Listen up maggots!

Here at the store we had our usual Friday night lights, except that this is the first time I've seen everyone so excited to get a game in. Since we have started our new army build up project, the guys have become really motivated. In my three years of playing this game most of the vets at the store just didn't seem to enjoy 40k anymore. It was like a job, or a chore for these guys. Now all of that has changed with the introduction of a ranking system and a new army to build up. Even the guys that aren't impressed with there army have a competitive drive that makes them want to be at the top of the pack. Going to the store has really become a great time again, that is if you can get over the card gamer smell!

What do you do at you store to fuel that competitive fire, or to stay motivated?

Blood Angles vs Tyranids, Dark Angels vs Tau,
Demon Hunters vs Demons, Space Wolves vs Guard

Here we have the space wolves last stand on turn 6. This was a very close game that had the wolves fighting like they had rabies.


Jwolf said...

We have campaigns and test lists, pretty much all the time. We do a pretty good job of having a lot of possible opponents, which makes it fun. And since there is a tournament almost every weekend somewhere nearby, there is a lot of list tweaking an preparation, so that helps keep interest up as well.

I think the #1 thing is that no one runs down anyone else's playstyle, army choices, or any of that. If you ask for feedback, you get it, but you don't have to hear from some knowitall about how to make your army better. we had one guy who did that in WFB for a while, but once he was shunned for a few months, he got the hint.

I like the buildup campaigns; we do that with new games and it works great (last year was War of the Ring and Flames of War). It tends to keep things interesting and that push from week to week is very fun.

Green Blow Fly said...

Trent it's spelt A N G E L S.


Gauthic said...

GBF, it's spelled 'Big Whit' (not "Trent", who I assume you were attempting to address Brent)

Typos shouldn't be evangelized on blogs anyways.

Brent said...

Well said, Gauthic.

Ya, that' was Whit's post; the Sgt. Slaughter pic is what he wants me to use as his avatar, so I imagine that was his way of claiming the post. I'm going to change it now.

I saw the minor typos and grammar stuff but discounted it. If Bruce wanted me to proof his stuff he would have asked, I'm sure. It's the web - not that big a deal.

That said, maybe there's a post in all this... I wonder how many care about that sort of thing? I know it gets brought up on Bell every so often.

...Trent? Man, I've not made an impression at all!


Big Whit said...

It was kind of hard trying to pay attention to what I was typing, and watching my sons cartoons. Has anyone seen yo gaba gaba? No matter what I do I just can't look away. Also I'm from Texas, we make up our own words y'all. I guess from now on I'll have the editor Trent, Kent, bellybutton lint, or whatever the hell his name is proof read my non-verbal crap.
Great stuff Jwolf, I don't see how you have time to even notice this blog with the monster that is bell. You guys set the bar pretty high.

Big Whit said...

Brent, please fix my typos for me and that's an order!

Herr Fernseher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Herr Fernseher said...

Rotfl, lol, n lmao. K, not really. Trent, Kent, 6ent Chez has a ? Caring about typos and grammer? I mean grammar? R u on 420? 2B an ass or not 2B an ass, that is the ? Golly G, Enlish is EZ. –brb, g2p. (drank 2 much T)

K, where was I? O. C, I think anyone who bitches about blog spelling, there stupid. Theirs a time for being critical about Eglish, and they’res a time to chill. ‘Course I’ve been likened unto L Duderino. WTF.

OMG. Personally, I LOVE morphing the language (Ex: in a past comment, bRENT, you wrote “It’s pretty rare I get caught out on usage.” I’ve heard “It’s pretty rare I get caught on usage”, and also “It’s pretty rare I get called out on usage”, but I’ve never heard “caught out on usage.” Now, I’m not saying you are wrong at all. I know for a fact you are better read than I am and have a better grasp of a broader range of English idiom. But even if you are the first person in the history of the English language to use the phrase “caught out on usage”, so what? Everyone knows exactly what you meant, which means your language is “A-OK” (whatever that means—get my point?). And English would not be the rich, expressive language that it is if people didn’t make shit up with it.

You wanna know something else? I know some commas go inside the quotes and some don’t AND that my style manuals are in boxes in one of three places and I don’t care to bother with searching the world-wide-wasteland for how to punctuate properly. (Dear reader, your shit is posted online; do you really think I should look to the internet for style tips? By the same token, my shit is now posted here as well, so feel free to discount my opinions too.)

