I am ready to take the casualties and expect it. I think part of Brent's success is that he is on his opponent as soon as possible. It was a fun game. We will give it another try next week.

CalPerr said...

Not sure about everybody else but I prefer videos. They are just more, "fun".

OverCaffeinated said...

I'm a fan of the video BatReps as well. But, this was a very easy-to-follow format for just text and pictures.

Drkmorals said...

I don't comment as often as I should but I tend to prefer the written battle reports they always have more detail and insight into the battle and a person's plans. Video's are usually a generic over view of the game between turns.

Either way any battle report is better than no report. Keep it up Brent.

Big Whit said...

Brent,I thought we were playing 40k and not the blame game.

Carlos, we have a new and improved list so put the professor on a leash, because if you don't I'll lash him. hint,hint

Brent said...

Blame who?

I never sweat a loss. :)

Carlos said...

I wouldn't sweat that loss either. Part of it was some really awesome dice rolling on my part and some rather bad rolling on the part of the Whit :)

Big Whit said...

Leave my dice out of this, I have a dice cup damn it. yahzee bitches!

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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