Necrons and the New Competitive

I've been excited - impressed even - with the Necron Codex since its release...

...but as always, I seem to disagree with the prevailing opinions available online.


I know, I know!  

It's an easy statement to make - since you can find anything online to support a premise that broad - but some of those opinions are from worthy sources, such as my friend Darkwynn.  Last I read, he contends the 'Crons aren't going to be (and I wish I had the exact quote, so this is paraphrasing) Top Tier.

And he's probably right in a very broad sense.  They won't knock Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, and Grey Knights off their perch... but do they have to?

As the Blood Angels.  As the Dark Eldar.  Hell, ask the Black Templars!

Or ask Daemons.  

There were those who said I retired my army due to Grey Knights, but for the record that isn't even close to the truth.  While there were builds that concerned me, only one sees the table with any frequency.  The other?  Not so much... though last I heard my buddy Evil Homer is building it.

So what?

There were always builds out there that concerned me!  The typical Vulkan builds were murder, 'cause they usually ran a Libby with Null Zone, a Land Raider, and a unit of Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield Terminators.

Is Warp Quake any worse than Null Zone?  (Yea.)

Still and all... I always figured, let them worry about me.  I'm the one with an army designed to take out Mech Meq.  For the record, I usually did okay, the worst setback being in WarGames Con II when I played one of the hard-drinking Boulder Colorado dudes.

Fun dudes to drink with, too.

Yup.  Daemons can still compete.  Ask the very talented Kenny from Next Level Painting, who won second place at this year's Feast of Blades.  Beating Grey Knights.  

And losing to a Double Raider list, darn it!

Was he rooting against Nick?

To bring the point back around, the 'Crons won't displace the big three, but they can compete.  And they have some tools at their disposal to make them murder some of the lists we're seeing in the current meta.  And they have a few broad things going for them that have zip to do with specifics.

1. They aren't Meq.
2. You're not going to see this army in anything approaching the numbers you'll see others.
3. And they aren't Meq.

What do I mean?

I mean it's why we hear about Footdar beating face; it's why horde Orks still represent; it's why the Card Pimp in Question won a competitive event with Tyranids...

...because simply everyone and their girlfriends plays Space Marines.

What is he talking about?  You mouth breathers don't have girlfriends.

(And why was I fired from Top X, Lauby?)

Xenos armies can safely design to beat Meq - because usually what will do well against those will do well against anything.  And if you run into an anti-design...

...play the mission.

You should be doing that last anyway.

End Part I


Oh, you want something Necron-specific now?

This whole Scarab/Swarm, Spider/Spam idea making the rounds won't last.  It'll do okay for awhile - surprises always do - but it won't last.

It's bad design masquerading as good design.  It's trying too hard.


Thor said...

Well said and I completely agree, as did damn near everyone who voted on the poll I ran on my blog about it.

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

I'm not sure the prevailing consensus is AT ALL that Necrons aren't top tier. The opinion of one or two among very many top tier competitive gamers isn't really a consensus.

Necron are Top Tier; they give fits most especially to your typical grey knight builds (especially psyfledread/psyback spam), and don't really struggle with guard or the like either.

There are plenty of things in the Necron dex that aren't any good, but ... the best Necron builds you can put together are very well matched against the top IG/SW/GK builds ... so, you go on with your bad self, but unless you think they're just "ok competitive" you're AMONG the consensus of folks that see them as capable of tackling just about anyone.

BdaGamer said...

As per normal a message within a message.

I have yet to play as or against the new Necrons but after looking at thier codex I know it will be an intersting match-up.

I think they have shaken the established 'norms' and it is a good thing.

Brent said...

MVB: Not sure what 'okay' competitive is, but based on the context I'd say no, I don't think that at all.

I think they're going to cause serious fits.

Thor: I didn't see that one - you have a link handy?

BdaGamer: Yup! Completely agree re: norms.

Brent said...

MVB: Doh! I reread you post and understood you point.

Really? I didn't know that. Most of what I'm hearing is not so much negative as not positive.

I need to get out more! Figuratively speaking.

Timber said...

I don't know if it's just the newness of the army or not, but I've been having great success with my Necrons locally -- and without resorting to any of the cheese builds (Scarab/Spyder spam, Writhing Worldscape/Tremor Stave/Orikan cheese, etc.) that are floating around.

Top tier? Maybe, maybe not. But they are certainly capable of making the traditional "top tier" lists give a lot more thought to their play.

General Smooth said...

Necrons are kewl and exciting because they step outside mathshammer somewhat and give more tactical options. but for those who like to see the numbers well the numbers ain't there. http://www.3plusplus.net/2011/11/guest-article-evolving-mathshammer.html

The camp seems to be devided down the centre. check out the comments below darkwynn's bols post. and then http://www.3plusplus.net/2011/11/gues-article-counterpoint-to-darkwynn.html

I think they rock and can't wait to spend money, I don't yet have on them. (drums fingers on table). my time will come though, oh yes! my time will come. haha, haha, muhuwahahaha.

btw any word on the bols competition Brent?

Brent said...

General Smooth: I'll definately check out those links!

Re: the competition, it's actually a bit more difficult than I thought. I've narrowed it down to 2.5.

(I know.)

I'll make a decision by Saturday though.

General Smooth said...

Kewl beans!

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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