Should we care about misusage and misspelling? $h!#, when you write be critical, when you read, be lenient.

Fucking word Nazis. I think they are gay. Not ghey. That’s right, I said gay. And I don’t mean homosexual, though some of those anal twats might be.
And for the record, I think the term “ghey” is gay. Mocking it makes me feel gay (I could specify “dictionary.com def. 1”, but hell, interpret it how you want). Play emoticon: “:)”
And letz NOT 3v3N 93T N2 l33t. The fact is, as soon as TV is offered via direct brain transmission, 1 in 6 people will get it. Then the remaining old school, caveman-style TV viewers will see glitzy commercials flashing on their antiquated screens all about their coolest “plugged-in” friends, and that’s when most of the socially/recreationally-challenged sheep will decide that they too should get the implants as well. And when that finally happens, the only people who will give a shit about reading, misspelled or otherwise, will be the remaining 1 out of 6: old cranks like me, hopefully living on a distant farm somewhere with a shitload of books and guns.

Btw, Capital wit, I wanna see yo gaba gaba, especially the episode with Jack Black. I hear he tears it up! (and, WIT, props for knowing where the apostrophe in “y’all” goes! You make Texas proud.)

Oh yeah, and to GBF’s credit, has anyone ever really “spelt” anything? I think he could just be having fun, the same as me! :D

&BTW, 0u812 was an underrated album. And now, back to my Guinness...

P.S. Editted for spelling AND mispelling.

Gauthic said...

Herr Fernseher: didja take a hit of cocaine before posting? hehehe

"I picked the wrong day to quit amphetamines"

Brent said...


For what it's worth, 'caught out on' was a deliberate bit of word-play. Knowing the rules means you know how to bend 'em, which I love to do.

Big Whit said...

Herr Fernseher, don't put gbf into a gas filled shower just yet. I do appreciate your comments and I Look forward to you coming down and playing some 40k with us. gbf just made a quick spell check, just like another reader had done before on one of Kent's posts. I mean Brent sorry. I don;t think that his comment was suppose to be an ass-hat move, it just turned into one accidently. I would like for us to try to jump back on the topic train please.

Gauthic said...

"I don't think that his comment was suppose to be an ass-hat move, it just turned into one accidently."

Actually it turned into a BIG one accidentally. Brent has MET this guy. Brent's name IS ON THE FRONT OF THE BLOG. And this guy in all his either negligence or intent has become an asshat and a prick one four simple words.

Brent has spoken highly about this guy in the past, but at this point I have no desire whatsoever to meet him.

To be honest I'm not annoyed with the fact he was being a grammar nazi, I'm furious in the fact that he doesn't even fucking care.

Gauthic said...

Oh and sorry about that (quite seriously, as you know I don't lose my temper very often) flaming rant on your article, Big Whit.

Great article, keep 'em coming :)

Brent said...

No worries Big Whit! I'll give your stuff the once-over in the future.

I loved Herr Fernseher's comment - I'm about to steal it for a post.

I understand where you guys are coming from, but I'm not that worried about the whole thing. I've met GBF once but I certainly don't think it was that memorable; in fact, it was Bruce that played him, not me. I like his ideas - hell, I steal them all the time! - but it buts me not at all that he forgot my name.

Regarding the 'angles' 'angels' thing, it's hard to infer meaning or intent to the written (typed) word, so I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Still, interesting topic.


Big Whit said...

You guys make me feel like Carrie at the prom right before the blood flows down. You really like me! You really like me! Splash............
Oh crap, I kill you all.

Brent said...


Mofreaka said...

Yes, yes im slow, and who is this Trent guy? Is he new to the cave? And if this is one of Dales friends I need some sort of heads up lol!

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Well officially...Dale is Trent's friend.

There you go Brent, we somehow created an alter ego that you can use to claim Dale. Does that make it any better?

Green Blow Fly said...

So is a Blood Angle what happens when you poke someone in the eye with a triangle? GO GO INSPECTOR GADGET!

I'm still trying to figure out just what is exactly a Gauthic. Maybe a Goth from Gaul?


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