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I've borrowed some content from Gauthic, JWolf, Stelek, and Greenblowfly (doh!) today, largely 'cause I haven't had much time this weekend. My brother was married on Saturday and I've been studying for a major exam today - which is why I'm writing this at 5am. I had to take a break from the textbooks.

I've been following Gauthic's progress on his Dark Eldar with great interest. He's developing his Corsair/Dark Eldar look on the design strength of his converted Raider. A 180 spin and the voila! you have the prow of a ship.

In my post, "An Open Letter Re: Hard Boyz" JWolf posted a comment I've been meaning to highlight.

'... What is best changes over time, as the evolution of lists in a competitive environment naturally marginalizes the list that was best last tournament (or week, or yesterday). Building lists to beat the expected competition means making some choices that seem suboptimal in order to have all the right tools in the box. "Best of" conceptually tries to force every task into driving nails, which is great if you only have nails to drive, but 15 hammers sort of sucks for sawing boards and pouring a foundation.'

I think it's hard to argue against this, given what we're seeing happen practically every time a new book comes out. Anyway, the term 'Best Of' is a phrase Stelek coined and made popular on his site. I think it is useful to apply JWolf's comment to the 'Rock' armies, those lists that make use of a rock to smash the opposition with. This is my nifty little segue into Stelek's blog, where I found the following post enlightening.


Is it just me, or is he backing off the pedal a bit? I think his slightly more relaxed blogging style will pay dividends for him, assuming I'm not just reading more into it than exists.

And lastly Greenblowfly. I hesitate to include this at all, given that my last couple of attempts to give him fair treatment backfired on me. When I was searching my blog for JWolf's comment I happened across GBF's. He linked his blog here for anyone interested in his view on his game with Adam Trike, and more recently with my friend Bruce.


It seems he thought this site, which is all me (Brent from Wichita Falls, TX) was moderated by Bruce, a friend of mine. I'm responsible for this content: good, bad, or offensive. I commented on Adam's post about his rather infamous game with fellow WC member Greenblowfly, though if I recall I was far more offended by the moderator's shitty comments than anything else. (Adam had every reason in the world to air his views on a Wrecking Crew blog, but a moderator blasted him and did far more damage to the WC's tarnished image than any disagreement between Adam Trike and Greenblowfly - at least that's the way I see it.) Later, after having read GBF's response, I posted that link. Lastly, when Bruce reported he enjoyed the game he played with GBF at Hard Boyz, I followed up and highlighted those comments...

And I'm quite sure Greenblowfly will be happier when I shut the hell up about him! Like I said, no good deed goes unpunished; my attempts to give fair thrift to this man have done crap-all for him. So check out the man's own words, and I shall say no more.

But no press is bad press, and better infamy than anonymity!


Adam Trike said...

Heh, I thought we were done with this whole thing. Lots I could say... but I won't. I'm done.

Just wanted to clarify though- I wasn't the guy who posted in the WC forums. That was some other guy that the mod disrespected. I'm not sure I could post there if I wanted to.

GBF DID call me and Bruce douches on his 'GBF blog' on the WC forum after we had aledgedly 'buried the hatchet'. I'm guessing thats not what you're talking about though.

I'm writing a short response on his blog, and then I'm calling it quits to this craziness. This little drama has truly gone to far, and I'm very tired of it.

Adam Trike said...

Or rather, I would, if his website would let me, lol.

Bruce said...

Wow, that is a very strange blog, does anyone know what he is talking about with Stelek in a dungeon? I don't know, but it seems like he has issues with a lot of people. I have tried to be honest about this guy to show no favoritism, about what our game was like. I was hoping that it would give him some good press, but with my humor I guess it just pissed him off instead. Well, without any smart ass comment I will just say that I'm sorry. Hope everything works out for you, even if I am a douche. Being shoved up a smelly vagina is better than no vagina at all. Oh, and I can barely turn on a computer let alone moderate a blog. Hell, I've had to live vicariously through this blog since I don't have enough knowledge about the game to bore everyone with my own blog.

Bruce said...

Hey Brent, I'll be at the store Friday with my 1500 pts to give you a practice game before the tournament if your man enough to show up this time. Maybe you could bring your camera up there and do a battle report for your blog. No crotch shots this time though.

Brent said...

Ya Adam, I get you. I wasn't trying to drag you into anything and I hope you don't feel that way. I respect where you are coming from completely, both then and now. I'd drop it too.

In fact, I am. When I realized he had a blog I decided to go ahead and direct some traffic there. My blog is smallish but it does get some traction from Bell, Fritz, Jawa, Mercer, and some others.

My intention was NOT to irritate anyone, though I recognize how easily that can happen.

Bruce, I'll be there; I could use something new to post. I'm stalled out on modeling since I'm out of accelerant ('cause that stuff is genius).

Jwolf said...

Accelerant? Bah, I'm the only guy on earth who uses platic glue and JB Weld. :)

evil homer said...

no your not. Plastic glue for all plastics. JB weld for large metal models. My Greater Demons, Demon Princes, Crushers, and alot of Confrontation models are all held together with JB weld. Great stuff.

Gauthic said...

Plastic glue for plastics, but I'm still using super glue for pewter to pewter holds...

I'm still a neanderthal.

Jwolf said...

Superglue for pewter to pewter is great if you don't have a 6yo "model tester". My son quickly convinced me of the need for a more durable bonding agent; hence my love of JB Weld.

Green Blow Fly said...

I have a small laser welder I use to put together pewter pieces.

WARNING - Do not use to bond plastic with pewter.

By the way my blog is open for everyone to post and I did not call Bruce a douche. Shame on Adam as usual.


Green Blow Fly said...

On my blog... lol


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