Bugs! Harpy Conversions

So there's no Harpy model but I want to use 'em - what's a Strictly Average hobbyist to do?

So I want to justify the insane resources I spent on 2nd and 3rd Edition metal Nids models - what's a Strictly Average hobbyist to do?

So I wanted to get metal shavings all over the living room floor so my long-suffering wife can step on them - what's a Strictly Average hobbyist to do?

So I want you to hurry this thing along - what's a Green With Envy Digital Ego to do?

I still have to smooth out the green stuff work.  That's an area I need to improve.  Eventually the idea is to build wings for the large set - what used to be Lictor claws, I mean - but I don't want to ruin the model by rushing that job, so here it is for the time being.

Anyone care to name all the parts?

This profile is exactly what I was going for, so I'm fairly happy.

So I didn't walk away from Adepticon Swag-Free... though there was a huge difference in what you got for pre-registering versus what I walked away with for registering onsite.

I'm not sure if I was supposed to keep the Team Tournament T-Shirt, but since I'm quasi-stalking Greg Sparks in my spare time - since Stalking Jawaballs Since 2009 is a full-time gig - I made off with it.

I suppose Keith could request it back...

The Ork Crom miniature was the one thing I really wanted, and thanks to Goatboy I got my grubby paws on one!  The Adepticon Beer Mug was a mini-prize for the Championship Rounds.


Erle said...

Looks great and... in style of tyranids. I love the resulting harpy:)

tzeentchling said...

I actually really like those! Heck, I even like the Lictor claws without the membrane between them. Reminds me of Legion of Everblight's Nephilim Soldiers.

Mace said...

That is an amazing use of bitz in ways I would have never thought of! Pretty sexy beasties in all honesty.

The Inner Geek said...

Nice conversion work!

And note to self. If you ever make to Adepticon... pre-register.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

So did you use the same steps you used on your storm raven...

Step 1: Get a bag

Step 2: Insert parts

Step 3: Pour glue in said bag

Step 4: Shake well

Anonymous said...

you can keep the shirt.


Real Keith said...

No you can't! Give it back!
The real Keith

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I like em - they look cool to me. I am tired of seeing these huge - I hate str 10 hits bugs. These guys shouldn't be so big - and these look like cool aggressive monsters.

Good job - so how many more weeks of Adepticon are we going to get article wise? :)

keith said...

If you are the real Keith what color of underwear do i have on?

thanks for showing the shirt


Real Keith said...

Well I'd have to say white transparent lace, with a small pink ribbon across the abnormally small wasteband

Old Grue said...

Lessee: Parts list
Photo 1
1st gen Lictor legs, torso, and blade
Metal Warrior Venom cannon,
1st gen hive tyrant torso and head
Genestealer plastic arm,
Tyranid harpy wings,
1st gen lictor claws

Same legs, and torso.
Metal tyranid warrior head
2nd gen (chaos) Harpy wings
Metal warrior venom cannon with matching arm
Lictor claws.

SinSynn said...

Dear lord, man.....you're like the Tyranid version of Dr. Frankenstein!!!!

Very nice, Mr. Brent. One Hug and 3 Gropings fer you....cuz...well, gropings are just plain fun....

Brent- if you get a chance, the 3rd part of my article series at Best Overall is up. I referenced you (cuz...well, who doesn't?), and I sure would appreciate some reads/comments.
Sorry to be a whore....well, not really...

It's here-


alex said...

Don't get me wrong Brent. I respect you as a good player and the internet nice guy, and I hate to sound like a hater (Warning: the fallowing comments are totally ass).

Not sure I'm a big fan of this Harpy conversion. Sure... it shows creativity, but isn't this Harpy a bit small? Yeah... since GW don't have a model for it, we have to model and convert. But this model here can take cover save so easily compare to what the fluff suggest. Feels like a dick move.

With this model, you can pull off wins and tactic that the general public couldn't with the same list. Yes, not being the same player, skill level is not even, but this Harpy here surely will get more cover saves and get LOS advantage compare to a Trygon size Harpy.


Luke said...

So, Alex, are you saying that my Tyranid Warriors on Reaver Jebikes are gonna be too small to be count's as Harpies? That's a shame. I was really looking forward to freaking people out with those...

alex said...


Not sure if we should start a count-as topic here.

I'm just looking at Brent's Harpy here. I want to start a constructive criticism here. If it's going to catch flames and hates, then I'll just say, "Yeah! Awesome model." (and it's true, the model is awesome, but so many people already said it, should I repeat more?)

Anyway, I know I will bitch about this model if I was playing against Brent in the final round and this Harpy won him the game due to it gets easy cover save more than usual. If you guys are cool about it, kudos to you. If there is sportsmanship, this is a good reason for me to take a few points off. (few being 2, I'm being generous).

Have you see the model of a carnifex head on the large base and call it the fex is emerging from the ground? Good story, bad excuse.

Modeling nids is a freedom, and getting cover save is freaking important, but model it in a reasonable way that your opponent won't bitch about it. I guess I'm just a bitchy person.

It's just a suggestion. You can ignore it by all means.

Brent said...

Alex: Sorry I didn't reply - I'm actually working on a blog post addressing your comment.

I loved it! It was a great question, well-framed.

It deserves a post all it's own, which I'll have up today or tomorrow.

Brent :)

alex said...


It's understandable. You are a very busy person.

Reason I would point out size issue since your first post of your Tervigon because I personally experience complains from my opponents base on how I model my own Tyranid.

I have 2 standard Trygons standing tall; they would almost never get a cover save when standing behind my Tervigon. For a long time, I hated it so I get 2 more Trygons and model them emerging from the ground lowing the model for that cover save (it's simple, just remove the tail and the model is already lower by half); I modeled it beautifully. I got nice comment that it looks good and beautiful from friends. When I took my nids across state to some new stores, I catch flames. I over heard people talking behind my back saying how I model the Trygon for cover save. What I did is a douchebag move.

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