Comments Come Lately: Brent's a Bigot?

This is from my Tuesday article on Bell of Lost Souls.  In it I feature a video of my 4-year old nephew painting his first model - that's what Hendarion is referring to in the opening salvo.   It gets ugly and unnecessary.

Note Scadugenga brings up the same topic, sans threat of physical violence, and we have what I believe is a rational and interesting conversation.  I only included part of it, nor did I include some other readers' contributions, but it's all available in the comment's section of the article.  Anyway, read it and weep.


James S said...

Hey Brent I came here to tell you I really enjoyed that article, and saw this. I guess I didn't read that far into the comments.

What a venomous person. There's a lot of people like that in Australia too, who think there are predators everywhere and get really self-righteous about other people's kids.

In fact, maybe he's an Aussie. That's a shameful thought. For some reason I assumed he was British, but I guess I have about as much basis for that as he does for deciding you're a racist.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Pretty nutty - but hell people think that about a lot of people. And Americans and whoever else. I knew you had permission to show the video and to take it that far is rather annoying. But hell we live in a fear culture a lot of the time too.

Late Happy Birthday - thanks for the game by the way. We had never played versus each other so it was good to throw down with another genuine good dude. I can only yell at Nick or Wolf so much.

Krisken said...

The bigger a place gets, the more rats it attracts. Honestly, sometimes the comments at that place leave me wondering how people who can barely read, let alone comment, are even able to find it.

Faolain said...

This needs to be a FNIF. Where's Dethtron?

Also, if you can't post a picture of your kid on the interwebs, then the terrorists have won.

Sean said...

"I guess that makes you French"


That made my week. Thank you.


SinSynn said...

I'm....really blown away by this idiot, Brent.
I always read yer stuff, and usually enjoy a leaving a joke or two in the comments section.
Usually at the expense of some poor BoLS lemmingsheep.
It's a weakness I have...I'm working on it....

I VERY NEARLY jumped into that...mess.
I had the comment window open and everything.
But since it made me SO DAMN MAD, I felt it was better to shake my head and ask myself sadly. 'what is our world coming to?'

Pretty sure I don't see you use a lot of curses in either your posts or comments, but I saw one here....

You summed it up perfectly, however...
What's WRONG with that guy, anyway?

IMHO, some people would benefit from knowing EXACTLY how dark a place life can be, then maybe they could enjoy the simple pleasures that their secure, safe life truly offers....instead of being paranoid, overly concerned/protective a-holes, with no GENUINE point of reference, and only the television informing their opinion.
Just sayin.'


Anger subsiding.....sorry 'bout that!

Hugs 'n' Gropings, brother.

Old School Terminator said...

It is absolutely ridiculous that this person came at you from the angle he did. Good job sticking to your guns, though I always find the best way to deal with bad fruit is to let it die on the vine, but you handles it well.

And damn right you are American! We can all be ashamed of that when we get invaded by a foreing power, lol.

Kirby said...

@James S - of course Aussie do, they are one of the only Western countries with Internet censorship, pornography questions on their customs forms and the up and coming R18+ rating for video games. *sighs* Brent, when are you moving me back to Austin?

Barjack said...

Gotta love the ignorance of the masses...

Karnstein said...

Jesus, that just plain silly.

I mean what harm?

That some other kids find his video and taunt him, because painting minis is not cool?

That someone who lost against you at a major tournament stalks that kid, even w.o knowing its name?

Not to mention that drawing the "all guys from the south are gun-wielding maniacs that start wars and love to hang black people while wearing funny white robes" card is more than dumb, it borders on "self-defeat".

And that's my opinion as someone who neither was born in the US, nor lives there.

Spiderpope said...

Because as we all know, Paedophiles love staking out gaming news sites just to get a 4 minute look at a fully clothed kid painting.

Sacred Feth.

There are two choices as a parent. You can hide your children away, terrified forever of who may be looking at them and why, living your life in fear because of a negligible chance a pervert will see them.

Or you carry on as normal, do the things your own parents would do and let your kids live their lives.

Paedophilia and other perversions were around in the "good old days" the only difference is the media hadnt caught onto the fact that scare stories about it would sell newspapers.
As a parent myself i am not going to refrain from ever posting images of my children online or mentioning their activities at home for fear of perverts.

Brent did nothing wrong at all, the comments were bordering on paranoia.

James S said...

@Kirby, that's right you live in Australia don't you? My country's attitude to censorship is shocking. And it's always been like that. I think James Joyce's Ulysses was banned here till the 60s, and that guy had a Nobel prize.

Dalinair said...

Love how his argument turns into "how dare you threaten me you racist yank" when it was him that threatened you in the first place with a slap for posting it, classic stuff.

Offering a slap and then running away, french probably hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? You've been trolled, that's all.

The Inner Geek said...

Maybe his first thought went to internet predators because his mind went into a predatory mode when he watched the video?

We can't control who catches a glimpse of our kids. If I take my kids to WalMart and some nut runs out to the parking lot to touch his own no-no place after seeing us on the snacks aisle, I can't help that. It's just silly to think we can hide our kids from the entire world in case some nut my see them and have an improper thought. There are plenty of pics of my kids on the internet, otherwise their grandparents would get to see them very often.

Sorry for rambling... that guys comments really bugged me. Slap you... ha! I add my vote that the guys is likely a cheese eating surrender monkey (french).

Drew da Destroya said...

People often forget that the French fought pretty bravely in WW1, and the French Resistance was at least helpful during the run up to V-E Day.

So while his heritage may be French, it's likely that he was not descended from any of those brave, badass Frenchmen. He was probably descended from some Fop who survived the wars by hiding in a closet.

