...So a couple of things come to mind that I want to get off my chest. Since Brent lets me post here you get to hear it, even if its not that interesting.

First, 40k has lost a lot of interest lately. For about 3 months now. I didn't want to be the guy who quit our store build-up first so I stuck it out to the end. I ended rolling Guard at the beginning and built the damn army. It rocks, plays really, well, and kicks much ass. I pretty much accomplished all my goals for the build-up except painting the damn thing and I might even get to that eventually. (probably not but we can all dream) GW should send me a thank you letter for buying so many kasrkin but hey, we all have a sickness and that's part of mine. Of course it got really bitter once I priced forge world and realized for roughly the same money I could have had the resin instead. Oh well shite happen.

Big shout out to the Master Manipulator (Every Store Needs One) for running the event and keeping track of things. Without him these things tend to never get off the ground. Its good to be the Alpha gamer I guess, except when people expect you to do shit, then I imagine it becomes annoying.

Big shout out to everyone who participated too. Hopefully you all got something out of the event, improved your game, got a new army, something, otherwise it was all in vain.

Second, I prefer skirmish level games to 40k. My favorite all time game is Confrontation, now dead, from Rackham. Absolutely the best complete lines of metal models made to date. Great game system. It is a game we revisit pretty much every year at the FLGS when 40k runs out of steam or the funks set in. Since the funks are here its time for Confrontation! The question become what faction to play this time around. I usually run my orcs of Bran o' Kor and this time may be not exception. I even painted one last week and if I can find a camera pictures Might, repeat Might be coming (don't get your hopes up, seems like a lot of work). Devourers and Cynwall also have my attention but building a decent force from Cynwall is tough. And then I have to assemble the damn things. If you've never assembled the Cynwall you haven't lived. As an aside, I like Malifaux. Very much even, but having to assemble models where every army is like assembling Cynwall only worse sucks much ass.

In any case it seems like it might be time for Confrontation again and I can't wait.

Fantasy - I've been reading the Fantasy rumors with a little bit of interest. I don't play fantasy, never have. It looks interesting but since we don't ever play it long enough I've never learned. I've got a Demons army (from 40k that was saved for fantasy instead of being sold off) that I got before I read they were the cheese of the cheese. Now since we don't play a lot of fantasy they stay in their box and don't come out to play. If we are giving Fantasy 8 a try they are coming out of the box.

Will they hold up in the new edition? No clue, presumably the codex is good enough to survive an edition change but who knows. Any out there in internet land have any thoughts on this? Without devolving into Demons are so broken...(I know that's like waving the red flag and yelling 'TORO'!)

Finally the pictures posted. The Thousand Son is a WiP I painted in March for the Bolter and Chainsword LPC. I failed. Again. Two years in a row. The terrain was done by a dude names Stephan Meisl and is one of my top two or three favorite tables ever seen on the internet. I've got many HA molds, and every time I look at these I get the urge to cast. Man that's a good looking table. He uses it for Mordheim but it would work for Confrontation, Malifaux, Mordheim, Alkemy, Helldorado and any other skirmish game.

Helldorado better hurry up and get here, great models, rules look good to.

Anyhow that's all for now. Hope someone read this.



Brent said...

You'd be surprised how many people will read it - no worries there. The vast majority of readers of any site never post.

That is an amazing looking table... we need one! What can I do to help?


Evil Homer said...

@ Brent support skirmish gaming. I can provide links to more pics and WiP shots if your interested.

There are ton of things that prevent me from building something like that. Storage space, we'd never get the kind of use out of it that the work would deserve. Never play a game long enough for something like that to be worth it...It's not something I could take back and forth to the store, it would have to live there and then we are back to the space issue....Oh and its a sick amount of work.

If you make the work a community effort it becomes manageable I think but there are some logistics issues involved as well.

SAJ said...

The build up was great. Having a baby in the middle of it put a damper on my ability to participate fully, but I played more games in one month than I had in the 2 years previous. Learned a lot, and the shop is full of good players/teachers (not WAAC jerks).

About the terrain, I really like the look produced by the HA molds but figure I should paint an army before launching into massive terrain projects, so haven't bought any. While the table shown might be out of the question, I think the idea could be simplified/modified and still achieve very cool results. (and be convenient for transport and set up)

Herr Fernseher said...

Digest response:
-I read and enjoy
-I'm buying WHFB8 when it comes out
-Meisl is da Sheisl
-I'm seriously thinking about printing out paper-sleeve images of troops, sliding them on tongue depressors and pushing them into slotted bases. I'll call it Poorhammer 40¢.

-I may spend the money I save on terrain
-I just bought a house. One room has wood paneling so hideous, it has been dubbed "the man room" where I'm free to leave up ridiculous amounts of terrain. I need to take advantage of this while it lasts. So get cracking, Simon! Nevermind your painting!

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

Okay, here is the gauntlet, watch as I throw it down.

You cast the bricks, I will build that table. I am sure we can come up with a method of transport. Heck I think I already have it figured out now.

If someone else wants to see me pull my hair out on a project like that, they might get EH to loan the molds so they can cast for him. That is if he is willing, I can make no claims for his desire to lend those things out.

So..there you go. Anyone want to take me up on it?

Fleahost said...

I remember buying a bunch of Confrontation models in the hopes of playing them. They have collected dust for years. If anyone wants to buy them cheap I'll sell.
WHFB is a thinking game and takes more planning than 40K. I talked to some of the OKC guys and they're trying to beef up their players. I guess they play every Sunday amd host a tourney every month. I understand Demons will have their new Army Book soon. We'll see. if you want to start some WHFB I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Flea its Little Barrera I want whatever Con stuff you got. Contact me through the Galaxy Forums. Con is the greatest game ever created ever.

Brent said...

Guys, I'm in the the creation of the table - I'll help with the molds.

Where do I sign up?

I'll need to do something special with this if I'm going to catch numbers on the blog. While that's never my biggest concern, my 40K related posts always draw bigger numbers than Warhammer.

That may change if we do the Warhammer build-up after 8th...

Who knows?

But the point is anything non-40K has got to be cool. Building a table like the ones Evil Homer pictured would go a long way.


Fleahost said...

It might be a little smaller scale than he's used to, be maybe you could enlist Doug's help. As an architect he might be able to come up with some designs that would be functional for your needs! If there's anyway I can help I'm in. I remember seeing EH's table a few years ago when we used to play Mordheim up here.

(A new favorite!) Anon: I haven’t even bothered playing a game of 6th yet, cause I have read the rules, and actually understand how they interact with units. I know my armies no longer function how they should, and so I need to change them.

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