Hard Boyz: A Strictly Average Daemons List

What's there to say?


Krisken said...

I'm kind of surprised you are taking Daemons to the Ard Boys tournament as it seemed like you had decided to shelve them for the time.

15 Plaguebearers? Wowzah, that's a big unit of PB's. What made you decide on that?

Syaoran said...
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Syaoran said...

I'm over the moon that you decided to go with daemons, tho I'm a little surprised by your list. Your 1850 list is amazing, I thought you just add on from there. Using your 1850 list as a base, I would add one more chariot, increase the size of your horror units and add one bigger unit of plague bearers. I find at higher point games, screamers actually work really well.

Da Warboss said...

Why bother with daemons when GK's are going to be everywhere with their nemesis weapons? Stick to your wolves and leave the fun list for non-ard boyz

Quite_Thor said...

Hi Brent,
read your blog for a while but comment rarely. However, I really wanted to say this. Before I do though, two things. Firstly, long comment is long. Secondly, this might all be a bit personal from a bloke who doesn't know you. It is addressed to Brent the Blogger, a thing constructed only of words. I hope it doesn't offend Brent the Person.

Daemons. The codex is miserable. If I read things right, you took up the codex on the FLGS equivalent of a dare. You have then spent months optimising lists, practicing gameplay and, most importantly, losing with minimal shame. Until you didn't. And, apart from your engagingly personal writing style, that has been your fame.

But, along came GK and perhaps a touch of boredom. You took up Tyranids; the red-headed step-child of the 5th edition codexes. A new Daemons; similarly reviled, based on cc with minimal shooting. Brilliant.

And, this is the rude bit, sorry. You sabotaged yourself.

Tyranids need to be min-maxed in the same way as your Chaos Sprites but you fell in love with the models. Instead of optimising a second-rate codex you committed to the carnifexes and lost. Alot. Without the bull-headed hope that kept you going with the Daemons.

Now, I may be overstepping here but I sense a bit of disappointment with the Brotherhood. It is a perfectly good SW list but, unlike most of the tournie scene, you have not played Marines in yonks. In the end, it may be a potent list but you are probably 6 months of somewhat unrewarding work away from playing how you would like. And, given it SHOULD be winning (SW right?) that 6 months is liekly full of the shame and doubt that losing with Daemons isn't. Losing with Daemons is expected, losing with SW is a player failure.

So, what I have I got but criticism? To begin with, go easy on yourself. New armies, even good ones, take time. Secondly, if you do go back to Tyranids, optimise them within an inch of their lives!

Also, maybe a DOA BA army? It would be the closest Marine list to the Demons and might be an entrée you could win with?

Finally, thank you for the blog and the articles on BOLS. Always a great read.

Brent said...

Quite Thor: Offend me? You've seriously made my day!

I'm relaxing at home after a day at the store, helping the Card Pimp in Question practice with his 3-Fingered Fist of Death Blood Angels list. So I'm watching the UFC prelims (Rashad is one of my favorite fighters, so you know I've got to watch his battle with Tito tonight!) and saw a notice come up on my phone.

After reading your comment I hit paused and pulled out the Powerbook - it just couldn't wait.

Sir, I loved every bit of your observation. Every bit! I read it with a smile on my face, because you've obviously paid close attention to what's going on in my little corner of Ye Ol' Blogosphere and were able to cut to the heart of the matter.

I try to pursue truth, and if anything has made me a successful Blogger, I'd like to think my willingness to share the good with the bad is part of it. So what can I say? You're spot on, for the most part.

The only thing you're a bit off on is the Brotherhood. I'm actually in love with the army and with the playing style. I've obviously not done a very good job documenting the army's progress. I'm winning more than losing, and where I'm losing I'm learning a ton.

I'll spend a bit of time tomorrow chatting about the Brotherhood and where it stands, but let me drop the one angle I think will make it all make sense.

I was very, very disappointed to miss Hard Boyz last year. I worked hard to get my Daemons ready for it, and I fancied my chances.

But miss it I did, and with the meta changing combined with my need to play something new, I put my favorite army aside.


But I sooo want to have that moment! It would give me a great deal of personal satisfaction to play Daemons in Hard Boyz.

It's not too late to decide, Thor. I have to turn in my list tonight. Since you're an educated consumer of Strictly Average, I leave it in your hands.

I've got a wicked variation of the Brotherhood that will do well.

Or I have the Daemons.

Either way, I think I'll move on. And I'll enjoy it!

So it's your call! Help an Empty Digital Head out!

Paper or plastic? Er...

Brotherhood or Daemons?

Quite_Thor said...

Sorry Brett,
Blogger ate my comment and then would not accept them from my phone.

Glad to hear the Brotherhood are fun, might be the video of you banging your head against the wall that made me wonder otherwise. Mind you, Goatboy, it might be an internet tradition for you to have been unhappy.

As to 'Ard Boys, I really hope you went for the Daemons. Last chance to use them. A eulogy of sorts.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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