That being said, I hear that most Lynch Mobs started with the phrase "Why don't you come over here and discuss your opinion", so Brent is clearly a racist white supremacist.

Dan said...

Not caring much about Hendarion, what is more concerning is the fact that the kid is in the house with:

"agressive and armed men and women".

I intentionally left out the "smart" because to me, "aggressive" and "armed" do not go hand in hand with smart.

I just hope you have very, very secure gun cabinets.

Spifferson said...

That was a very "inspiring"? video you posted there. I started/tried painting my first miniatures when I was 12[ish] and I wish I had that level of encouragement.

The model isn't half bad when you consider your nephew's age. Although I will complain if he tries to field it as "The new uber-unit on a 60mm base regardless of army or game system" but I doubt he's that style of player. /sarcasm

Everyone else summed up my comments on the idiotic trolling fairly well.

SeerKarandras said...

I always enjoy your articles brent. I think one response was lending this guy to much credence. The only way to defeat trolls is to starve them of attention.

Mondel "GAR" Garcia said...

WOW. You get BOLS blocked on the work server and the whole internet seems to get all uppity.

I'm from Texas, down 290 in Houston from ya'll. I have not posted any of my kids on Youtube, but I don't see the harm in it.

I have also taught my kids how to defend themselves, shout for help and look after one another.

I like your articles.

Trolls are trolls and most of them say the most outlandish things because no one is intimidated by keyboard.

That being said, if I am ever in Austin, I'll be sure to slap you upside the head on the game table, and then we can have a good old fashion 40k slobberknocker and a cold one after the game.


Mondel "GAR" Garcia said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, don't sweat the small stuff.

I get all kinds of unsolicited comments and not so kind advise on my articles and clinics on how I can improve or get better or why drybrushing with a sponge and a toothbrush is the big new thng. I smile and just keep on keepin' on.

its all good. Look at it this way, some people just want to offend or be offended.

Gig 'Em! LOL

Mercutioh said...

Well argued Brent. Which of course means you are hereby banned from the interwebs. You didn't even question his Parentage. What kind of Internet argument occurs without so much as a lowly your momma joke?

Caldera said...

You know Brent, we all know you have friends and that guy doesn't! :P

Wyatt said...

He is German in fact. My internet sleuthing will only cost you 200$. You can pay me at Adepticon.

Caldera said...

Haha dang Wyatt, your current occupation has you thinking you can charge whatever you want doesn't it!? lol

And when you moving to Austin? Wolf did say he'd hook you up :P

Brent said...


That's an opinion you're entitled to, of course, but keep in mind I'm from a culture that embraces responsible gun ownership.

Of course I own a gun cabinet. It's double locked, and I keep the ammo separate from the weapons.

I like toys (obviously), but a gun isn't a toy, it's a tool.

I also believe in harsh sentences for gun crimes; mandatory minimums for drugs? Forget that - have them for gun crimes! A criminal will have to give that much more thought to casual use of firearms. Enforce what we have, and so on.

When my nephew is old enough, he'll be taught proper use of and respect for firearms at the gun range by my brother, a combat veteran with a rapid respect for proper procedure.

Until then, I doubt he knows his extended family owns them at all - he doesn't need to.


Aggressive? In defense of family, hell yes. Pacifism has its place, but that ain't in the protection of children.

I think my actions speak for me; as many times as I'm attacked online, how often do I fly off the handle in a needless rant? As Synn point out, not much.

Anyway, I respect where you're coming from, because I understand it, but there are folks who see it differently.


donelbayne said...

I think people just like to troll you at this point. If they ever read anything you write they would know you're not a bigot. I for one enjoy the entertaining articles (like this one) that you post from time to time. Saves me the drama of needing to read comments :) Thanks for writing and sharing.

Death 0F Angels said...

That guy is lame but responding to his harrasment only increases his ignorance and makes you waste time and thought on something that is not worth your time. The ignore button is the greatest tool anyone has against a troll.

The_King_Elessar said...

Heh, you reacted much more calmly and politely than I would have done.

Not a fan of gun ownership either though. :p

Ahrimaneus said...

Very calm and reasonable handling of a total effing troll of the worst type there Brent. Some people are just so adamant and set in their views that they must always be in the right that they'll just plain make shit up to discredit someone elses arguments.

Love how he somehow made the jump from planning to slap you, to pointing fingers at you for violence, to then pointing fingers at you for your "pointy white hoods and bedsheets".

Yeah, those are all logical progressions. Everybody knows someone who'd defend himself from being slapped is a card-carrying member of the KKK. Clearly. /sarcasm

Dan said...


Thanks for responding, I understand where you are coming from, its just still shocking to me, in the UK, that everyone seems to own a gun, not being one to immediately believe all stereotypes etc. etc.

William said...

Haha dude wtf is this. What a dingus. I applaud your restraint, Master of the Unicorn.

Scadugenga said...

Brent--it was definitely an interesting (if...morbid) conversation--just really not the place for it.

Hendarion was...beyond inappropriate. It's one thing to feel strongly about something, another to go off the deep end.

Keep up the articles and intelligent conversation. Try not to let the asshats get to you o'er much.


Fuzzbuket said...

well handeled. and these posts are interesting.
and that guy was funny :)


cause im a kid 'techincally'

hahaha! please chase me off the internets, in a photo on my blog my hand is visible! aaahhhhhhhhhhhh

-fuzzz :P

p.s. cheers for adding me to your blogroll :)

FD Mini Painting said...

haters gonnna hate let them i wouldnt even dignify them a response they are sad individuals

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