Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Finished!

Here it is... let me know what you think. 

Obviously the wings aren't done, and I think I'll have to greenstuff the magnet area some, but the model itself is finished.  That is, finished in the sense I can't do more without ruining it.  I can see areas where I could do more, but at my level of ability it would just be diminishing returns.



Tyler said...

No offense, but I just dont see how those wings could even come close to making that prince fly. lol. They just look puny in comparison. Have you tried the balrog or dragon wings?

Gauthic said...

Looks great, Brent! A little greenstuff around the magnets are definitely needed though. Just a little too mechanical, while it should be more organic in my opiniom.

Tyler: we play in a game where almost everyone seems to have psychic powers, travel through the warp to other planets and summon daemons.... I can deal with cute little Pete's Dragon sized wings to represent a model :)

Gauthic said...

Hey Brent, have you considered bending the wings a bit--making them look a little less flat?

Evil Homer said...

Your going to have to GS the crap out of the magnet sockets, the whole curved sunk in area needs done to make it look right.

Those sockets are meant to hold over sized pack exhausts and the have to be completely packed and sculpted to make the wing housing work.

I know the Pegasus wings are easy to work with and aren't so heavy that the magnets don't hold but they do look small.

The only small wings I've ever seen work with that model are the carrion wings from the Tomb Kings range and even those don't look great.

Bruce said...

Paint job looks great!

Bruce said...

Paint job looks great. Are the wings metal? If not you should think about making them look like Mike's D.P. that Larry has up at the store.

Jwolf said...

He needs a lot of Devlan Mud. Your Eldar painting is showing through here - Nurgle him up a bit.

Brent said...

Tyler, believe me, I thought about it. I've got the Bloodthirster in the queue and I'm curious if the bigger sized magnets will hold them in place. I had the option of something larger, since I'd originally intended to use plastic dragon wings, but...

I've seen Shannon struggle with making those wings work on the gaming table. They get in the way; I've seen countless games were he put them on to show you the DP had 'em then took them off again.

Also even the larger wings couldn't come close to lifting the DP off the ground. Too big. Too dense. I don't think it's possible, even if you gave him a wingspan a meter across; you'd have to add the muscle to support the structure and still probably have to hollow him out.

Not that your point isn't welcome or understood, but in the end I decided on something more workable than realistic. I think of him as jumping and using the wings to steer!

JWolf, I agree. Dark and dirty is my normal method of painting, but I've learned over the years at tournaments people always pick the yellow army. The flash made him look brighter than he is IRL, but I decided before starting the army to avoid mud'n'blood and toning down.

That said, I don't know - I may ultimately end up washing him again.

Evil Homer said...

and then I dropped the whole magnet idea and stuck the balrog wings on forever. Except for a few storage concerns (easily solved now) I've never regretted permanently attaching mine. And mine looks badass with them big ass wings.

Mofreaka said...

A movie made me think about one of the original comments(Bee movie), how the hell do bee's fly?? If a bee can fly so can a fat DP with half his guts hanging out!!

Brent said...

'Fraid it's not the same thing at all, Mo... A bee is small, obviously; the rules are different. Air pressure and gravity affect it less. Density is the main issue though. Exoskeleton is much lighter than skeleton.

Think about it this way - could an airplane get off the ground if it had to flap?

Mofreaka said...

Yes, the airplane probably could if it flaped fast enough!!

The Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

I have to tell ya...you show up at the store with wings that look like that..... its on!!!

The paint job is not bad, but I will withhold judgment until I see it in person.

Herr Fernseher said...

For many years it was believed that even a bumblebee defied the laws of aerodynamics. Personally, I like to believe that the bulk of my mass exists on another plane...maybe it's the same for you DP?

Mercer said...

Nice looking nurgle d.p brent ;)

Brent said...

To the MM (esno):

...I hate you...

Evil Homer said...

He's fine with that.

Brent said...

That's because, in place of a heart, he has an evil computer pre-loaded with Satan's flowchart.

You shouldn't talk Homer (at least not where he can hear you...). You're his favorite project. When you're alone at night and feeling down about yourself -


I think we should stake him now before the evil spreads.

Jwolf said...

Before you stake him, I'll warn you that we tried that with Mkerr. We struck him down, but he became more powerful than we could possibly imagine.

Brent said...

...I see...

...their fire has gone out of the universe. He is all that remains of their religion.

I must face him alone.

It is all so clear now.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Did I hear someone say they were gonna give me some wood?

I could swear that's what I heard!!!

Oh and like most people and their deamons...you asked me here....muhahha!!

Bruce said...

What's with all of the vampire crap? Have you lades been getting your panties wet over the new twilight movie?

Brent said...

I am SOOOO team Jacob.


No Bruce, just coincidence and my sense of humor.

Jwolf said...

So, I learned today that Wichita Falls has the highest percentage of smokers in the country. More than North Carolina, where they give cigarettes to babies instead of bottles.

So MM has been hard at work corrupting the youth up there, I guess.

evil homer said...

Everyone has to have a hobby, his isn't restricted to youth....

Brent said...

That's an awful thing to be known for, but it doesn't surprise me. This place is a sinkhole of evil, and I don't just mean the Master Manipulator (every store needs one)'s home. His wife is naughty at best, so it reduces said levels of evil quite considerably, I'd think.

I've heard other parts of the country are places of hope, where people enjoy what they do and spend time with friends and family.

As you've seen, my friends don't even like me much, but that's okay 'cause they don't like each other much either.

I'm considered the nice one.

Gauthic said...

Really??? You're the one who nearly leaped over three tables to choke the life out of a young child's dad when he smarted off (which at the time I wasn't sure whether to fall on the floor laughing or switch to defuse-a-conflict mode).


Yes, we're evil.... but at least none of our regular group smokes anymore.

Brent said...

That kid would have been better off.

Except for that, I've mellowed in my old age.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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