A Quick Announcement...

...before Brent gets back.  He may yank this post later, but for those of you waiting with baited breath for the tournament results, here is an interesting tidbit:

Brent won 1st Best General.  You might wonder how.  It might have something to do with the fact that he is the kind of guy who almost misses the awards ceremony because he is sitting down writing the list he plans to bring to the Con next year.  Fortunately someone came into the Lounge and told him he was missing out.  I would have a picture for you, but just as I was snapping a shot of the victor, my phone announced it was full.  Instead, we'll revisit what is still my image of the weekend:

In fact that is where he'll find me when he finishes hobnobbing with the blogging and gaming elite.  Sitting alone in a dark corner of a hotel bar that doesn't even permit smoking, I write my last post for Strictly Average.  I'd like to think, after fetching so many Red Bulls, that he couldn't have done it without me, but I know that probably isn't true.  I'm proud of him.  He never played on the top 3 rows of tables, but kept giving his best effort and garnered an accolade.  Good job, man.  Congrats, Brent!  And Dear Reader, please don't punish Brent for this weekend's content.  He was a good friend to let me tamper with his project.  Hopefully I didn't break anything...

Herr Fernseher, signing off!


Carlos said...

Congratulations Brent.

HurricaneGirl said...

Herr Fernseher, I thought you did a smashing job keeping us, being those that couldn't or wouldn't attend, in the loop of the goings on. Thank you for your efforts, and being someone noble enough to be a go-fer for your friend.

Messanger of Death said...

I enjoyed having Herr Fernseher on the blog.


Chumbalaya said...


Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Ok, can I get a confirmation on the best general part. Blood of Kittens has someone else down as best general.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Brent

Farseer Tim

Brent said...

I won the Sunday tournament. I had the most battle points after the reset, so I'm pretty happy. I qualified to go on, but based on the way the points were being earned they cut the split a bit differently, taking the top 30(?) or so to compete for the big prize.

I won best of the worst... which makes me a happy man.

Tired now.

Venerable said...

Congratulations dude. Awesomesauce.

Mofreaka said...

Very nice job Herr Fernseher both on the blog and as a johnny on the spot for Brent.

The_King_Elessar said...

Indeed, excellent job Herr Fernseher.

Spellcheck says that can't be your name though, so I think you should have another word...

exoloon: Someone visibly crazy.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

What is this a Montessori tournament? So if you do like crap at the start, you still have a chance win in this tournament of other losers?

This is actually all I am gonna say about that. There are things I here that make me glad I did not go.

Brent said...

Say what you want, Louis - when have I ever cared when someone's spoken their mind?

Just don't drop a one-liner and leave it that.

So what if they ran a consolation bracket? How does that take anything away from anyone else?

I still beat a 3 digit set of other players on Sunday. That ain't bad.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

My problem is less with the fact that you won a mini tournament Brent. I think it is cool you were tops of the losers (yeah, don't try to soften it by calling it consolation) bracket.

Here is the thing that bothers me.

Why should you win an award as opposed to the guy who is lets say in 4th place (and more points than you) at the end of Sunday. I am not saying you did not play your best. I am betting so did he. Since he played better than you on Saturday (probably both days) why are you awarded and he is not?

Just seems to encourage sand bagging to me. If you want to compete, than compete. You don't see them handing out Aluminum medals to the fastest runner who did not qualify for the medal races at the Olympics do you!

I guess what I am saying is, cool you won a mini tournament filled with people who could not make the cut. Lets not make it out to be more than it really is though...you finished 31st.

Jwolf said...

What can I say, MMESO, I run a chicken-shit set of events. Because the only way to have a real manly good time is to have everyone stay in the main event, even after they are reduced to no chance of winning. God forbid we spawn an RTT event so that those people can actually have a more enjoyable Sunday event as well.

In case you can't recognize it, I am mocking you, and I think you're yet another "I didn't go, I don't know what I'm talking about, but your event sucks" internet jerk. So stay home next year, too. I'd hate for you to come and have a good (or bad) time and let actual knowledge interfere with your holy (and wholly unfounded) judgements.

Jwolf said...

There were a few multiple GT winners in the pool that "couldn't make the cut," MMESO.

And the person who finished 4th on Sunday did get a prize, and it was bigger than Brent's.

Since we do not give an exact cut-off number for the lower bracket, it is a bit harder to know how to sandbag. Yes, you could dump all your first 4 games and then play in the RTT with an advantage, but if you're good enough to gain much of an advantage, you'd be smarter to try to actually win the event. And if you're a mediocre player thinking the RTT would be clubbing baby seals, you'll get your just desserts.

Brent said...

Jon, I think MM(esno) is making a fair point... and certainly one that's going to be made all over the Internet!

I knew what was going to happen the moment I won. Kismet, baby! This puts me in a fantastic position for the discussion, and I couldn't be happier.

I get your irritation - and I think the MM(esno) is wrong, and I'm going to write a post right now explaining my position - but I don't want you to think he belongs in the same bag with other haters.

The Master Manipulator is a pure original and one of the very best guys I know. He bleeds this hobby and works hard to promote it. He'll never hide behind another, but rather speak his mind.

The difference between him and others is its not mean-spirited: it's an honest statement of what he believes. But his mind can be changed.

