Oh Unhappy, Aborted Trip!

Man, do I look forward to Wargames Con!  It's by far my favorite Indy; it's competitive and well-run while still maintaining its laid back, Texas courtesy.

Also, I get to hang out with the BoLS crowd and meet fellow Bloggers face to face.  As our community grows, so does name recognition... making me happier than ever I go by 'Brent.'

Just so you know, it's not a clever, internet nickname - it's my name.  Brent.

There you go.

I worked hard I did, getting the Brotherhood ready for the weekend.  My goal was to have a good time... no, seriously.  You may not realize, but playing to actually win a tournament is difficult, and you have to maximize the factors you can control and push hard on those you influence.  An example of the former is paint-scores and basing, whilst an example of the latter is encouraging your opponent to move quickly through his turns so the two of you can actually finish the game.

Finishing the game is vital for maximum points out of a mission... but slow play happens.


Where am I going with all this?

I smuggled home a secret stash of loot though!
I left early.

It *SELF-EDIT* sucked, I'll tell you, but I was deathly ill by Saturday afternoon.  I sat down at lunch with Goatboy, Evil Homer, and the Card Pimp in Question and before we were 30 seconds into the meal  Thomas is asking what's wrong.

I'd been trying to play it off, but the truth was I was in bad, bad shape.  By the end of lunch my friends convinced me to (display good judgement, you idiot) leave the event and get myself home.

Frankly, it was crushing, but I was soon to learn I'd almost put off leaving too long.  The trip home was miserable, and I gave serious thought to stopping in Fort Worth to check into a hospital.

Still, I did make it home safely, and despite it all it was the only good move.  It's just hard to walk away from something you invest so much time and money into.

But there you go.  There's always next year.

I'm out, but here are some pics of the Brotherhood army I took.  There's still a lot of work to do, especially on the Wolfguard and the vehicles, but there you go.  - Brent

PS:  I got this email from Larry / Big Red from Bell of Lost Souls:
Also, Evilhomer is good people. He's mixed right in with all of us really fast. Everyone was really happy to have him with us as a judge this year.
Well, gee.  That's lovely.  What a great guy.

Just... lovely.




sonsoftaurus said...

That stinks, but glad you made it home safely and hope you're feeling much better now!

Wyatt said...

If it makes you feel any better, at Adepticon two years ago, Ben Mohlie and his wife became deathly ill on Saturday night. Ben skipped the championship and spent the day on the toilet.

The combination of long nights in preparation for events like this plus the jet lag, as well as terrible food, hundreds of fellow hives of germs (gamers) provides what is essentially a perfect storm of disease. I should know. I'm going to be a Doctor someday.

tzeentchling said...

Disappointed to hear it! I was looking through the standings on BoK and was admittedly confused and slightly worried that I didn't see your name. Didn't want something to have happened to such a good blogger! :) Glad to hear it wasn't worse though, but that does suck.

SandWyrm said...

That sucks.

Wasn't MVB sick at this year's Adepticon? Maybe we should do some articles on pre-tourney health. :)

Annointed1 said...

Well, I heard that you left sick. I feel so bad for you as I kinda know how you feel about not wanting to quit early because on Sunday after the first game I had to pull myself out and go rest for the trip back to Missouri. I did really enjoy the Brotherhood. Some of them were just plain awesome. I should of taken the advice you gave me and not drink and get some rest because the GT is one hell of a ride and if you don't feel well it is gonna be terrible. I enjoyed talking with you and hopefully the four of us Missouri boys will make Adepticon this April.


P.S. I am sorry you had to play Nate(BA guy) he is a, well he is something, and sometimes he is not easy to take.

Lauby said...


oh, Brent. sad times. first DT can't make the team tourney because of unlisted finals and then you got albino brain chiggers or whatever it was you had.

let me know what you had just so I can get and then kill it to death with my antibodies. That'll teach it!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I was thinking about driving you back home because you looked bad. I was worried.

Seannon is really fitting in and I can't wait till you get down here too so we can all have our fun giving Nick shit. Hopefully You can make it to another con with Everyone again as we all enjoy hanging out with Brent.

And by the looks of the loot you were the jerk that got lots and lots of good things hahaha.

Duke said...

I was looking for you when we were planning dinner with Thomas. He told me you left early and I cried (manly tears)... It was cool eating some good ol Texas BBQ the night before bud, we will have to catch up next year (or at feast of blades if you come).


Jwolf said...

This means, of course, that you will have to come down for one of Nick's 40K nosebleed weekends to make up for your absence.

Xaereth said...

Heh, I was next to your table during Game 2, I think (you played that lady with the Eldar?). I was going to say hey, but never really got a chance to. Bummer, hope you're feeling better :-p

Evil Homer said...

I'm glad you made it home ok. Sucked you couldn't stay and finish out.

Best thing Spikey Bitz did was bring the the sprue bundles and a great prices too.

The one thing I took away from this weekend vendor wise is I'm going to have to get me some Battlefoam. I've seen it around and man is it nice, but just seeing all those bags in the room and how sturdy the trays were is enough to make me lust after one. I think I could fit all of my DE in a 1520, and I need a 720 for Confrontation and Warmachine. The airline bag is also very, very tempting, as it mixed the WM and Standard Battlefoam bag foam and would work for multiple game road trips quite well.

SinSynn said...

Aw, damn, Brent....I iz sorry, brother.
Hope yer feeling better.

Uh, I'll save extra special hugs and/or gropings (your choice next time!) for when I'm 100% sure you're not contagious.
Be eezy, dogz...

Da Warboss said...

You should work in an Airport like moi. After several years, you laugh at ebola.

Black Blow Fly said...

I hopes ya feel better soon - it was great hanging out with you on Friday during the TT.

: )


Minitrol said...

Ahh that totally sucks the exact same thing happened to me this year. First big tourny since the kid and we found out another on the way so likely wouldn't make it next year.

Day one awesomeness, day two up at three AM banished to the porcelain prison for two days.

It sucks.

Oh well as my mates said at least I got a painted army out of it :(

Gropings from the antipodes.

SandWyrm said...


Having Kids will do that to ya too. ;)

Minitrol said...

@SandWyrm when does the fabled super immune system kick in? Its been three years...

Da Warboss said...

Then i am double immunes, With Daughter Lex, and son Aries.

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