Contemplating the Wargames Con Team Tourney

Next week already?


I feel almost criminally guilty.  My primary tournament this year the team tournament, and Goatboy is responsible for all the work!  It makes sense, to keep the look of the armies consistent, but there you go.  All in all though, it's probably a good thing.  All my painting time has been toward the Grey Knight commission...

...which I mentioned in my weekly Terrible Tuesday offering on Bell of Lost Souls.  If you haven't read it yet, here's the link.

* * * 

Speaking of Adepticon, I have two options:  1) try to play in Saturday's 40K Championships or 2) play pickup games against other players for video battle reports for Bell.  The first is only really a problem because, assuming I made it to the finals again this year, I wouldn't be able to finish the games on Sunday.  That's when my plane leaves.  The latter is a fun option, assuming I can get some decent games in.

What's your take?

* * * 

Most of my prep is aimed firmly at Wargames Con.  I'm teaming with the Card Pimp in Question and playing practice games against the Mighty Mighty Carlos and Gauthic, who are also making the trip down this year.  We've gone back and forth with lists and ideas, and it really isn't evident which direction any of us are going to take.

Adepticon 2011, Game 1

Although I like Gauthic's most recent take (he'd previously been using Chaos Space Marines), in support of the Imperial Guard!  He sent the following list via email.

(Bet he wasn't expecting Brent to drop it in the Strictly Average wading pool.)

Eldrad 210
x3 Guardians on Jetbike w Shuriken Cannon 76
x3 Guardians on Jetbike w Shuriken Cannon 76
x3 Guardians on Jetbike w Shuriken Cannon 76
x3 War Walker with double Scatter Laser 180
x3 War Walker with double Scatter Laser 180
Fire Prism 125

Again, you have to look at this in regards to its role with the Imperial Guard.  By memory, the Mighty Mighty Carlos has:

Command w Plasma in a Chimera
Veterans w Plasma in a Chimera
Veterans w Plasma in a Chimera
Veterans w Melta in a Chimera
Unit (?) with Shotguns in a Chimera

The unit of shotguns is transported in one of the Vendettas for capturing forward objectives.  Carlos' first army used two Colossi instead of the Vendettas... frankly, I think one of each is more flexible.

Adepticon 2011, Game 2

So Gauthic's army plugs some obvious holes.  Eldrad is boss, and either you know what he's capable of or you don't, and the War Walkers are very useful - like a street sweeper!  You might as well stand on the table with a broom, especially with Guide and Doom.  And of course Eldrad can support both, while providing psychic defense.  Tricksy, he.

The Guardians are purely a reserve for late game capture / contest of objectives - vital, in tournaments, which tend to feature these in every mission.  Personally, I'd reserve them every game then race them around for a 3+ save until they're needed.  To that end, I'd ditch the Cannon and spend the points elsewhere.

Speaking of, "One of these things does not belong here, one of these things is different!"

Can you see it, children?  I knew you could!  What's with the Fire Prism?

Looking at both lists as a whole, it seems out of place.  The one obvious area of improvement is to add a squad (of ablative wounds) for Eldrad.  Here are some options...

5 Pathfinders, 120
14 Storm Guardians w Flamers, 124
7 Dire Avengers w Exarch w Shimmershield and Defend, 126

You could drop the Cannons from the three squads of Jetbikes for an additional two Dire Avengers.  Speaking of, I prefer the Power Weapon and Shimmershield w Defend over the double Shuriken Catapults w Blade Storm option in this case, given the role of the unit is primarily defensive.

* * * 

The big, obvious weakness of these two armies is close assault, to which I say, "Okay."  I don't come from the camp that believes one team has to concentrate on shooting and the other close assault.  Personally, I tend to include a counter-attack unit - something with which to take on units in my line - but it's not the only way to go...

Adepticon 2011, Game 3

...since sometimes the best way to deal with an over-expensive rock unit is to isolate its combat potential.  Usually, this means feeding / avoiding / blocking it.  That's an article in itself, but most of you are familiar with the concept.

Still, another good route for the Fire Prism's points is to plug this gap.  We look to the Elite's section:

7 Harlequins, 126
7 Banshees / Scorpions, 112

The latter doesn't fit quite as neatly, so you'd need to drop some Cannons and / or play with the options.    There are a number of things you could do.

