City Fight 1500pts, Knights Vs Noughts

Apathy, Part II?

 Evil Homer mentioned getting away from the Brotherhood for awhile; good advice. I'm stalled out.

Anyway, I've long toyed with a 1st and 10th with a lot of Dreadnoughts, and while I'm still a ways away from that, I did take a bunch of dreads to the store to duke it out with the Card Pimp in Question and his Grey Knight Purifiers in a City Fight bought.

My vision is a 'Shrike Force' with Terminators and Dreadnoughts, supported by Scouts with shotguns to grab objectives.  I don't have that put together - yet.  Here I brought a Master of the Forge, five basic Dreads, two units of Assault Marines with Flamers and a Sgt. with a Power fist, two units of Scouts with Sniper Rifles and a Missile Launcher... and lastly a Whirlwind!

((This picture is taken from the extreme left flank - most are taken from my side of the board.)

The Card Pimp is playing Purifiers - yea, Crowe is everywhere these days!  Four units with Halberds and four Psycannons, backed up by a Dreadknight with double Doom Fists.

The mission is occupying ruins, and in City Fight any unit more than 25% strong that isn't an IC or Dedicated Transport can do so.

I used the Infiltrate Stratagem to get my Scouts in a good position right from the beginning; with their low BS they need every round of shooting they can get.

I'd put out the barricades to give me something to hide behind as I move up - basically to protect me from Rending Psycannons.  Here's the left flank of the line, toward the bottom middle of the board.

Here's the center - held by two Dreads in the center - and the right flank, on the upper righthand side of the board.  Note the losses?  The Card Pimp shot me up but good!

So I'd suffered the round of shooting and my Assault Squads were seriously weakened.  Still, paybacks are a *SELF-EDIT*... but fun, too!  On the left flank, the Assault squad jumped in to position to lay down two flamers on two squads and Crowe - as seen above at 9pm.  Those units were already weakened by Sniper and Whirlwind firepower, but it still sucked when it came to assaulting what was left!  Halberds, baby!

In the center the Dreadnoughts crash through the building... and I roll a 1, turning it into Class 3 rubble.  My Dreads took glancing hits and one lost an arm, but the good news was the Dreadknight failed a rare check and stood fast, pinned.

(NOTE: I wasn't sure about this one, but the Card Pimp couldn't quickly find anything that allows the Dreadknight to avoid Pinning checks.  Sometimes it is best just to move on, but I went back later and determined this wasn't played correctly.  A failed Pinning Test forces the unit to Go To Ground, which a Monstrous Creature can't do 'voluntarily or otherwise.'  I'm of the camp that many games are played outside the book, whether folks know it or not.  It's good practice to go back later and sort out the good play from the poor.)

Ah, Greenman Designs does an awesome job on these products!

Regardless, the units of the right flank engage in a fairly brutal short-ranged firefight.  It left these Marines hanging out in the breeze, but the Card Pimp was forced to bypass shots at them...

and pitch bolts at the Dreadnoughts, ultimately destroying one (who is turned backward here and later removed).  In the next turn, the functional Dread runs forward to engage the Dreadknight while the Master of the Forge joins the Marines - who are surprised they're still up! - to take on the Knights in the building.

Here's the left and center battlegroups; the Assault Marines held out one turn too long, but Crowe leaped in and put away the Sergeant.  The leftmost Dread continues to tie up three Purifers who just can't stick a grenade on him!  The last Dread will soon bust through the building and jump on the Dreadknight.

Purifiers may be the best unit in the game right now, but it seems the trick is constant pressure, grind them out whenever possible.  It's tough, since it inevitably involved heavy causalities.

The Master of the Forge assists in finishing off the two squads hanging out in the uppermost building.  I've not forgotten the objectives - winning the fights are great, but the game will be won or lost on who controls ruins.

The fighting continues, winners pick themselves up on shaky legs...

...and march forward for more.  I comfortably hold three ruins, and the Dread above is at worst contesting the central building - now it's time to get units to less than 25%, that is, one model left in each unit.

'Course, he wants to do the same to me!

The lone Grey Knight rushes the Scouts, intent on shifting them off the ruins!  He actually manages to shoot two down with his Storm Bolter, forcing a test which the Scouts fail!  They run... but not off the board.  They'll rally and shoot down this brave Knight, rewarding him for his bravery.

Crowe rushes in to plug the gap!

The Marines leap over, using flamers to whittle one of the strong units left on the board down to two models.  The Dreadnought cripple fight continues.

This unit of Halberds was out of place to participate in the combat - they control this piece of terrain, but with the fight having turned ugly, it sure would have been useful for this unit to be a tad closer.

What, this still?

Ah!  Breakout on the line...

...and we're done.


Since this game yesterday, I've taken some anti-apathy advice to heart, putting infantry models away and taking out some tanks.

Traditionally, I don't like painting them, but unless some work gets done on them I won't be able to try the Rhino Rush or Razorback lists I've been wanting to play with.

The fleet has been painted through several layers, and now it's on to details - meaning I'm getting stuff done again!  Not a bad deal.


Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

If the Dreadknight was in a ruin that was destroyed he would in fact be pinned. The rules for destroyed city ruins state that any non-vehicle survivor in the city ruin's are immediately entangled whether they are immune to pinning or not.

So, in this case that is how I will rule it for the upcoming tournament. Even though a monstrous creature could not normally go to ground voluntary or otherwise, in this case the destroyed ruins rule will outway the monstrous creature rule. Something else to consider is that models in the ruins do not make a pinning check, they are automatically pinned.

Brent said...

Ah, that's probably where the Card Pimp in Question was coming from then. He had it right.

A question we had: My Dread knocked the building over trying to push through a wall. The rules stated the terrain became a Size 3 Rubble, blocking line of sight due to smoke and whatnot.

The question was: is this terrain dangerous?

Normally you go through a step where a terrain becomes dangerous, prior to falling into rubble. The CP was curious if the rubble would still have the 'dangerous tag,' though the book doesn't seem to indicate so.


Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Since we do not have any rubble I recently made a small change to how that will work.

The way it should work is the first result makes the terrain dangerous, then the second makes it rubble. We don't even come close to having enough rubble, and trying to explain how to count each building as rubble was needed.

Now, the first result will still make it dangerous, but the second will keep it dangerous and limits LOS in the terrain to 2". Otherwise the terrain remains the same due to lack of replacement rubble.

It is a small change that can have some fairly large effects with the way the current LOS rules work.

Home remedies said...

the basilisk in the metropolis attack because once the attacker is with in the least variety or 36inch its all completed. go for a leman russ maybee.

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