Criticism And Commentary

Well, I caught some pretty pointed criticism about my most recent video battle report, which you can still find in my last post.  I gave two seconds thought to pulling the video and perhaps re-editing it, but I don't want to run from my mistakes.  So, what was the commentary and where did I go wrong?

I sent the video to Stelek at Yes The Truth Hurts, primarily because he's been the champion of the idea that 5th Edition style lists completely over-match 4th Edition style lists.  He posted it pretty quickly; you can find the thread here.  I'm aware you, the reader, may not want to wade through the entire thread, so allow me to quote some gems...

Scott Megimose said:
Strictly average blog, strictly average battle report sadly.  I'd rather watch a bols batrep where they attempt to explain tactics and strategy, rather than snarky comments from someone who likes to talk a lot.

Ouch.  Okay, I opened myself up to that in a couple different ways, but it's a fair point.  At the time, I didn't think there was much in the way of tactics or strategy to offer, given the nature of the mismatch.  Looking back on it, I didn't give it enough thought.  The jabs have wounded my ego a bit, and I've found that's sharpened my thinking some.  Obviously, the Other Other Tony is a new player, so how would an experienced player, like I claim to be, have played differently?

chris.bibliophile said:

At the same time, Tau have trouble on 4x4 boards, and missile pods really don't like AV 12 spam armies that stick together like that to cover each others flanks. Bad matchup, an imperfect list, and an obviously large tactical error is staying so concentrated vs a list packing two manticores, but hardly 5th v 4th.

This was really sound commentary.  I had the same thoughts at the time (and am ready to get off the 4x4 boards) but didn't give voice to it.  I'll have to consider how that bit of laziness has cost me credibility.  In fact, I may need to rethink my approach to blogging.

Freefall said:
Listen to the tone of your voice during the battle report - its pretty hard to listen to it (yelling) during the game.  (and)  Finally, i feel you attributed the loss as much to the codex as you did to player actions.  This really doesnt help your viewers - returning to point above - because it promotes the whole woe is me my codex is old syndrome, and only the new condex's win games.  It promotes self pity instead of self improvement.

Freefall's comments were perhaps the hardest to read and the most useful for improvement.  I wasn't aware I was coming across as yelling, nor did I intend to give any traction to the Old Codex Syndrome.  I do think there's something to be said for a 5th Edition mindset, but in most cases games will come down to thoughtful lists and sound planning, not to Old, or New, Codex Syndrome.

So, where will I go from here?

I've always avoided discussions of tactics, strategy, and list creation... very deliberately avoided it.  Why?  Well, I'm a very good player, all bullshit aside.  I've played this game since 1992, when I was 16 years old; prior to that I played every other strategy game I could lay my grubby paws on, chess being the biggest example.  (Hell, I'm a Class C, rated chess player.  Sexy, huh?)  I've won or placed in more than my fair share of tournaments, large and small.  Still, I've always thought the subject too subjective.  What works for one may not work for another, especially given the various environmental factors an author may know nothing about.  Terrain is the example that first jumps to mind, and that alone can drastically change the nature of a game.  I won't beat the point into the ground.

So I've tried to make this blog a diversion, an interesting recreation to visit between trips to Bell of Lost Souls or Yes The Truth Hurts... basically, a niche blog.  And it's been successful, all self-depreciating humor aside, it has a large number of visitors from around the country and - in some cases - from around the world.

But it's time to move on and try something new.  I need to grow and improve or start spending my time on other pursuits.  I know how to win games, and while I don't mind sharing my losses, I haven't spent enough time lately talking about how I play for wins. 

I'll have to give that a try.  Please feel free to leave comments.


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Jwolf said...

You owe me a new keyboard, Big Whit. And a replacement nose, since I laughed and exploded my nose with Coca-Cola (ruining the keyboard, too).

Big Whit said...

Sorry Jwolf, how about a complementry dice cup? I have a bunch of Tau that won't sell thanks to Brent's crappy battle report.=)

Brent said...


You're on a roll, sir... on a roll!

Herr Fernseher said...

:D I was going to leave a serious comment, but after these other comments, I am completely unmotivated. This blog IS diverting...
I can't help it--I'm going to have to click one of these links and just hope my virus/scumware protection is up to snuff. (Ok, hopefully not literally snuff-films, but who knows; I don't read Chinese.) Wish me luck!

Green Blow Fly said...

I am not a fan of video batreps. They aren't a good substitute for a well written report that helps players to gain more insight into tactics. You say you are a good player so show us, telling us you are good means nothing really. To me this blog is certainly popular but I think that is because it's pretty much a gossip column for 40k in the US and you have done a great job cultivating that one aspect. I would love to come here and read some great articles on tactics. I would love to see you get back to the basics. I think you can do it but it will require you to focus. Can you do it? Only time will tell. Good luck with that.


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