Struggling with the BoLS Daemon Series

The following is a section I cut from today's Terrible Tuesday Bell of Lost Soul's article.  Sometimes you gotta edit, and this didn't belong, being interesting but not pertinent.  Still, it does explain my views on articles in general, so some few may be interested.

The Importance of Doin' It Up Right

Writing last week's article was tough; harder by far than any other article.  Heck, any other series of articles, or combine two or three of the articles that felt like birthing a True-Scale Space Marine...

...and none of them compare.  This is brutal.

Don't believe me?

For those of you who've followed the Terrible Tuesday (and yeah, sometimes it's Wednesday) series over two years and 97 98 articles have probably realized I closely follow the comments.  It's part of my style to avoid talking out a subject as an attempt to encourage you, Oh Faithful Reader, to take the time to jot a thought or three.  Following comments, particularly by those of you who do so frequently, is part of the satisfaction derived from maintaining a competitive slot on Bell of Lost Souls.

Last week, I couldn't even look.

Literally.  Didn't.  Look!

The day the article hit, I emailed Big Red and asked him how well it was received.  He obviously didn't realize how freaking paranoid I can be, as his reassurance wasn't very.  My concern was I honestly didn't know if it covered enough ground, with enough specificity, to be at all worthwhile.  

But why this one?

I'm of the opinion too many articles, editorials, and posts on the Blogosphere and Forums promise more than deliver.  It usually starts out okay, only to drift off somewhere after the third paragraph into generalist TheoryHammer.  Rules of Thumb and the like.  Or, even less helpful, the ever-popular Obvious-Some? drivel all dolled-up like it makes a point.

(Note though, the exceptions prove the point; there is some unbelievable material out there, just waiting to be found again for the first time.)

Too harsh?  Maybe; maybe not.  Sure, they can't all be winners - and God knows I've churned out some crap over the years - but the important topics should be treated with some respect.

Rules.  Reviews.  Products.

Basically, any topic that might potentially influence a fellow hobbyist into shelling out hard-earned cash is a topic upon which effort should be piled.  It's gotta be done up right - especially in a venue like Bell of Lost Souls, which is read by millions all over the world.

With this in mind, I finally got around to rereading the first article, published last week, and laying eyes on the comments for the first time.

Know what?  It was pretty okay after all.  Relief!


Ian Logsdon said...

I have been seeing a ton of bitchy posts on BoLS lately, and I don't know what the real problem is. Its ironic because there is serious hate on some of the posters (some of it justified) for posting articles that are about awesome lists that aren't actually that good, then there is massive backlash from another group for being too beardy and competitive, when in reality most of the lists I see are somewhere in between. Everyone needs to simmer down.

Zab said...

Don't stress too much. There seems to be a lot of very angry people commenting on BOLS. It can seem very hostile but that's the problem with forums - it's an easy outlet. I don't really comment that much on BOLS just because of how agitated people get. I do enjoy the articles though.

SinSynn said...

As always, Brent, I enjoy pretty much everything you write.
I can't stand BoLS since they reformatted it, though, and I really don't comment there anymore. The comment count seems to have gone down in general- there's barely 150 comments hating on Goatboy's last allies post, for example. He used to get like 300 accusations of being WAAC, at least!

That being said, I always tune in for Terrible Tuesdays (and occasionally Wednesdays).
Keep doin' what you do!

Krisken said...

I read the article and enjoyed it. I think Screamers are our best unit now, hands down, and I think that's where the article kind of glossed over.

Where you are perhaps tripping up is where everyone else is right now who is trying to write strategy articles for the new edition- it's too big. There's just too damn much to cover, even in a 3 part series.

You mostly covered the strengths, but I think you need to hit those weaknesses, which is our troops and dealing with fliers. Which allies fill in those slots best for us? Is it worth taking allies of convenience to do this?

You could do a gap analysis to help with the article. What do Daemons do well, which units do it. What do they do poorly. With allies, how can those weaknesses be covered.

Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

Brent said...

Thanks for the comments, folks. I do read, and it does influence the final product.

I steal all my best ideas!

Re: the Screamers, I love them and will use them, but I wanted to get firm on some rules before posting. Also, there is more mention planned for the final post next week.

Re: comments, there's no doubt they're down. I was surprised at how little there were today, so I checked. It seems to have been a slow day overall, but the percentage of readers to comments was still way off.

Personally, I blame the bots. Frankly, comments can be a drag to write, what with the BS involved in proving you're human!

volume pills said...

It's aspect of my design to prevent discussing out a topic as an make an effort to motivate you, Oh True Audience, to take the time to jot a thought or three. Following feedback, particularly by those of you who do so regularly, is aspect of the fulfillment resulting from keeping a aggressive port on Gong of Missing Spirits.

volume pills said...

The thoughts depend seems to have gone down in general- there's hardly 150 feedback disliking on Goatboy's last companions publish, for example. He used to get like 300 allegations of being WAAC, at least!

Gonewild said...

Some of the BOLS contributors of late have offered some very lack-luster articles- from beardy opinion pieces, to articles that amount to three four or sentences and read more like a Dakka forum post trolling for drama...

Your article(s) don't disappoint Brent, and you're one of the authors that contribute to BOLS that I actually enjoy reading- and return to BOLS to read. Your writing sets a standard that I wish some of the other contributors would follow. Keep up the good work.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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