Strictly Average: Stalking Jawaballs Since 2009

There are some days that are just worth getting up for.  Here I was today, just finishing up my article for Blood of Kittens and trying to decide what to use from the stack of stuff for today's Strictly Average post when I caught sight of my banner... and it wasn't on Strictly Average!  Following it, I discovered Jawaballs had dedicated a post to good ol' Brent.

That's me!  Check it out.  (I took a screenshot just so he couldn't take it back later.)

That has seriously made my day, since everyone knows I'm his biggest stalker fan.  I've spent a lot of time standing in his flower garden peeking in his window making that joke over the past year and some, but he's always obtained a restraining order treated it with good humor.

In humble appreciation, I'm reprinting the blog post from BoLSCon 2009, Game 4... Brent vs Jawaballs.  Strictly Average has changed a lot since this post, not least of which is I don't dabble in controversy or E-drama anymore... unless it's funny!

Brent vs Jawaballs / Eldar vs Blood Angels



I just get a kick out of saying that. I think I’m going to stalk him… he’s a big-sexy Yankee type, sans accent.

What’s that you say? I’m married and strictly hetero?

What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China on Thursday afternoons after a brisk rainstorm you didn’t need your slicker for?

Mancrushes are in this season: ask around. And I’m always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Get it – cutting edge?


Okay, I’ll get on to actually writing about Game 4 of BOLSCON…

Game 4: Hybrid Eldar vs. Blood Angels
Chris has a lean and mean Blood Angels list whose fighting weight is actually 1750, so he added some units for this event. It really defies convention, fielding units and in numbers that are unexpected. For example, he uses only the free Death Company and he runs his marines in 5 or 6 man squads. (I’m writing this from memory, again not having access to the lists.) Chris has his own website and blog that are far more popular than my own, so I’ll let the reader (all 7 of you…) visit the Jawaballs blog for more details, but I’ll say that it reminds me of the Multiple Small Units builds in Warhammer Fantasy.

I’ve already said it was my favorite game of the weekend, but why?

I think primarily because it was a good match of personalities. I tend to match my opponent, unconsciously I think, so since Chris is such a laid back guy I was able to relax and just play the game.

As an aside, Game 6 was against the aggressive and energetic Joe Cherry, so we went after each other pretty good.

I like that Joe Cherry!

But I digress. This game also taught me a new way to play Warhammer 40K – it isn’t some secret, since Fritz, Jawa, Stelek, King, and others have referred to it on numerous occasions, but it is a paradigm shift, and one I had to see in action (and then test) in order to fully understand its use.

I mean, of course, the Full Reserve.

So, table quarters and I honestly cannot remember if I went first or second… how often can you say that? It’s because Chris reserved everything but a Tac squad in a Rhino, so the opening turns didn’t amount to much. I remember when he came on though. Notice this, my opening (those tanks of his are about to come on the board, but aren't on yet) and how I spread (my legs) out nicely (for him).
(Do I need the 'Adult Content' warning? Consider yourself warned, I like crass humor.)
This was a real surprise to me, and it shouldn't have been. It was the second of the major mistakes I made that weekend, and the one I walked into for no other reason than I was blissfully ignorant. On Table Quarter missions, reserves are available along the FULL length of the opposite table. I should have known this, I know I've seen it before, but frankly I play so many pitched battles - you know the type, 12inches on, the 'standard' - that I frankly wasn't prepared to see this. Chris told me this surprises a lot of people. Damn, I hate that I was one of them, because that's not a dodge-ball team you want on...
This is after his turn, and he managed to immobalize the two Wave Serpents, grounding the Fire Dragons.
The orange squad of Fire Dragons jumps out and wants to target a tank, but since my other shooting wasn't so effective, I turn by 9 Fusion guns on Dante instead. That's why his armor is gold, you know - 'cause I cleaned it all nice for him. Didn't do shit else, the lucky mug!
His reserve of Speeders drops behind my lines, looking to light up my Guardians holding the objective. This was a part of the army he added to bulk out to 2000 points. I actually could tell, since he wasn't as surgical with them as opposed to the other units. This won't hurt his feelings, me mentioning this - he knew it, I think.
We had a great fight in the upper right (from my perspective) board edge, mostly because I had to. It's where he came on in reserve and downed my Serpent, so I felt I had to engage him there to hold up his advance on my objective. It had its ups and downs, but I saw the wisdom of his MSU's... gave him some flexibility. The pictures don't really show it all, I'm afraid. Harlequins and the Avatar fought with the Furioso and Death Company in some epic duels. Good stuff. He kept Corbulo behind his units to offer support to all. I wouldn't of thought this was effective, but he wasn't easy to get to so it proved surprisingly so.
A wide-angle shot of... his crotch... damn. Ever notice that? Take pictures of the game table and someone's stuff is always there. Ah well, sorry mate - I'll edit the picture if it bugs you, but believe me nobody reads this stuff but me! Anyway, I'm outgunned here, but really I just wanted to keep as much tied up as possible, away from the objectives. I want to do the ol' Eldar Objective grab at the end. Of course, he knows that, Fritz being his buddy.
I really, really wanted to pay Dante back for making a mess of all my toys. You can see how Eldrad did... that's with Fortune! I think I killed Dante by the end of the game, but I could be mistaken. My Avatar was playing monster in the backfield.
So here's what it all comes down to! I've done what I can, practically cementing a tie! I just have to hold this objective... I shoot, but cover saves him, so I charge just to tie him up...
...and I lose combat, fail my Leadership, and he runs me down! Oh, the shame!

It was a great game - I had an absolute blast. I think I would have done much better had I known what to expect, but that's preparedness for you: he was and I wasn't! But I learn, my friends, I learn... You see, I understood the tactical reasons behind his deployment, and with speed on my side I can do it as good or better! Since BOLSCON, I've started reserving my entire army, every game, every mission. It's changed the way I play, and for that I thank you Jawa!

Ah, a simpler time!  When Bell of Lost Souls could call their event BoLSCon...


Jawaballs said...

Haha, no prob man! You are one of the dudes who keeps it real and I always get a kick out of reading your articles. See you at Adepticon?

Brent said...

Ya, I'm planning on it!

Hopefully the local crew will consider the trip; if not, maybe the Bell dudes will let me bum a ride or something.

Anonymous said...

Ha good report, kept it real

Darkwynn said...

you can always ride with Me Brent :)

Also Start talking about www.centexwar.com

Its a new forum for Central Texas trying to push as many people as we can to use it as a center for Central Texas instead of having all these sites that not a lot of people are using.

CalPerr said...

lol, you called a raincoat a slicker

Chumbalaya said...

Brent, you are getting man-hugged come November. Count on it.

Brent said...

Looking forward to it, Chumby!

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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