Battle Report: City Fight 1500, Wolves vs Fists

I played the Mighty Mighty Carlos and his (Vulkan) Imperial Fists... and I'm just saying, one day he should actually finish this army.

Bjorn the Fell-Claw showing off the right stuff against the Imperial Fists.

Let's see what we've got here... it's a fight for the center building!  His stratagem is Medicae in the central building - there to the left - and mine is Ammo Dump in the building to the right, where my Long Tooth Brethren are.  (For the uninitiated, that's a Feel No Pain and reroll to hit for one unit.)

Here's my setup.  I've been trying to break my apathy by playing fun lists - something a bit different.  Here I've got Bjorn the Fell-Claw, the Ever-Ready Venerable Dreadnought of the Brotherhood, leading a mixed-arms foot list.  I've got two more Venerable Dreads - and all three have Plasma Cannons - two Thunder Hooves, and six Brotherhood Hunters units, five strong with one special weapon.  A Warp (Rune) Priest with Living Lightning and Tempest joined the Long Tooths.

The Mighty Mighty Carlos is playing a Vulkan-Fist - 'cause why shouldn't he use whatever special character he wants?  It's painted yellow!

There is a Librarian with eight Terminators with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields, two full-size Tac Squads in Rhinos, two Speeders with Melta and Heavy Flamer, and one unit of Sternguard in a Rhino with Not-Vulkan.  Not to be confused with Not Brent, who was recently fired from Top X.

The Fists move foward under the cover of smoke.

The Brotherhood advances.  Four Terminators buy the farm to Plasma fire...

...and I reach out on both flanks to put a Plasma Gun safe in terrain.

I laugh as the Terminators run - but it's only small comfort, 'cause we both know there is no Brother within 6-inches to keep them hauling *SELF-EDIT* - they instantly rally and are in a better position for their charge.

Shooting softens the left flank before the Tac Squad ties up two units in a charge.  Both of my units Counter Attack, and I should have done better in the assault!  One unit runs right off the table, but the other sticks... sadly.  It would have been no problem to shoot them down - now I've got to

The Terminators killed a Brotherhood squad and Immobalized a Dread, but they remain stuck in.  Again, I wish the Dread wasn't quite so durable!  I'll end up charging in with the Thunder Hooves, trying to take out the Librarian.

In hindsight, both remaining Dreads should have jumped in, too.  Instead I divide my strength.

Not-Vulkan and his Stern Guard survive a silly number of cover saves and jump out to beat me silly.

An overview.  Bjorn jumps the Tac squad.  Two Rhinos - one still with ten Marines - blocks off my access to the ruins, which is the only thing that matters.  I'll end up throwing everything at Not-Vulkan's unit, and they again make a silly number of cover saves. then beat me up some.

Oops!  You shouldn't be seeing this.  Carry on...

Trying to take out the Librarian.

The Hammers finish the Dread.  Those two Brotherhood Marines?  Yea, they're falling back.  Not-Vulkan said, "Why did you charge me, *SELF-EDIT?*."

Ooooopps!  Naughty Bjorn.  Nothing to see here.

Yea.  Not-Vulkan kills them all for looking at him funny...

...then dives into cover so he and the unit can pass even more saves!  I fire every missile at them.  No wounds!

The Mighty Mighty Carlos would have won in Turn 5 if the game had ended.

We would have tied in Round 6 if the game had ended.

Here's what he's got left contesting the central building.  I just have to kill them - no problem!

Not-Vulkan comes up short.  It's just those Fists holding me from the win!


One of the closest and best games I've had in awhile - mucho fun.  Ultimately, these two Marines showed why Marines Do It Better.  Nothing would shift them, not even a desperate assault right at the end.

Great game.  The apathy recedes some more!


Carlos said...

Super fun times. It was a great game and yes the amount of saves were ridiculous. The Imperial Fists are known for their stubborn defense. I look forward to the next game.


Drew da Destroya said...

I'm curious why you chose Vulcan to represent your Fists. Not trying to be nit-picky, but twin-linking flamers and meltas doesn't strike me as an Imperial Fist thing... but I don't actually know!

I guess I'm just curious if it's a specific fluff reason, or if you like the Fists, but chose Vulcan to give them a more competitive edge.

Carlos said...

I could BS you by making up something about how the Imperial Fists are adept at siege warfare and masters of defensive fortification but in reality the marine codex doesn't really do them justice. Lysander is cool as hell but he doesn't give the army much in the way of bonuses. Stubborn is cool but twin-linking and master crafting half the weapons in the book is hard to pass up in a competitive gaming environment. I like the old days of the traits and detriments system. I hate having to take Special Characters to unlock abilities. I hope the sixth edition codex changes things up a bit. I doubt it, but a boy can dream.

Drew da Destroya said...

I gotcha, man. I appreciate the non-BS answer! Twin-Linked Melta is pretty crazy, especially these days.

I've been looking forward with some trepidation at the new Chaos rumors, hoping that the Alpha Legion will be as awesome as they need to be, while still remaining competitive... but I just don't know if it'll work. It'd be nice to see a big Space Marines book that does something similar for the Loyalists... instead of just being Codex: Ultramarines and some other dudes.

Carlos said...

Yes, I am totally with you on both of those points. The legion book had better be awesome and if they can do it for Chaos there is no reason they couldn't do a Space Marine Chapters book. I wouldn't even mind spending a little extra on an extra large book. As long as it is all encompassing and all inclusive.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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