Adepticon: On People and Forthcoming Material

Well folks, I'm exhausted.

(Click HERE to see the leaked Tomb Kings pics.  I was really worried they'd replace all my stuff - like Chariots and Skeletons; you know, the basics - but it seems I'll just have to invest in the new unit types.  I'm so there!)

I went to work today despite an overwhelming lack of sleep.  Saturday I got two hours, and only about four on Sunday.  Yesterday I got home late after traveling all day from Chicago...

I had a front-row seat for the finals!  Seriously, the place soon filled up, but the Independent Characters Podcast let me help out with analysis of the game.  Interestingly, I called it fairly early - I'm not sure if they aired that or not though.

...and yes, we're aware others are beating us to the punch on Adepticon material!  TastyTaste covers tournaments as they happen, and others were able to get their blogs rolling earlier than we poor Texan types.  The Back 40K comes to mind - Sandwyrm has posted some pretty great content, so go check it out!

I have a bunch of that sort of stuff, but frankly it's kind of pointless when others have already done it.  And done it better, to be honest - ol' Sandy did a great job.

When did he sleep?  Ah well, Indiana is a lot closer than Texas!  We were reading updates on smartphones all the way home!

He seems like a nice guy, by the way.  He arranged a game with Dethtron, who I was hanging out with, so I had to meet him.

I also got to meet BSMoove, Reecius, Hulksmash, Redbeard, and numerous others I'm probably not thinking of at the moment.  The absolute highlight was meeting Dethtron... and that's saying a lot, 'cause those other dudes are all ichiban.  DT is a certified E-Bud already, but frankly after meeting him I wish he lived here in Texas (it's cold up there, so it's not like I can move) because I'd love to hang out with him.  He's wickedly funny and very chill.  The Flylords all enjoyed meeting him, because they're all secretly fans of the FNIF's.

I've told Dethtron that before, but I'm not sure if he believed me.

(Disappointedly, I didn't get to go to his Saturday night concert.  He went on stage at 9PM and I didn't get free of the Team Tournament until almost 11PM.  I wasn't happy about that.)

I didn't get to spend near enough time with BSMoove (another favorite), but I did try to set up a man-date between him and DT.  They both live in the same area - why aren't they playing some games?

There are a ton of folks I'm not mentioning, dudes who write for Bell like SpaceCurves, Paintraina, TPM BloodAngel, and BBF and guys I met at Da Boyz like Jay and Keith - the last being from my Team Tournament partners, the other members of the Greg Sparks Five.

Yea, I have the T-Shirt now, an homage to the dude who kicked the crap out of me with Footdar!

So while we're behind on content, I think we'll be catching up pretty quick.  Bell has stuff others don't, and we'll be running with it for the next however long.  I've got a ton of interviews, including one with Tony which is already up on my YouTube site.  It's leading the day tomorrow.

(Stelek couldn't have known, but by the time he was critical of Bell's lack of mention of the Champ we'd already had the interview and were working hard to get supplemental stuff - like Parental Permission, for one thing!  I'll go ahead and say here what I've already written for my article on Bell: I really, really liked that kid.  He deserved the win he did.)

What haven't I mentioned?  A lot!  I've got interviews with the dudes who did the Horus Heresy diorama , Mike Brandt from the Nova, and a handful of footage from teams at Saturday's event.  I've got super-secret footage of a new product that will be introduced soon, and believe me when I say it's a must-have!

I also have a spot with that crazy Battlefoam Bag Creature!

(Should I say it..?)

For what it's worth, I also got to sit front row for the three hours it took JWolf and Darkwynn to break the Grey Knights Codex... that was fun!

Seriously, there's a ton of content on the way, so you'll probably get tired of reading it before I get tired of posting it!


Rodney said...

Cool interview and I'm looking forward to the article when it comes out on BoLS.

Kevinmcd28 said...

speaking of blood of kittens why did it the blog suspended? I was reading while doing a final exam in bartending school as it was being live updated and then bam it got shut down....any word brent? ...btdubs nice job at the 40k champs

tzeentchling said...

How'd you end up doing in the championship round?

Thehod said...

Brent has skills that kill.

But honestly, he is a good player and he has had countless tournaments worth of experience with his army so he knows what to go up against and how to deal with it usually.

SinSynn said...

Hey, dude. Glad you had a good time- CONGRATS ON MAKING THE TOP 16!
People are all like 'how did Daemons do that?'
You better tell 'em, dogz.

Looking foward to hearing all about it...and I'll keep my promise to be nice to 'the Girl,' since you shouted me out :P

Congrats again!

Drkmorals said...

Congrats again for making top 16 and glad to see you survived the trip back.

Brent said...

I didn't perform that well on Sunday, to be honest. The grueling schedule caught up with me and I made some pretty crazy mistakes.

That's actually fairly unusual for me.

Not to take away from the dudes I played; at that level, they were all top notch.

I had a win, a close loss, and a brutal bending over, not necessarily in that order! Still, by Game 3 I was falling asleep at the table and I seriously couldn't keep the numbers in my head. Since someone else had already dropped, I jumped on the chance to bow out.

Then I sat down and helped cover the final game - frankly, it was all worthwhile after that!

The_King_Elessar said...

Congrats Brent, and I'll be sure to check out all the BoLS coverage - if it's good enough, it's worth a wait. After all, it's not like the 5-minute 'We Won!' post was remarkably good - just quick and slightly informative.

It was the subsequent posts on BoLS that carried the ACTUAL content.

In unrelated news, I'm fairly disappointed I don't have a quote in the scrolling sidebar.

Gotta work on it, I suppose...

Da Warboss said...

You let this snot-nose beat you?

The Independent Characters said...

BoK just hit a bandwidth limit and then got it straightened out quickly.

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