Warhammer, and a Question or Two

In order to avoid 40K burnout right before the tournament season, a few of us got in some Warhammer games this past weekend.

It's been a long time since we've busted out this game, so me and Little Barrera kicked off a 1K game.  My one Bray Shaman wasn't nearly magicky enough to slow down the Necromancer and Vampire's constant stream of summoned corpses, so the units were quite large by the time my little beasties got there.

I forgot all about Primal Hatred and Stomp, which would have helped my game immensely, but it hardly matters.

Little Barrera employed a wash to get this army done quickly.  A consistent look and well-executed based tie this army together nicely.

Stupid poison attacks!

My Bray Shaman challenged the Necromancer to a fist fight... but turns out the Undead don't really care if their characters chicken out and hide...

Yesterday I played the Card Pimp in Question - yeah, he's back to that - and his Lizard men.  This time, we ramped up to 1500 points.

Nothing special here - the fight was fairly straightforward - but I do have a question.  On the left flank, I set the puppies to receive the charge, hoping they'd be defeated and draw the Skinks out of the fight.  The unit didn't have enough room to base up completely... by design.  I'd left the lone dog in place to cut off some of the unit from fighting.

The question is, would the puppies then have to slide to the left to bring models to bear?

The high point of my game was the Minotaurs tearing up the Saurus Warriors.  Didn't forget Stomp this time!

Except the Slaan Mage Priest would just cast regrowth, stalling out the combat and tying up the unit.

My horde of Gors lost half its numbers to the devastating magic of the Slaan.  "Make a Strength test or die!"  On a 3?


Still, the unit beat off the Skinks and Kroxigars - with the help of the Harpies - but I failed to catch the fleeing unit with the Harpies.  The Gors would have caught them, except the Temple Guard happened to be in the way.  The Gor horde couldn't do enough wounds to mitigate the armor and rank bonus of the Card Pimp's primary combat unit.

Two bitter defeats!

I suppose I should care, but it was too much fun just dragging out the beasties...

Anyway, here's another question for any experienced Warhammer players out there:  does my army need to incorporate Bray Shamans just for magical defense, or am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

Why no Hellheart? A good miscast on the Slann either burns out 'Cupped Hands', or it blows up half the Temple Guard if he has already used it/didn't take it. Pretty useful against most other armies too.

Level 4 Lord wizards are pretty much a staple of all lists these days. No matter what other deficiencies you may have (lack of warmachines, firepower, monsters etc), you cannot allow yourself to be out-magicked. Magic can and will decide battles, and a Level 4 for both casting nukes/important spells and dispelling enemy attempts is pretty much mandatory. You still want a couple of Level 2's for arcane caddies and for auxiliary magic, but a Level 4 dominates.

Especially against Lizardmen, you need to get rid of the Slann as quickly as possible. A 'Pit of Shades' that hits him, or 'Mindrazor' on your Goat blob to shred his bodyguard quickly is pretty effective.

Brent said...

That's the kind of information I need!

I can claim to be a pretty good 40K player, but I've never been that good at Warhammer. The irony is, I far prefer the latter over the former.

I quickly figured out my magical defense was lacking, but I wouldn't have added a Lord-level Bray Shaman. Thanks for the feedback!

BdaGamer said...

Wit the change to magic some magical defense is needed. If you can only get a Bray Shaman I would add one.

I dont know the Beastmen codex but if you also have anything that makes casting hard and/or dangerous for an opponenet consider adding them.

I play VC (which really need some TLC and paint and paint) so a strong magic defense hurts my day.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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