Necrons 1850: Competitive or Crap?

Here's my stab at a tournament list for my 'Crons.  I've been playing around with 'Crons for a few weeks now and have had a blast.

Frankly, I disappointed myself by abandoning them in the City Fight Tournament last week, so with an 1850 at Carolina Comics in Oklahoma I wasn't missing a chance at redemption!

Anyway, here's the list.

There's a few different concepts in here.  I've been playing around with the mini-farm, which in my humble opinion is one of the two best ways to utilize Scarabs.  (The other doesn't include 9 Spyders and a conga line.)  It hasn't let me down yet.  The Monoliths are fun and allow for some redeployment options, though I'm not sure they're optimal in this type of build.  

The Destroyer Lord can hide out in any unit he darn well pleases - who's going to tell him different?  Normally, he'll run with the Wraiths, who can keep up, or the Scarabs.  The Overlord and the Cryptek with the Veil will jump in the 20-strong Warriors unit and provide covering fire wherever necessary.

I have to be careful with that unit, because 20 'Crons just can't disembark from a Monolith.  

I know.  

I've tried.

The other Cryptek has the Solar Pulse for Night Fighting... or Non-Night Fighting.  Probably the former.  He also adds a bit of anti-tank with his Eldritch Lance.

Lastly, the two Immortals units are great for grabbing home objectives, or just making a nuisance of themselves at 24-inches.  I played Farseer Tim this last weekend and his squad sat in cover and kept passing reanimation protocol rolls.  Fun.

I'm jotting down ideas for the army depending on what I might face.  For example, I can see sending the Harbinger of Despair with the 10-strong unit at times, or even keeping him with the 20-strong and having the Overlord join the smaller unit to deploy through the Monolith.

I strongly considered running two Overlords to give two give two larger squads relentless, but the Destroyer's Toughness 6 and extra mobility - not to mention rerolling hits with his Warscythe - make him a primo hunter.

Or so I hope!  Regardless, I've boxed up the Marines.  I've been feeling very Xenos lately and I'm sticking to my guns.


Sisters don't count as Marines, right?


Tao said...

If I may offer a suggestion on two units.

Convert one of your Particle beamers to a Gloom Prism on your Spyders. This will give you a 4+ Null to any force jibbing on the unit and also give you wound allocation (Beamer, Gloom, Naked)

With the 15 points you get from the conversion give yourself a 3 Whipcoil and 1 Partical Caster. This gives you 3 Whips and for better lack of terms 2 red shirts from wound allocation. In practice i find 3 whip coils has been the lowest amount to spread Inn 1 across the unit with the placement of Whip > Pistol > Whip > Naked > Whip

With this change two of your units get wound allocation for some increased survivablity, and your spiders (who lack an invul) get force jibb protection.

Brent said...

Great suggestions, very practical!

Thanks much, Tao.

Darkwynn said...


I still think Necrons are one of the worst books GW has made in years. Too few units, too expenaive, the stats and assaulting issues are still there.

Looking through the 6th edition book also I don't see them being fixed by that. They suffer from major design flaw.

SinSynn said...

No, Brent....
Sister wear power armor, you great big knucklehead...
We hates da power armor...


Anonymous said...

If you have DE in your meta, I see your monos getting blasted by Ravagers and your units getting destroyed by SC spam or assaulted and then destroyed by sweeping advance. DE looks like they would pwn this list. They have Night Vision as well and so do their vehicles. For that reason, I'm shying away from Monos for the time being.

Pickman said...

Ehy, area in front of the portal is 6 square inches, 9 models (three at the door, three slightly on the left and three almost completely out of the deployment zone but not totally thanks to the fact that bases are round).
Area on a side of the portal is 3,12 square inches with a border of 3,12".
this means 3 more models on the border and at least two in the area. You should be able to get 19 models out easily. I'm sure that thanks to the fact that the middle line in the front is slightly on the left you could get that 20th base. Of course I don't recommend actively trying to get in this situation.

Ahrimaneus said...

I think taking two Monoliths is setting you up for failure here. It's just far too many points wrapped up in the only 2 vehicles in the entire list. It also makes your Wraiths more subject to anti-vehicle fire, as anything S8 or less will likely be shooting at them for at least two turns before they get where they need to be.

Of course, I could be wrong. I don't play necrons but I do know how I would approach attacking this list.

Also, splitting the warriors into 2x15, and combining the Immortals into a single 10-man squad might be beneficial to better take advantage of reanimation protocols. You also might benefit by dropping a single Monolith to try and pick up a couple of Ghost Arks, as their presence will both help spread anti-tank fire and help boost the Warriors' survivability. Alternatively, a couple of Annihilation Barges wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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