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I've been writing away on future blogs, with material for Daemons and Eldar forthcoming, as well as tactical and painting articles and a 'State of the Game' commentary.  I've been happily working away and missed the fact that my last post was my 150th.

I feel good about it.  I've been posting since 7/14/2009; that's right, Stalking Jawaballs since 2009... and hasn't he been a good sport about it?  I've got a strange sense of humor, and I appreciate that many of you get it... or at least put up with it.  So I began this 9 months ago, and in the beginning I used to joke that only my mother was reading this blog.  That's not true: nobody was reading it.  I kept at it because I enjoyed it, with the goal of posting something every three days.  Surprisingly, I've averaged about 1.8 - so every couple of days or so.  That ain't bad - especially since I don't like posting without a picture or three to attach, and while I've occasionally borrowed (stolen) pics from around the 'net, the vast majority have been captured and edited by me.  Anyway, I don't advertise my hits, but it's a respectable number; I'm a good-sized, smallish blog!

So what's the blog about?  Whatever the hell I want to talk about!  It's mine, mine, MINE!  Sorry, the mad sense of power got to me for a moment, but it's basically my baby.  I have Big Whit and Evil Homer listed as contributors, and I've extended the offer to others in my gaming circle, but they rarely post, time being what it is.  That said, all my friends have put up with my mad desire to take pictures and videos... not to mention owning the nicknames I give them, most obviously the Master Manipulator (every store needs one).  Keep in mind, I came up with that - he found out months later when he finally decided to read the blog.  He has a good sense of humor about it, though.

Bottom line, I don't claim to be the best general, best painter, best list-jockey, best converter - any of that.  It's part of the name: Strictly Average.  The tag-line is, "...'cause 6-inches is all you get!"  And yup, I meant that too - a crude, double entendre and another example of my humor.  Like I was saying, I'll post about it all - whatever takes my interest.  I've got a lot of interests.

I won't drag this out, because I've learned over 150 posts that most people don't dig the 'wall of text.'  I thought I'd re-post my very first post, just for fun.  It's ironic, because (and I didn't remember this) my first post was about Stelek and his blog Vs the Fly Lords and theirs.  Here's my most recent post about the subject...  Some things never change.  So, after the picture, read, reread - have a laugh!  This post here is 151: I'll yak about it again in 49 more!

I'm teaming with Fritz in the Team Tournament at this year's BoLSCon event.  From what I understand, Jawaballs will be teaming with either Black Matt or Autarch Andy... point is, I'm working on casualty models for all concerned.  Here's one of the Blood Angels, painted in Jawa's style.

Without further ado, my first post...

I've had a renewed sense of enthusiasm for Warhammer 40K recently. I've been quietly building away, playing the occasional tournament, and net-lurking my favorite blogs. I rarely have much to say, primarily since I don't want to litter on someone's property.

I posted the following on Yes, The Truth Hurts and for whatever reason it inspired me to have a go at my own blog. (As an aside, I don't know if this is Stelek's property, as I posted it on his site; hopefully he won't mind if I nab it, being far too lazy to rewrite a similar position.

I find this comment interesting on a number of levels. Bell and YTTH are the primary blogs I read, but I do enjoy cruising some of the user blogs to check out paint jobs, conversions - that kind of thing. In that, I imagine I'm like 95% of the readership. I'm not sure when the shots started - but it doesn't matter. In the same way smack promotes fights on PayPerView this ain't hurting either group none. Gives me and the silent majority something to read. As a club, the Fly Lords have undeniable influence - they just can't stay on message the same way Stelek can, since he's primarily a one-dude show.
My opinions are littered in this post like dog turds, a sure sign it probably sucks, but I've gone this far, might as well finish. YTTH has done more for proper army composition than any other site. While Stelek didn't invent it, he shouted it off the rooftops - and offended practically every net-nerd with an ego and a conviction he was hot shit. There are good players everywhere, and a bunch are in Austin. The Fly Lords are what a gaming club should be, decent dudes with motivation. I met Goatboy at Lone Wolf Dallas this year and he was as cool as could be and endlessly enthusiastic about painting. I decided to attend the BOLSCON this year, primarily on my conviction these guys are trying to do something cool.

So I'm going to Austin! Got my tickets and room paid for and am looking forward to meeting a bunch of the people I read about.

I'm using this blog as motivation; I have no real belief others will visit, but that's cool - I need a way to measure my progress over the next month.


Big Jim said...

I was shocked recently when I noticed that I am nearing the 200 posts mark.

I greatly enjoy reading your posts. I wish you a bright future for here on Strictly Average!

I wish I could make BoLScon, oh well there is always next year. Changing jobs sucks.


Chumbalaya said...

What's going on in this blog?

It'd be nice to get to BoLScon, but unless a couple c-notes drop from the sky or I piss off mkerr enough to have him pay my way, I probably can't go.

Brent said...

Er... I don't understand the question - what's going on is what always goes on!

This was my self-serving, "Yea me!" post.

What in particular are you asking about?

Re: the money, man I've been there. I've missed out on a lot of events over the years, but I'm trying to make up for that now that graduation is looming large.


Mercer said...

I visit daily Brent! Just for your peace of mind :)

I would love to go to BolScon however a trip over the pond will cost me :(

jawaballs said...

Argh, Fritz has forsaken me! Looks like I need a partner, and NO ANDREW you are not it! :) Maybe Goatboy will be my doubles partner.

Jwolf said...

JB - Heck, I might let GB out of his commitment to judge on Friday to play with you. But the condition is that I get to provide the team "shirts". Because you two would look awesome in pink tube tops.

mkerr said...

Congrats on the milestone! Can't wait to see you at BOLSCON!

Brent said...

Thank you thank you - hold your applause please (not really)...


Big Whit said...

Jwolf are you going to use the youdo machine to make them?

Jwolf said...

I was thinking that something fishnet should be available; this is Austin, after all.

The_King_Elessar said...

Congrats on the milestone! :)

*Grumbles about being beaten on total count AND posts per day...*

I try to visit roughly every 1.8 days, so that worked out well...

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