Deamons at 2500: Updated List for Review

It's important never to rest on an idea, which brings me to this army list.  I played an won Round I with Daemons, but currently I intend to take the Brotherhood to Round II - for a variety of reasons.

Still, applying my concerns about what I may have to face brought me to this army list.


(Comments?  Hugs and gropings?  He's getting predictable.)  


Krisken said...

I like it. I'm glad you opted to go for 2 Daemon Princes instead of 3 and reduced number of Flesh Hounds. I don't think much can be done to improve the list, being 2500 points. I'll be interested to see how your testing goes with the list.

Kraylen said...

I'm not convinced that this list is any better than the previous one. You gain two maneuverable close combat units which is nice, but I think you have to give up too much to get them. You're down three bolts from the last list which could rather hurt against massed mech armies which are still extremely popular in my area at least. You also lose the changeling, which is one of the coolest five point upgrades in the game, and the large tarpit unit of plaguebearers you had previously, which I've had great luck with in all the games I've used them in.

I feel like I need more information though. What are you expecting to face and what role do you expect the altered units to perform?

tzeentchling said...

Personally, I think three tzeentch princes with bolt is better than the two with the upgrades. I suppose it's slightly less useful against vehicles in combat and losing breath is painful, but you do have 4 heralds with it. That also leaves 10 points to do with as you please - perhaps the Changeling in one unit?

Evil Homer said...

I think you are going to miss prince #3 but what do I know.

Evil Homer said...

My empire for an edit button...sigh...

Why the hell are you taking your brotherhood instead of your demons? This makes little sense to me.

Demons is the army you are best with. Learn to really play the brotherhood before taking it out of town...

Bye the way, I'm in negiotiations to rebuild my Guard army. If you win, and choose Guard, let me know we can work something out on that other thing if you want.

Brent said...

I don't know that this list is any better than the last. I actually really liked the tarpit Plaguebearers unit with the Icon, and though I've always maintained an Icon isn't necessary to a skilled Daemons player it is very useful to have on a crowded board.

I'd take the Changeling if I had the five points, but in this build it's just not there.

Almost immediately after posting this I thought, "Er, Bolt probably is better than Breath on the Daemon Princes..." Still, my rationale is (was) that this unit would run in the Shooting Phase if it wasn't able to charge something. Breath is ever-helpful for a unit that plays up close and personal, and it's equally effective against infantry and tanks...

...why? Because though its awesome against infantry, a 50% glance chance is nothing to sniff at. In the parking lot games of 5th edition, I'm usually able to pick up two tanks.

The idea I'm playing with - the flying DP - has potential, I think - and a very specific purpose it does better than anything else in the army.

Any guesses?

Unknown said...

Bretn, list seems fine, but with exceptions - Daemon Prices. DPs in your list are really expensive, but still have T5/W4/4++ save.
I like to see Daemonic gaze on Princes. Sometime is better to use DG+BoT, sometime is better BoT+BoC.

Syaoran said...

Hey Brent,

At 2500 Points, dropping a DP is not a good idea. For the points, they are one of the best units we have. There is only 2 ways to run a DP, 1st (DP with MOT, Bolt and Gaze taking full advantage of the BS 5), 2nd (DP with MON, wings, Unholy Might, Iron Hide, Cloud, Noxious Touch with optional BOC). MOT on a DP is to help increase his shooting ability by giving him access to Bolt yet you’ve given him a template weapon which doesn’t take advantage of his High BS. A +4 inv save is nice, but for 215 point he could have all of what the 2nd DP listed above has minus the BOC. A +3 armor save with a +5 inv save would go a lot further then the plus +4 inv plus he would be amazing in close combat. I would highly rethink your DP setup. If you want to make your DP more aggressive then go with the 2nd DP option above. He is a killing machine.

To work them into your 2500 point list, here is a few ideas.