* * * 

So, examining these options, which is 'best?'  I can't answer that, since the conversation would no doubt spiral into an argument over what best means.  Leaving all that aside, here's what I'd do.

5 Harlequins w two Kisses plus a Death Jester for 126.

That's 1000 points exactly, and you have a unit that can truly support Eldrad and provide decent counter-attack options.  And shoot a Shuriken Cannon, just 'cause!

Adepticon 2011, Game 4; with this win, I went 4-0 and into the finals!

Thoughts?  Comments?  And so on?


tzeentchling said...

Wouldn't you want a Shadowseer with the Harlies? The whole point of that unit is that they can sit in the back and counterstrike because the opponent can't shoot them. They're quite fragile otherwise, and sticking Eldrad with them just paints a larger target on their heads.

Gauthic said...

You're under the assumption that tMMC is still playing Guard ;)

Carlos said...


I was thinking about the game we played last night and I am going with the 101st distraction brigade. If the terminators are on the board they have to be dealt with. they can open tanks, count as scoring and punch people in the peepee.

Here is what I am thinking about:

Belial: 130pts

Deathwing Terminators: 240pts
- 5 @ 215pts
- Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield w/ Cylone Missile Launcher: 20pts
- 2 w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
- 1 w/ Pair of Lightning Claw
- 1 w/ ChainFist & Storm Bolter

Deathwing Terminators: 240pts
- 5 @ 215pts
- Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield w/ Cylone Missile Launcher: 20pts
- 2 w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
- 1 w/ Pair of Lightning Claw
- 1 w/ ChainFist & Storm Bolter

Deathwing Terminators: 240pts
- 5 @ 215pts
- Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield w/ Cylone Missile Launcher: 20pts
- 2 w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
- 1 w/ Pair of Lightning Claw
- 1 w/ ChainFist & Storm Bolter

Land speeder: 75pts
- Base 65pts
- Multi Melta: Free
- Typhoon Missile Launcher: 10pts

Land speeder: 75pts
- Base 65pts
- Multi Melta: Free
- Typhoon Missile Launcher: 10pts

Total: 1000pts

Gauthic said...

And the (extraneous) Fire Prism's just a touch more Anti-Tank... filler, but our only weapon above strength 8.

Kaughnor said...

The Eldar list only adds up to 913 points. Is the goal 1000? If you drop the fire prism that would leave you with 202 points in total to play with. Personally (though probably not the best) I would look at taking a unit of scorpions with an exarch, power claw and stalker. They would provide the requisite ablative wounds and act as a decent counter assault unit.

I believe there is some nice synergy between the scorpions and Eldrad as both do not have fleet and both can move through cover. Add to the mix Eldrad's ability to snipe out power weapons and fists along with his and the Exarch's power weapon attacks you have a nice unit to protect Eldrad as he guides the war walkers and fortunes the scorpions back field.

Just my two cents

Gauthic said...

@Kaughnor Brent forgot to copy/paste the 4th Jetbike Squad which brings the total to 999 ;)

Gauthic said...

@Kaughnor Addendum: Thank you for the Scorpion idea. I'm digging it and I'm probably going to use the idea for the test game tomorrow. :)

Black Blow Fly said...

Hi Brenticus !!!

I thoroughly enjoyed our games together last year in the WGC TT. It would be kind of cool if we face off this year in the TT.

Good luck to you and the Card Pimp.

: )


Kaughnor said...

@Gauthic right on man, I've got to admit I've a personal bias favouring scorpions that likely coloured my comments.

Brent said...

I don't know, I stand by my suggestion.

There are some hidden benefits I think you're missing, not least of which is the Invulnerable save you can Fortune.

Re: the Troupe Master, he's more points you can't afford and he doesn't really get you anything you don't have. Sure, he's better in close combat, but if you've got an enemy unit on you that will take out Eldrad and six Harlies, chances are the TM wouldn't have helped anyway.

3 Str 6 at BS 4 is nothing to sneeze at. It's a good supplement to the IG.

BBF: I agree, man! It's always a pleasure running into you.

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