Two Warmachine Games!

No mystery here - I've been loving me some Warmachine and have been playing every chance I get.  Amon Ad-Raza is my current favorite, replacing Feora in my heart... at least for the moment!  The two will make up my force in the next tournament.

For you 40K'ers, Warmachine uses a sideboard, so you can choose which of two armies will face your opponent.  There's a ton of strategy in this, which of course I love.  Moving on...

I was struggling with an opening setup for awhile... and this ain't it!  Sure, the 'Jacks have to gain some space right out the gate, but Amon has to cast Mobility first and the Choir have to run in Round 1 in order to be in position in the following rounds.  I've since corrected this.

One of Sam-I-Am's supporting characters.  He helps control excess Fury.

Right here you can see my issues with the opening.  Amon is too far behind the 'Jacks to properly support them, and I'll end up wasting time in the next round repositioning.

Here he comes!  I hate the dog - it's the model that killed Amon the last time we played.  Here he's positioning the Rippers and the Heavy Warbeast to lead the charge.

In Sam's turn, the Rippers and Warbeast charge and destroy the Revenger (he's turned around - I need wreck markers).  They ignored the Repenter since he was in cover, so he slipped away and tagged a bunch of models, including the Heavy Warbeast in the backfield and the enemy Warlock, setting the both on fire.

I guess I was proud of that - not sure why, but here's an overhead shot.

Here's the rest of the round.  These pictures can be difficult to follow sometimes, primarily because I'm still so new to Warmachine - have I even played 10 games yet?  I don't think so.  Ah well - the rest of my army moves up.

Wow - this jumps ahead - I must have missed some pics.  Anyway, if you'll look at the picture above you'll see the action has fast-forwarded some.  Ultimately I was able to use my Feat Turn to win the game.  Amon and the crew tackle the Heavy Warbeast... and almost kill it, as I recall, but the game winner was the Crusader charging the Warlock and beating him into the dirt.  Mobility is such a fantastic spell - I think my opponent's just aren't used to that kind of speed out of 'Jacks!

So I pulled a win against Sam-I-Am and almost immediately jump into the mix against Evil Homers Elves.  Yea - I need to learn all these names.

Okay, as you'll see a big reason I'm not making this battle a separate post is Homer just got this army, so it's in bits and pieces.  It was a fun game, but it's even harder to follow than normal simply because the Myrmidons are in pieces!

Basically, Homer is using the Retribution, with two units of two-fisters who shoot and play push-me-pull-me games supported by two heavy Myrmidons.

My setup was a bit better.  I like having my Paladins forward a bit to play speedbump.

Evil Homer cast, "Get the hand in the way, why don't'cha?"

This is where I learn how annoying it can be when his squad shoots you, then moves you... again... and again... and again...

I'm cutting out quite a bit: basically, Evil Homer used his ability to move my models to open up lines of attack on Amon Ad-Raza.  He came close to getting him when he moved the protecting Paladin out of the way, and he intended on finishing him with a Heavy Myrmidon charge.  Rather than withdrawing and resetting, which I think I should have done, I took a chance and popped Amon's feat.  My light 'Jacks were meant to clear a lane to the enemy 'caster, and finally did, but the Repenter didn't have the goods to finish the job.  Effectively, the game was over.

Two things here: in the upper left, Homer uses Telekinesis to move the Repenter out of combat with the Warcaster.  Second, the elves which aren't engaged with the Paladin move into combat with Amon.

The Repenter now makes a nice huddle with the Revengers, but the real story is Amon is finally brought low.


tzeentchling said...

That would be Rahn with Battle Mages, I guess. I would think you would do decently against him because of your choir - if you simply make it so your jacks can't be targeted by spells, that nulls all his push and pull abilities.

Also, Revengers aren't exactly optimal to use with Amon. What you're mostly paying for is the arc node, and Amon doesn't really have a lot of spells to arc. Consider trying Dervish sometime! You can get three Dervish for the cost of two Revengers, and their attacks and mobility (with sidestep) is even better.

Evil Homer said...

yes he could have completely shut me down between the choir and the covenant. It was my second game with my Rahn list and I had only gotten the models the night before.

I like the Rahn list as my 'A' list but I think something with Ravyn or Kaelysa as my 'B' list with Stormfall Archers and either sentinels or invictors will forming the core. I have the MHSF Commander on order. If it comes in this week the MHSF and Commander will make my 'B' list as well.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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