2500 Pts - Chaos Daemons Roster with Shooting DP’s

HQ: 4 x Herald of Tzeentch, Gaze, MOS, Bolt, BOC, Chariot = 520 pts

Elite: 3 x 6 Fiends of Slaanesh, Unholy Might x3 = 570 pts

Troops: 5 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, Bolt, Icon = 120 pts
5 x 3 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, Bolt x3 = 285 pts
7 x 2 Plaguebearers of Nurgle = 210 pts

Fast Attack: 3 x 7 Flesh Hounds of Khorne, = 315 pts

Heavy Support: 3 x Daemon, MOT, Bolt, Gaze = 480 pts

2495 Pts - Chaos Daemons Roster with Beef Cake DP’s.

HQ: 4 x Herald of Tzeentch, Gaze, MOS, Bolt, BOC, Chariot = 520 pts

Elite: 3 x 6 Fiends of Slaanesh, Unholy Might x3 = 570 pts

Troops: 5 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, Changeling, Bolt = 100 pts
3 x 5 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, Bolt x3 = 285 pts
2 x 5 Plaguebearers of Nurgle = 150 pts

Fast Attack: 9 Flesh Hounds of Khorne, = 135 pts

Heavy Support: 3 x Daemon Prince, Flight, Iron Hide, MON, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Breath of Chaos = 735 pts

Syaoran said...

On a final note, I've watch most of your battle reports you've posted and I don't understand why you've rethinking your proven list. Stick with what you know. You know how to play your gun tooting Daemon Princes better then most. Why fix which isn't broken.

Evil Homer said...

Cause he doesn't know how to leave well enough alone.

Darkwynn said...

Why are you not playing daemons? I feel like this is going to be the Eldar disaster again.

40K + T&A said...

Meh. You need a way to get more scoring units. Scenario 2 and more than liekly 3 will greatly favor numbers over firepower.

Try this list with Pedro Kantor making the Stern Guard scoring(so with Combat Squading, u get 16 scoring units and Stubborn army-wide, with an orbital bombardment as well, and a few extra attacks):

(175) Pedro Cantor
(310) Ten Man Stern Guard (Lascannon, Plasma Cannon) + Rhino
(310) Ten Man Stern Guard (Lascannon, Plasma Cannon) + Rhino
(205) Ten man Tactical (Flamer, Missile Launcher) + Rhino
(205) Ten man Tactical (Flamer, Missile Launcher) + Rhino
(215) Ten man Tactical (Flamer, Lascannon) + Rhino
(215) Ten man Tactical (Flamer, Lascannon) + Rhino
(215) Ten man Tactical (Flamer, Lascannon) + Rhino
(215) Ten man Tactical (Flamer, Lascannon) + Rhino
(145) Vindicator (Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, Hunter-Killer)
(145) Vindicator (Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, Hunter-Killer)
(145) Vindicator (Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, Hunter-Killer)

Agness Mumbi said...

I like this game.

40K + T&A said...

hehe even better with ciombi spam:
(355) Ten Man Stern Guard (PF, x3 Combimelta, x2 Combiplas, Lascannon, Missile Launcher) + Rhino
(355) Ten Man Stern Guard (PF, x3 Combimelta, x2 Combiplas, Lascannon, Missile Launcher) + Rhino

(245) Ten man Tactical (PF, Meltagun, Missile Launcher) + Rhino (Hunter-Killer)
(245) Ten man Tactical (PF, Meltagun, Missile Launcher) + Rhino (Hunter-Killer)
(255) Ten man Tactical (PF, Meltagun, Lascannon) + Rhino (Hunter-Killer)
(255) Ten man Tactical (PF, Meltagun, Lascannon) + Rhino (Hunter-Killer)
(255) Ten man Tactical (PF, Meltagun, Lascannon) + Rhino (Hunter-Killer)

(120) AC/LC Spons Pred
(120) AC/LC Spons Pred
(120) AC/LC Spons Pred

OffTopical said...

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