I like flexible minds!

I know it's hard to sort out genuine discussion from random criticism, but I think we can have this discussion for everyone's enlightenment!

Love and gropings, baby! Who's your man-whore?

Black Blow Fly said...

I thought Kenny Boucher won best overall in the consolation event. Anyways I thought it was a great idea and I heard lots of people saying they were very excited about being able to still have a shot at an award.

This was by far my favorite event I have ever attended. 5 out of 7 awesome opponents and excellent judges. There was a lot of really cool people there who wanted to have some fun.


Brent said...

Thanks Steve - I forgot Kenny's last name and I'm busy typing up a post on the subject.

I've got a ton to say, not least of which is a bit I'm doing on the WC.

Good stuff, mate.

Jwolf said...


MM(ESNO) has opinions and speaks them, good for him. I'm exchanging the opinion based on limited information game with him, and my opinion of him was very low until I got more information from you in this thread.

I had already had my fill of the "not run my way is crap" well before the event started, so hearing more isn't going to garner any respect for the opinions of the non-attending.

Every regular GT player I've ever spoken to about the RTT split-off thinks it is fantastic, which I think is enough evidence for my case. Even the coolest and most enlightened guy in a diner is still just waiting for his waffles.

Brent said...

JWolf: Makes sense. I'd hate to have someone piss in my Cheerios after months of work, especially when it was so obviously a hit with the attendees.

I'd be tired of talking too. Except that I'm never tired of talking, so I'm going to have that conversation!

Sit back and enjoy, mate. :)

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

JWolf: I was not necessarily trashing your event in any fashion. Just its hard for me to recognize a winner, that is not truly a winner. If you get what I mean. And I agree that it is important to keep as many people in the event as long as possible. If that is your intention, say so. You really did not have a 2 day tournament, you had a qualifier and two tournaments all in the same weekend. Own up to it and call it what it is. There is nothing wrong with that. You may have done so, but I never saw anything saying you were splitting the group in the stuff I read on your site when I was looking into buying a ticket.

Now, I was originally intending on joining Brent this year. His comments from last year made it sound fun, but work was not very cooperative. I even still had it in my mind to attend next year. Seeing an attitude of if you don't like what you see don't come is actually pretty crappy if you ask me. Perhaps you should try, come and have a look for yourself, then decide. Don't decry the haters. Hating on haters makes you a, guess what...hater.

As a side note, I don't know you and you definitely don't know me. I make no assumptions about who you are based off what I read from you, and perhaps you should stop trying to do that from what you read from me. Many people are not gonna like what you run, I learned that a long time ago. Spouting venom at those that disagree with you won't change their minds it just makes you look superior. Notice I said look, as I have no idea how you feel because I do not know you.

Brent said...

Louis: Yea, I think you missed it man. They did post the consolation bracket, just like last year. The only difference is they didn't do a top/bottom, 50/50 split like last year, but adjusted it up based on the spread.

I personally think that was smart, because they were reacting to the way the points were being earned.

You guys know me well enough to know I'd have much rather made it into the championship and taken my shot at the top prize, but ce la vie! I fought hard and beat Mech IG, Space Wolves, and out-scored Blood Angels to take the most battle points.

Kenny from the WC took Best Overall in that bracket, no doubt due to his great paint score.

Jwolf said...


Except that I don't run a qualifier and two separate tournaments. I run one two day grand tournament and a one day rogue trader tournament. Everyone starts in the two-day tournament, but if their score at the end of day one is under a certain threshhold, they start over in the one day tournament. The grand tournament scores are cumulative for both days. The rogue trader is to provide more fun for the participants, and is still a larger field than almost any event in the country, so it is hardly an aluminum medal event.

I didn't ask you, I'm not going to court you, and if you don't like what you haven't seen, I honestly don't care - I have an interest in pleasing participants, not the internet. Besides, if your friend's word on the tournament being worth attending isn't good enough for you, why would you listen to me?

I'll let you in on how I feel. I feel tired. I feel disgusted by you denigrating your friend's and other people's success in the one-day RTT. I don't feel any respect for your position, nor do I feel like one person's opinion on any given matter is as valid as any others. I think it's fair to say that I do feel that I'm in a superior position to judge what the event is like than you, as I feel you have no grounds to make a valid judgement, whereas I've actually run it twice now and gotten a lot of feedback from participants. I do realize that many people think that saying whatever you want on the internet is just fine, and no one should take it personally; I am not in that demographic. I'll say nothing to you online that I wouldn't tell you with a gun in your hand in church, and I do take insults, even "not necessarily" meant personally.

Herr Fernseher said...

Wow. Didn't these comments start out with some love for Brent and his erstwhile stooge, Herr Fernseher? (And thanks for props, Boys and Girls. I did it all for love of the game. That and the free beer. Well, mostly just for the free beer, but it was fun!)

I'm sure Jwolf and MMESNO both make some good points, but as you may or may not know, details sometimes bore me (it's adult-onset ADD, I just know it), so I'll just say this: I've now seen events run by both guys, and they both do great work. (Thank goodness some people DO mind the details.) I sincerely hope I get to participate in more events by either party.

Herr Fernseher said...

Sorry, make that "BOTH parties."

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