Battle Report, Chaos vs Salamanders

It's been awhile since I've done a 40K Battle Report, largely because it's been some time since there have been two painted armies on the board at the FLGS!  Things in my area of the woods have been in flux, and it's more likely I'll bring you Infinity reports than 40K ones in the near future.

Still, last Saturday I got to duke it out with a new local, Spencer.  (Haven't gotten around to naming him yet - it'll happen.)  Anyway, I won't waste too much page-space on words; instead it's big pictures, little captions time.

I'm playing a basic CSM list, which I discussed a few posts back.  Spencer has a nifty Vulcan list, naturally chock full of Melta and Flamer weapons.

I won the roll, ceded first turn, and only kept my Land Raider with Khorne 'Zerkers and Khorne Lord in Reserve.  His army mostly started off-board, so I hoped to take advantage of my numbers in the first part of the game.

In all the excitement, I didn't take pictures of the first turn.  Spencer's Dreadnoughts hit the board Round 1, with the Venerable taking front and center, shooting up the CSM Squad holding the Aegis.  At the bottom of One, I hit back, finally blowing a crater into the ground with the Vindicator.
Turn Two reinforcements!  The flyer is taking a bead on my flanking CSM squad...
...but this is why the Quad Gun is so important!
The first two turns were firmly mine.  Here, I'm consolidating, plus blocking the Land Raider with a Rhino.  Who says transports aren't important in 6th?
Feeling kinda naked here...  Spencer's Turn Three saw the rest of his army hit the board, including two Land Speeders...
And Vulcan's Tac Squad.  In hindsight, I don't think Spencer could fit Vulcan in the Drop Pod, but *SELF-EDIT* happens.  Speaking of, my Sorcerer Enfeebles that squad, and the Vindi, Thousand Sons, and the flanking CSM squad blow them away.  Woot!
A wider view of the battle.  Finally, here comes my reserves!  Twin-Linked Lascannons ought to blow the enemy Land Raider apart!  I put down a Land Speeder...
...and this is where the game takes a turn.  Spencer keeps his focus...
...and in one round, blows apart my armored support.  His Land Raider has just become the most potent unit on the board, and the game will be decided by who can claim objectives.
His objective has his reserve Tac Squad hanging out in the Rhino.  Despite the damage I've done, he still holds his own objective and has a Terminator Squad with attached TechMarine just waiting to jump out of his ride.  He can penetrate the board toward my objective easily.
A wider view.  My plan is to assault his objective with my flanking CSM (back in the Rhino, upper right) and the forward squad of Marines on foot.  With first turn Hatred and the last turn advantage, it might be doable.

The remains of my infantry get ready to assault the Land Raider.  I have a Lascannon, but that requires a really lucky series of rolls.  Power Fists are, sadly, the best bet.
Charges forward.  I blasted the remaining Land Speeder away with Plasma Pistols from the Khorne Bezerkers.
The forward squad gets into position.
Moving up for the assault...
...and the flanking CSM hop out of their ride, planning their assault next turn.
My first assault leaves the Land Raider with a single Hull Point remaining... but it drives forward... and promptly Immobilizes itself on the remains of a Rhino!
The Salamanders are forced out of the Rhino in order to hold the objective, and the CSM jump them.
The Khorne Lord detaches, blocking the assault hatch in case the game goes on.  The goal is simply to block the Salamanders as long as possible.
But it becomes moot; with the CSM squads clearing the Salamanders from their home objective, the game is firmly in Chaos hands.  Woot!

Or does Chaos 'Woot?'  Regardless, a good game.  As I write up this report, I have only a few thoughts.  Chaos (me) probably should have brought the Land Raider on only 6-inches and dealt with the remaining Dreadnought.  There wasn't a good pic, but its firepower and subsequent assault took out the Chaos Land Raider.

As far as the Imperials, Vulkan may have been better served in the Land Raider, which is ironic considering that's probably where he would have deployed had we picked up on the mistake, that is, the Drop Pod's capacity to hold a max of 10 models.

Anyway, a great game and a lot of fun.


AxeBeard said...

unless there is a FAQ I haven't seen, codex space marine drop pods have a capacity of 12 while everyone else has a capacity of 10.

AxeBeard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kveldulf_Spider said...

Ah, yeah the Codex Space Marines drop pod has a capacity of 12, hence why I can personally use a squad of 10 sternguard with Vulcan.

Brent said...

Doh! I stand corrected.

Actually, that's pretty cool. I'm sure somebody will get around to 'correcting' it, but until then...

Anonymous said...

You were not clear but his landraider would have wrecked it's self when it immobilized on the area terrain.

Brent said...

Anon: Help me out here - I'm unclear on the rule.

Why would it have wrecked itself? Now, if a tank was immobilized it's normally because it took a Penetrating hit, which obviously takes a Hull Point, but a Dangerous Terrain roll isn't that...

...why would it be wreaked? I can't find where it says you would apply -1 HP for failing a Dangerous Terrain test.


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