Sometimes You Have to Shake Things Up

What is Bjorn's Shameful Secret?
Earlier this year I started work on a Space Wolves Counts-As army I called the Brotherhood.  I was really excited about this army... not least because I already owned all the models I would need for it.

The idea was to update older models with newer parts, taking the model of the 13th Company which I love so much.

Back in the day, the 13th Company were a huge tournament winner for me.  The only army I had trouble defeating was The Hoff's Iron Warriors 3rd Edition force - you remember those, back when they had four heavy weapons slots and gun line armies ruled the field?

That's not really the point, though.  The 13th are characterized by a combination of Imperial and Chaotic armor, a mixed approach I love the look of.  The Brotherhood are an extreme version of that model.

Yes, I'm turning my back on the Bugs! for the moment - don't shoot me in the face!
Yea, that means I'm putting the Bugs! on the shelf, a choice which earned wild hoots of laughter from the Old Guard on Friday.  They weren't surprised, I suppose.  The signs were there.

I have to ask though, why me?  Why am I expected to stick it out?  It's fair to say I'm loyal to my army choices far longer than most at the local level.  Counting backward, it was Daemons, Eldar, Orks, and 13th Company - and those four armies represent a major leap backwards in time.  The Eye of Terror Codex came out in 2003, remember.

I suspect it's because they see it as me throwing in the towel, like it was so arrogant to think I could make  the Bugs! a successful tournament army using the choices which inspired me.

For those who don't know, the entire reason I started collecting the Bugs! was the old Screamer Killer model, the original plastic Tyranid Warriors, and the plastic Hybrids.  That's the secret; I wanted an army built around those choices, and that proved rather limiting in the current meta.

The fact is, Carnifexes eat a bunch of points, and frankly there are better choices for the role they play.  Take that and combine it with the other major deficits in the book and it's easy to see how I talked myself into a corner.

I posted this picture a few days back.  I stared at this for over a week... and just didn't feel like messing with it.  

That's unusual; normally I do something hobby-related every day.  It's my major form of stress relief.

Since I wasn't working on anything, I also wasn't that inspired to blog.  I've posted over 500 times on Strictly Average alone - inspiration isn't a problem I normally have.

Bottom line: stubbornness isn't a reason to pout in apathy.

I'm not giving up on the Bugs! - I'm just setting them aside before I burn out completely.

The Brotherhood touches on a number of fun-buttons for me.  I can use the older models and parts I love combined with the obvious advantages of newer plastics.  I've enjoyed each model I've put together, since embracing the concept of Space Wolves' individuality.  The odd and sometimes off-putting profiles appeal to me.

 I enjoy modeling them; I enjoy painting them...

...and, because they're Space Wolves, I have no doubt I'll enjoy playing them!

I played The Ruiner of Fun Evil Homer's Dark Eldar army on Friday.  He plays a brutal, optimized list, which is the thing which characterizes his play.  I played my 13th Company - since the Brotherhood aren't ready to hit the table - and lost.

It was fun.  I had fun!  Not a bad deal, right?


Drkmorals said...

Having fun is supposed to be part of the hobby. =P Despite what the inter webs tells you..

Don't let em hate for taking a nids break.. Sometimes the best thing for any project is to walk away and come back with fresh eyes later.

Evil Homer said...

Like I said on Friday. You didn't give the nids book a real chance you went into looking to force models into an army rather than building the army and then go looking for models you like to fit the choices made in army construction.

You know my feelings on bugs, both the Farseer and I think there is a good list or two in that book that is going to take dedication to work.

I think in the fall, after Wargamescon is when you commit to making that army really work. No major tournament attendance, as far as I know, and a chance to really get to know the army. Like happened with your demons during the fall and winter 2 years ago.

Bye the way...My DE is not optimized-its got a bug or two left in it still. It feels good though really close. I think its a matter of integrating the Reavers into the list. I'm still getting a feel for those units.

Aleksi Lehtio said...

Don't worry about jumping between armies, I do it way too often :D . The thing is, if jumping from one army to another makes you more happy then sticking with one, then what's wrong? I'm also happy to see that Bjorn finally got some clothes on.

Anonymous said...

My bugs project has waxed and waned for the last 9 months or so. Right now I'm in the middle of an "on" streak, painting a bunch, playing a bunch and generally enjoying the little gribblies.

They are so very different from Marines - but that can be a good thing once you get to know their tricks and figure out how to compensate for their weaknesses.

Also - Onslaught is a hilarious power. It really shocks people when you use it and they don't see it coming.

Hope you come back soon, but I can't fault you. I went from 13th Company to Nids and you are just heading the opposite direction.

Mistress of Minis said...

Building any army from the ground up can run out of steam. People with single armies never get why. But for those of us with multiple armies, theres always the chance that a current project will lose focus to another army.

I call it Army Attention Deficit Disorder! Having the stuff for 16+ armies floating around, not to mention Warmachine, its always been eas for me to get side tracked.

Throwing in alot of conversion work to an army adds another speed bump. Ive been working on my Tallarn army for quite a while. Sure- I have 60+ of the old metals- but I want fancy custom plastics- so the sculpting and converting can go from fun to tedious after a couple weeks. This is all supposed to be fun, so switching which toys we're playing with happens sometimes ;)

For the 13th Company- Im right behind you there. I loved that list and have like 20 of the old payskool plastic wolves to prove it ;) Ive decided to roll most of my SM and CSM into one large heavily converted dragon themed SM army that can work as a 'Counts as' any codex I want. Im sick of having to try and get rhinos for 5 or 6 different armies! Consolidating my power armor guys into a single force will let me have more fun with the conversions since I'll know I can use them in my 'good' or 'bad' armies and I wont lose just becuase I want to have a chaos looking marine army out there ;)

Krisken said...

I guess it's time to
::removes glasses::
Bug Out.

At least the army looks chaos, so I'm down with that.

Rodney said...

Gotta say I love the looks of the 13th co. Sad to see the bugs hit the shelf but these guys look pretty gnarly and I dig it. Is this going to be the army you bring to tournaments this year then?

Da Warboss said...

You can run out of steam if your army takes forever to paint to a good standard...My Teal Hawk bike list is taking FOREVER (hawk turqouis is now making my eyes bleed)to finish. Almost makes me want to trade it....

Da Warboss said...

p.s.: Have you been using micron pens to outline those bike's fenders?

Mofreaka said...

How's it going Brent, I keep hearing you refer to Homers optimized DE list, anyway we could get a look see at it? As a current DE player also and knowing how well he writes lists I'd love to see it.

Evil Homer said...

it's not that optimized.

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Dark Eldar not dark elf too btw

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Mofreaka said...

I know I'm not a veteran of 40k like you all, but when brent says his bugs got beat by DE I can put 2 and 2 together that its not fantasy, and you used to say bloggers are elitist?

I also know that even when homer says it's not optimized it's still a pretty damn strong list. Just wasn't sure if he was going with one of the popular venom net lists.

Evil Homer said...

not a single venom in my list. Probably doing it wrong.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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