Post 600: Thanks, and have some Bugs!

I've stared at a blank page trying to decide how to frame this not-so historical post.  After beating my head and countless rewrites, I'll just say this:

Thank you for reading, past, present or future.

Grey, white, and evil.
Thanks for comments, positive and negative - 'cause I read  and appreciate them all.  Regardless.

Thanks for following me around Strictly Average, Blood of Kittens, the Top X, and of course Bell of Lost Souls.

Thanks to Jawaballs, my muse.  (Sorry about your flowerbed - I'd fix it, but I had to run.  The sirens said so.)

Thanks to all the Bloggers, particularly those with whom I am close, such as Lauby, DT, Kirby, Synn, Goat, Darkwynn, Brian, BBF/GBF, Nick, and many more.

Thanks to the Warboss, who's always on bottom.

Thanks to Larry, for finally remembering who the hell I was, and giving me a chance to piss off a sizable percentage of his readers.

Big thanks to my local crew, for making me a better player, painter, and blogger.  I'm not unmindful about how much you guys put up with so I can do this.

Just, thanks.  Blogging is a big part of my hobby - and the hobby is my stress relief.  Honestly, it's not far from my mind... which is nice.  I love my job, but man is it stressful!  I can't take the kind of negative energy without an outlet of some kind.

* * * 

So what can you expect from Strictly Average in the near future?

Bugs!  That's what!

I went through a period of hobby apathy over the last few weeks - right after Feast of Blades, in fact.  Not sure why, since that was a blast...

...but my inspiration left me.

I enjoy my Brotherhood, but I've got two full Hunters squads with 3-color minimum... that just seems not to get painted.  I'm stuck and needed something else.  I toyed with the idea of any number of projects - all of them I'll probably get on with in the future - but it was this last week that got me back on track with a pet project of mine.

We've been playing lots of City Fight lately, which is just a fun break from mainline 40K... and I finally found myself just playing for fun again.

I started breaking out nonsense lists like Dread Stomps and 1st and 10th's - and just playing.  I've now wracked up my longest losing streak...

(I don't count the game with Big Whit, Everybody's Brother From Another Mother; his dice just sucked.)

...and I don't care.

You've got to admit, that's a pretty good mindset to take into my Bugs! project, right?

I'm out.  I've got some Hybrids to finish!


SinSynn said...

Aw shucks, Brent...we luvs ya.

Not-Brent is a bad egg, though.....

Glad you're returning to the Bugs.

I knew you had it in you.
Now if only we could define what 'it' is.

Wet, sloppy, sticky, tentacle-y Hugs and Gropings!

...and tell not-Brent I said wassup, I guess.
I'm sure he's passed out drunk on the couch...in his underwear...which are entirely too revealing...and are emblazoned with a slogan like 'Home of the Whopper.'

Black Blow Fly said...

Congrats on another stellar year bro ! It was awesome to play at WGC with ya this year.

Btw I am looking for a couple players to join my ATC team... Are ya interested? I'd love to have ya onboard bro !

: )


KnightsofOblivion said...

It is a pleasure to visit and you have never disappointed, may all the hugs and gropings you visit on others be returned with love 10 fold!
Thank you for your time and effort.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

This site is crap and all you write is junk......

That is all...

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Oh..except for the stuff about how great I am. That stuff is blogging gold I tell ya..GOLD!

General Smooth said...

Unsure if gushing should be encouraged as play with toy soldiers is a man's hobby not for little boys.

Only been tuning in for 18 months but to be honest the pleasure is really ours. If we didn't find it so, then we would likely go read something else. It's a testament to you that we read not the other way around.

So no ......... thank you! But if you still feel the need to show gratitude I just emailed you my account details in Zurich - knock yourself out!

Brian said...

You set a high bar, my friend. Thank you.

Incarias said...

Struggling with a good phrasing, so taking the easy way out:

Thanks for the good work. Yours is the only blog where I read every single post.

Messanger of Death said...

We love you Brent! Always a pleasure to look inside your big digital head.

HurricaneGirl said...

Hybrids? *ears perk*

Lance said...

Hi Brent, gratz on the milestone. Content is good and I like you site but could you please use a stronger contrast font. Blue on dark grey is very hard to read.

Brent said...

Lance - thanks for the input!

I have some concerns along the same vein, so I'll be making some changes pdq.

An Chay said...

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