Painting Day: Update

Just a quick update.  I may have been a bit carried away adding blood.  Ah well.  These pics suck a bit.  I put the camera too close, screwed up the balance, and couldn't fix it properly.  It is what it is; more tomorrow.


Michael Hogan said...

How can I even think of painting when I know it is going to be a million times worse than these guys.


b.smoove said...

Absolute beauties. I like the blood as well. Nice one.

Brent said...

Mike - don't sweat it, man. Painting is practice. I spend a ton of time trying stuff out, then taking the hit when it doesn't work out.

Do it for yourself and let yourself be proud of what you've done. There's always someone out there better.

And a bunch of them live in my area. I have a hard time getting compliments at the flgs 'cause the bar is set so high.

BSMoove: thanks mate!

Michael Hogan said...

Haha, I know. It just amazes me how incredible these guys are turning out. And yeah, hopefully practice will eventually bring me even close to your skill level. Again, great job.

I also lied. I was painting (and continued painting) while I posted that comment.

Anonymous said...

The blood does add a certain something (specially to the flesh shield), but I'm not totally sold on the solid red shield. It's too "I'm Here, shoot ME!" Maybe a scab red/red gore wash, or a stripe painted in pink or metal done diagonally?

And MM(esno) mentioned lighting your colors with white. It deffinetly looks that way with the "Power Swords". I'd suggest a light (Space Wolf or Ice Blue) color to lighten the your Blues and Reds.

Sorry for the length, and I hope this helps.

Brent said...

He's actually wrong - I rarely lighten my colors up with white. I used to use a greenish-white when I was lightening up my colors, but that's probably why my tones were always similar.

So he was right for the wrong reason; I never corrected him.

Nowadays I'm using variations of colors, or different colors entirely.

What's funny is I'm using Ice Blue on the 'power weapon/fist' areas. :) The pictures are a bit off, so it's hard to tell. It's an area I'm very happy with.

The shield isn't done. I'm trying to decide on stripes or squares.

The Inner Geek said...

Thank goodness the pics are a little off. If I could see these in all their unadulterated glory, I'd be completely demoralized. As it stands, they only look fantastic... so I can continue to paint... poorly.

SAJ said...

Looking good, man. Before you added the blood to the shield, the pink and purple were looking kind of stranded. Now, everything seems unified...I don't know, working together instead of competing. Mas, mas...

Messanger of Death said...

I spy with my little eye an UN-DRILLED BOLT PISTOL!!!


Wivvinen - sounds like a wife cross some horrible nightmare... a mother-in-law.

Anonymous said...

Some of your best work, at least that I have seen. I think the blank red shield is crying out for some freehand though.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

For table top quality they look good. By far not the best I have seen you do by any sense. For me there are some good and some bad.

The good, although I normally don't like metallic marines I think it works here. The changes to the skin on the terminator help it a lot.

The bad, most of this come to choices of when/where you chose to place color. This can really have an affect on how a model looks.

First off I would consider some kinda accent color to use on the raised areas on the shoulder pads and leg armor. This will help break up the subject and really neutralize the bronze statue look.

Mold lines and gun barrels. I noticed a few mold lines that you have missed, and you should really consider drilling out your gun barrels. It may seem like something simple but it can really make a difference in how the model looks.

Color location..what can I say. You should really look for a simple 2-3 color basic and stick with it across models in an army. Think about how they look together and which ones will draw attention and where you want to place them. For example..the bronze color you have chosen for the model is a warm tone. Yet the blue on the weapons, the blue on the hose on the termie, and the pink and purple are all cool colors. They don't really work together for me as is.

Another thing is color selection for locations. On the power armored guy you have some mutated locations on the legs that look exactly the same as the large flat areas of the armor. To me it should have a had a variation on it.

I think in the future I may limit the amount I respond here. Although this is a good looking model I am confident that you can do better. Unfortunately I kinda feel like I see/say the same things repeatedly and it gets lost in the rah-rah of those think they look great.

Jennifer said...

Your right, MM(Esno) is hard to please.

But then again he is pushing you towards better painting so it's all good. I know you can take it.

So far I'm digging the paint scheme, and totally digging the shields. (concept-wise)

Brent said...

Ya, I agree, Jenn.

In my mind, it's a pain in the butt for anyone to hit 'comment,' then type their comment, then sign in, then match the verification word, then hit 'publish your comment'...

The whole thing is a monumental pain in the ass. I wouldn't use comment verification, except then I'd be hit by spam-bots.

Point is, I appreciate anyone's comment. I read them all.

And frankly, I pay close attention to the Master Manipulator (every store needs one)'s thoughts on painting. He's a pretty incredible technical painter.

I think I'm going to go steal some of his stuff real quick...


RonSaikowski said...

Love the look of the gold, but it seems like it covers too much on the model in some places. I'd almost like to see more details picked out in other colors.

That and I like the combination of older termies with newer bits, nicely done.

From the Warp

Brent said...

Funny you should mention that, Ron!

I just posted the most recent update. The Killteam is finished and I think you'll dig the changes...


maycatdecal said...

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Blair said...

These things are just beautiful. Slaneshi but with enough Khorne to smash face. The terminator is just awesome.

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