Orks: Count Me In

So, unless you're just waking up, you've learned the new Ork FAQ is out, and the world just got a bit more dangerous.


It seems like currently the consensus is, at least on Stelek's site, my go-to for stuff like this, that nothing much has changed.  Well, when they're wrong, they're really wrong.  The Def Rolla now affects vehicles.  The Orks have a reliable way to destroy vehicles, up to and including AV14, that fits with the character of their army... sorry folks, you can't get away from the fact the Orks now have access to tough tournament options.

That said, I do not think the Def Rolla is Gork and Mork's gift for their boyz against AV14... d6 is usually 3 or 4 hits at Str. 10, and that's still only a 50/50 shot for a chance for damage, but outside of Melta weapons and Ordinance, there is nothing in the game that much more reliable.  It's more of a leveling move, I think - but that's good enough.

I grabbed this picture from Big Shoot dot Com, 'cause I needed an Ork pic and I'm blogging from class...

I'm going to attend Hard Boyz again this year, and I've been trying to decide if my Daemons are tough enough.  While I'll still probably put my trust in that which I'm practicing with, I've always loved Orks and have a huge amount of painting minis...  I might just go green again.

Damn, it's tempting...


Evil Homer said...

The thing is easy they're right, its not that difficult to to get those side shots at AV12. Eveyone can pop AV12, see how many broken chimera chasis I have littering the field after every game.

I think its gives Orks options, I don't think it really changes their game.

If your gonna switch make it quick....

SAJ said...

I know what you mean.

I had just about settled on Kanned spam in our build-up, trying only to decide between 2 Dreads &kommandos w/ Snik vs. biker boss w/ a biker nobz squad at the final 2500 level.

Now, I'm thinking "I was going to spend the dough on the new kanz and dreads, why not change the order to battlewagons..."

We'll see...

Brent said...

I'm not making the switch in the event - you misunderstand. I'm talking about the tournaments later in the year.

They're wrong, and now you're wrong! Not that hard to hit side armor? That's a generalization, but let's run with it. Okay, some cases, some armies, some options - but in most cases that matter to the flow of the game, the shots you're most worried about, come in the first two turns of the game, and they come from the front.

Besides, people who take one are going to take three. Betcha they'll line them up, with trucks on the flank for the save. It's what I'd do. Then march across the board and unload the ugly.

Evil Homer said...

I disagree. Not sure if I want to argue or not....Yeah I want to.

It seems most armies have a way to get that side shot in the 1st or second turn if they want, and most modern armies that can't get the side or bring the str 10 to nail the front or better yet both.

Additionally, those BW's, are any more maneuverable than anything else? Faster? So your'r going to drive around trying to catch AV14?

See here's my thing, I don't think a single FAQ ruling takes an army that is widely considered uncompetitive vaults them into the ranks of competitive.

Does it give them a new option? Yes.

Something your opponent has to be aware of? Certainly.

Does it change the basic dynamic of the army? No

Its still orks and delivery systems. Your choice bikers? trucks? BW's? its all the same and the same weapons that work against all other AV14 work against BW's.

If anything I see this making people say hey! Nobz are the uber now because the BW RULZ! Really?

Coming to a battlefiled near you! Larger craters from the exploding Battlewagons of DOOM!

Like sanctuary is Imperial armies taking allies, you get a new trick, maybe some new tactics to play with and that is a good thing. In my mind though it doesn't change the dynamic of the ork army over all.

Brent said...

You're sexy when you argue...

Know what this sounds like to me?

Video Battle Report!

Orks vs Imperial Guard!

C'mon Homer... you know you want to. If you're friends were jumping off a bridge, wouldn't you jump off the bridge?


Gauthic said...

I'll watch that (live) for a dollar!

I actually considered moving to Orks for the event instead of Eldar, but my pointy-ears appealed to me more than green (although I love the converting, painting and modeling of Orks).

I'd like to see you play Orks again, as its one of your fav armies.

Big Whit said...

At ard boyz last year my first round was against an ork player who had a big block of battle wagons 6 I think. It's hard to remember since most of his vehicles were homemade. He had a big mec with a shield in the middle battle wagon that gave the other wagons a 5 plus cover save. I came at his flanks with melta bikers and las cannon fire from a land raider on the other side. I only blew up one battle wagon from the bikers and he kept saving everything else. I also had a vindicator shooting at there front armour. This was a pretty frustrating game. Yes, I lost.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Yeah but Big Whit....nevermind its too easy...

Brent said...

Okay guys, dumb idea for consideration...

Mad Doc Grotsnik gives any number of models Cybork Bodies (5+ Inv.) for 5 points. That's the same price Nobs pay for Heavy Armor, which is a 4+.

Point is, is spamming that useful? Does it go far enough to mitigate the Orks' normally crappy armor while sacrificing the 'horde' aspect of the list?

Could Warboss Bumfinga's Metal'eads take the field and do anything more than die?

Evil Homer said...

4+ will come into play more often than the 5+. The 5+ might save nobs from insta death though. Might be worth it on nobs, isn't there a way to give them FNP as well?

Brent said...

Yup - the nobs can take a Painboy who gives them Feel No Pain.

Basically, I was thinking of taking a Warboss with Nobs on Bikes, upgraded with the 5pt. Cybork Body... that'd give them a 4+/5+ with a reroll. They have two wounds apiece, so I can play with the wargear and the allocation.

None of that is new, of course, but the idea is to create multiple threats with the Nob Bikerz, Snikrot and Co., and two Deff Rollas, backed up by the rest of the army.

RE: the rest, I'm thinking 4 10-grot Grot Mobz at 45 per, just for hiding on objectives, and a Boyz mob to ride in one of the Battlewagons. That's six troops (including the Nobs).

What's almost funny is the Grots can take a Cybork body for 5 points... that is, of course, a huge waste, even at 95 points for the unit.

evil homer said...

Personally I think the Cybork body in generaly is probably be a point sink. It might be worth on a single important unit, say nob bikerz, but beyond that not so much.

Snikrot is annoying but not much else. And here you are really relying on the reserve roll to make it happen.

Nob Bikerz were killed off by IG for a reason. I think Kan spam backed by Deffrolla is a better way to go.

Warbuggies and defkoptas I like.

I don't know if you can fit it all or not but Koptas, buggys, cans, loota's, deffrolla's, and bikers might make a doable list.

Brent said...


I think you're probably right, except I'm not that interested in Kans - I'll leave that to Simon.

I disagree about Snikrot though - his unit isn't that expensive, and a few burnas in the backfield can disrupt fixed positions. The reserves roll doesn't hurt 'em that much.

Gauthic said...

Zagstruk is my orkka :)

Mercer said...

Being saying for ages rollas can hit vehicles. It is quite clear in the rules why it can. I do not understand why it was FAQ'd for and why people said you can't.

Anyway, glad it's in the open and finally decided!

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